Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 025

Hungry Saint

025 Incident of Serenade Monastery ②

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

――Tenka Church, Serenade monastery.

Around the time when giant tomatoes and corn, which are nutritious and very delicious, grow in the fields of Abigail, The fields cultivated by nuns and apprentice saints were also in the summer harvest season.

“Until last year, there were so many harvest…”

With a thin potato in one hand, the apprentice saints dropped their shoulders.
How can they fill their stomach with such potatoes?
Even though the meals are officially provided by the monastery, it’s few and not delicious.
The field, which was originally a thin land, was kept fruitful by the pure magical power released by Emilia.
Now that Emilia has left, the fields have lost the ability to grow crops.

“Hey, Cocona. What does that mean…”
“After all, this all happened since we kicked out Emilia! Work, work, and work! I can’t sleep at all.”
“…. Poverty and diligence are the rules of the Serenade Women’s Order right?.”
“What! If everything is according to what you say, then it shouldn’t be like this!”
“I know. I’ll do something about it …”
“What is that something!”
“Hey, leave me alone. Anyway, in half a year, the season of “Saint Apprentice” will be over. If you become a saint or a nun, your life will be better.”
“… Yeah. Cocona, you should carry the compost! Oh, it smells!”
“…….all right”

Sister Cocona, who was once the boss of the apprentice saints.
Her position was the worst since she kicked out Emilia.

(… I was just jealous of that kid… the other people never know how much magic that Emilia, who was always hungry, has used… If the true magical power of that child is known at day of the section of saint, that child will surely become a saint at the top. So, I kicked him out… I must be a “saint” at the top…!)

Cocona slammed a shabby potato on the ground.
The promotion of 18-year-old apprentice saints to “saints” was approaching six months later.

Meanwhile, around that time.
Emilia was walking in Merrill’s bazaar with Abigail. It’s for lunch.

Compared to when the monastery was expelled, Emilia has a nice complexion. The plump cheeks will praise everyone for being cute.

“Wow, I’m hungry.”
“Today is Emilia’s promotion celebration. Eat whatever you like.”
“Wow, thank you ♪”

The quests prepared by Nadia, the receptionist of the guild, were all in very good condition.
Emilia was thrilled with the red horse badge and the quest list, which are proof of the newly received intermediate adventurer.

“Sausage baguettes … aren’t they a bit crowded? What kind of business are you doing, shopkeeper? Aren’t your tensions too high?”
“Uh … I’m hungry …”

Gukyururu …….
Emilia’s belly screams sadly.

At the moment when Emilia felt the spirit of fighting from Nadia, she almost unconsciously thought: “Good luck, Nadia-san! “……
That prayer gave Nadia a tremendous amount of reinforcement, but… using magical powers makes Emilia hungry.

However, she will feel very good with delicious food and a good night’s sleep every day.

Well, what should I eat?

Hungry Saint

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