Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 027

Hungry Saint

027 Taking Over the Debt

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Hyaha! I finally found this kid!”

Looking at the voice, a little girl was crouching on the ground.
There were  strong men surrounding her.
It’s a mohawk.

Just like the man who hit the guild, is it popular?

People in the bazaar whispered in a small voice.

“They… the bottom of the mafia make a fuss again!”

“That girl was struck by a debt …”

“Poor thing”

Emilia started running before she thought.

I have to help that child.

For Emilia, who aims to be a saint with the desire to help others, the situation where a girl surrounded by men and screaming could never be overlooked.

Then, before Emilia said something, a loud voice like thunder rang.

“You guys! What are you doing !!!”
“Grandmother of sausage baguette shop !?”

Thanks to Emilia’s [blessing], the sausage baguette shop grandmother became extremely energetic.

“What, old hag!”

“Oh, old hag! Stay away from the lady there!”

“Shut up, can’t you see this!”

Mohawk took out a piece of paper.
It is a certificate of debt.

“This lady’s father has a debt of 500 million to our master.”

“Five, 500 million !?”

“To keep the appearance and live like those aristocrats and unreasonable expansion of the business aiming for reversal! The one who shoulder the debt is this girl! It’s written here!”

“Or what? Is the old hag taking over?”

The grandmother is mumbling for a moment.
The girl had a hollow look as if she had given up, and shed tears.

“Please wait !!”

“… Ah? What is it, Miss?”


Emilia stands in front of the grandmother and girl.

“… Young lady, there’s a green seaweed on the edge of your mouth.”

“Oops …!”

Wipe the green seaweed on the takoyaki ball with a handkerchief in a hurry.
And Emilia resolutely told the Mohawks.

“The child’s debt, I will take over.”


“What are you talking about, Saint? It’s 500 million !?”

“Well … I know that 500 million is a lot of money, but I can’t leave that child alone.”

“Sa, Saint-sama…”

“I am Emilia Mercurio, an apprentice saint of the Tenka Church. If you have any problems, I will definitely help you!”

Emilia declares to the Mohawks by stretching the spine of her small body.

Abigail, who was a little late, gently picked up the girl who was trembling on the ground and pulled her away from the Mohawks.

The girl was hugged with a gentle voice that could not be imagined from her usual stubborn and cool attitude, saying, “It’s okay.”

“Kukuku, isn’t it interesting!”

“Big Bro!?”

Boss Mohawk laughed loudly, looking down on Emilia.

“It’s three months! I’ll let the young lady take over this debt for only three months. But if I can’t repay it in the meantime, both the kid and you are ours. If you look at it, it’s quite a different story. The appearance was that of an apprentice saint of the Tenka Church! This guy sells well! ”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Hyahahahaha! I’m looking forward to three months later!”

The backs of the leaving Mohawks disappeared.
The bazaar is back to full noise.

Hungry Saint

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