Yuri Empire – 010

Yuri Empire

10 The Lord’s House Meeting (First Half)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/10/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


One week after the occupation of the important city of Nildea, a meeting was held by the “Yuri Empire” in a room of the lord’s building in the center of the city. Attendees were Yuri, the guild master, and 12 people who are the captains of each unit. And the dragon Ladra Gruff was also attending the meeting. Of course, if it is a dragon, it cannot fit in the room of the lord’s building, so it is magically transformed into a human figure.

The first agenda of the meeting was, of course, about “building a new city”.

A new city will be built immediately in the vicinity, and all the citizens living in the important city of Nildea will be relocated. ――― The concept proposed by Meteora, the captain of “Kikyo” a few days ago, was naturally taken with surprise by everyone who attended the meeting. However, everyone would have thought about the “bad smell” problem in the city. The city construction is approved with unanimous approval without any dissenting opinions.

“Meteora, can I just add one request?”

“Yes, My Sister. If you need anything, feel free to ask me.”

“I want you to thoroughly “standardize” when building a city.”

Before reincarnating into the current Yuri, “Horaiji Yuri” was originally in the position of “Garden Designer” and has a career of working in “Landscaping Company”. Anyone involved in the construction industry understands the importance of standards. Of course, landscaping companies are a type of construction industry, so Yuri is no exception. Besides, even if they try to arrange the standards later, it will not go well. History has proved that fact, so the situation of building a city from scratch was a great opportunity to spread the standard.

“I understand… My Sister, that’s a wonderful idea. We’d like to do my best, so please leave it to “Kikyo”.”

“I totally trust you. Please do as you think is good.”


Once she decides to leave it, she’ll leave it with full trust. Yuri learned from the appearance of her grandfather who was the president of a landscaping company that the attitude of the person who stands on the top is very important. In the end, even if the world changes, what she learned in her life will be useful.

“Then this story ends here. Is there anything else you would like to put on the agenda?”

When Yuri said so and looked at the surroundings, someone immediately raised her hand.

“Please, Primula”

“Yes. I think it’s time for us to declare ‘country establishment’ to the surrounding country.”

It was Primula, the captain of “Red Rose (Enclaise)”, who proposed that.

“’Yellow Rose (Nilclaise)’ also agree with the proposal!”

“‘Blue Rose (Schraze)’ also agree.”

Apparently, it seemed to have been rooted in advance, and the voice of agreement also raised from the unit bearing the same “rose” overlapped Primula’s words. It was a sudden and unexpected proposal. Yuri, who serves as the chairman, had some trouble dealing with it.

“Declaring the founding of the country … We are occupying only one city, right?”

“If there is a shortage in one city, I wonder if we should drop as many neighboring cities as necessary. We have the strength to do that. If we have permission, we don’t have to bother Yuri-sama. We will occupy them only with the roses.”

“I’ll reject it at my discretion. I don’t want to have another city right now.”

By having battle with the important city of Nildea, the Yuri vaguely understood how much military power the “country” possessed in this world. That’s why She understands — Certainly, with the power of the “Yuri Empire”, it wouldn’t be too difficult to bring down some of the neighboring countries.

However, being able to “occupy a city without problems” and “being able to operate an occupied city without problems” are completely different issues. The problem of “bad smell” is not limited to Nildea, but is common in every city in the world. If so, the more cities occupied, the more “stink” problems have to be solved.

Since she decided to build a new city equipped with water and sewage, she would like the construction unit “Kikyou” and the production unit “Rindo” to concentrate on that matter. They can’t afford to go into other cities for at least the next two months.

“Well, it would be possible to call ourselves a country in just one city, but … Why does Primula want to declare “country establishment” in the first place?”

“Because we are proud of the name “Yuri Empire”. Because we have “Empire” in the name, we want to be correctly known as Yuri-sama’s “country”.”


Honestly, Yuri isn’t very interested in establishing a nation. Even so, if a child who used to think that she was an “NPC” until a while ago said, “I’m proud of my name,” she can’t help but feel something in her heart. At least, she was strongly hesitant to reject it because it was about Yuri’s existence.

