Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 018

Hungry Saint

018 Healing  Effect of [blessing]

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Haguhagu, mogumogu.

Emilia engrossed in eating. She was so crazy about sausage baguettes that she didn’t even notice that the people around her were watching over with a warm smile.

The owner’s grandmother said that the white sausage was “steamed” to match the crispy and baked baguettes. It’s best to steam it because the skin becomes too hard when baked, and when it’s boiled, the baguettes are soaked with water.

The plump steamed sausage goes perfectly with the baguette.

“Wow … it’s delicious … I want to eat it instead! It’s kind of energizing.”

“Hihihi, you’re happy to say that. Wait a minute… Ah, it hurt … uh!”

“Oh, grandmother !?”

The grandmother of the sausage baguette shop held her arms and distorted her face.

“Are you okay!?”

“… I’m sorry. My arm is bad.”

“… Emilia. She has a stiff arm due to an age-related illness.”


“That’s right. I managed to keep the store open with the help of Abigail’s artificial limbs.”

The lifted right arm seems to be completely solidified. It’s quivering.

“If I can use this skill, I’ll open a store for another 10 years, but … it’s about time for the tide.”

“What… even though it’s so delicious…!”

Emilia notices. An iron plate with a large lid. Nothing was placed there. The iron plate is not hot. The kamado is not on fire.

“is this……”

“When I was good at it, I was spreading baguettes all over the iron plate, but… may be  I should close the store.”


The grandmother was very happy to see Emilia eating baguettes. Surely she likes to sell a lot of delicious sausage baguettes and see people going around the bazaar to eat them.

Emilia instinctively grabbed her grandmother’s right hand. The arm assisted by Abigail’s special artificial hand is stiff.

“Oh, grandmother! If there’s anything I can do, please tell me anything! Emilia Mercrio, I’ll do my best to help you!”

“It’s enough to show you that you’re eating deliciously … oh !?”

Grandmother opens her eyes.

What happened? When I thought about it, the right arm that Emilia grab… moved.

“My arm … my arm moves!”


“This is… maybe because Emilia ate the sausage baguettes, the magic power increased… and gave the healing effect of [blessing]!?”

“Hey, just like a ‘Saint’!”

“No, I’m an apprentice, not a saint.”

“Oh … young lady, were you a saint! Ah … thank you, thank you …!”

The grandmother made a sausage baguette in all of the  iron plates with her arms that moved smoothly.

Mofumofu, haguhagu.

With the smile of Emilia who eats deliciously, the popular store attracted more people and made the bazaar lively and became a super popular store.

— Emilia and others at this time have no way of knowing, but this grandmother who received the [blessing] by Emilia’s magical power is a food trade organization that spans not only Merrill city but also the royal capital, the continent, and later the whole world. The Sausage Baguette Foundation will be launched, but that’s another story.

Hungry Saint

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  1. Time to conquer the world with Sausage Baguette!
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