“Let’s raise your hand on this matter. If you agree with it, we will accept it, if you disagree with it, we will not accept it. If you do not, we will prohibit you from putting it on the agenda again for at least the next year.

Primula. Isn’t it correct that only two units, “Yellow Rose (Nilclaise)” and “Blue Rose (Shcraze)”, have been rooted in advance so that you agree with it? ”

“There is no mistake”

“Then, your 3 units and my vote will not be counted and will be invalid. Let’s vote only by the captains of the remaining 9 units.

— Raise your hand if you agree with the idea of “declaring the establishment of a nation in neighboring countries.”

When Yuri asked the place, the captains of all nine units immediately raised their hands. All units have an idea of the name “Yuri Empire” and want to make it a nation. Once she was made aware of that fact, Yuri no longer feels guilty.

“Not to mention, everyone seems to agree, let’s admit. Ladra Gruff.”

“Um, what?”

“You used to say, ‘I want to look around this world,’ isn’t it? I’m sorry, but can I ask for a letter delivery?”

“Hmm, I understand. Should I deliver my letter to the neighboring country? I see, if a “dragon” like me is being used as a letter courier, even this small country only has only one city, it will not be underestimated. ”

“Thank you, I’ll have the letter ready by tomorrow. — Oh, but if I write the letter in a language I know, will it not work for anyone in this world?”

It is already known that people in this world can understand the language. The reason is still unknown, but it doesn’t hinder the conversation. However, despite “understanding the language” the language that both parties use is different is a fact. Therefore even if there is no problem in oral conversation, if the communication is done by using a letter and text that the other party doesn’t understand, it will not be transmitted to the other party.

“I think it’s better to turn the letter into a magical tool that contains the magic of [translation]. Then, no matter what language Yuri-sama is written in, the other person will be able to read it without any problems.”

It was Krone who was the captain of the production unit “Rindo” who suggested that. Materials such as jewels and magic stones are required to create magic tools, but if only to store one beginner’s magic such as [Translation], the consumption will be very small.

“May I suggest one thing, Lord?”

It was Sakura, the captain of “Sakuraka”, who raised her hand straight and said so. Cherry-colored top and dark blue hakama. They always like Japanese clothes, and they always call the guild master Yuri a “Lord” with respect.

By the way, in “Yuri Empire”, “Kobai” also prefers kimono. However, the children of Kobai have fox ears, and most of them wear “priestess clothes”, so it is easy to distinguish them.

“I’ll allow it. What is it?”

“I heard that Ladragruff-dono intends to travel around the world. At this time, it is a good idea not to limit it to the surrounding area, but to let nations all over the world know the name of” Yuri Empire “. I was wondering if it was okay. ”

“Huh? I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Is it already known how many nations there are in this world?”

“Unfortunately, the only information available from the captured Nirdea civilian was information about the 10 neighboring countries. At this time, we can only procure maps that show the positional relationship of the neighboring countries.”

Yuri’s question was answered by Partita from “Nadeshiko”.

To be honest, it seems a little disappointing that only the map of the neighborhood is available. Since I came to a different world, I wanted to see a map of the new world.

“It’s difficult to write a letter to a country that doesn’t know its location or name. For the time being, Partita declares “establishment of a nation” to the 10 countries that we already have obtained the information. Is it okay to send a letter? ”

“I have no objection. I would like to thank my lord for accepting the proposal.”

“It’s a little difficult to write 10 letters, so I’m sorry, but I wonder if Ladra Gruff will wait for a few days. I’ll prepare as soon as possible.”

“You don’t have to worry. I’m Yuri’s loyal pet, so I can do “Wait (Stay)”.”

“……is that so”

Why does no one hate being treated as a dog or a pet? Well, as Ladra Gruff says, for the “summoner” profession system  (class), the “causative beast” may certainly be like a pet.

Yuri Empire

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