Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 026

Hungry Saint

026 The First Taste -Hafuhafu, Takoyaki ball-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

In the bustling bazaar.
Emilia overlooks the street food stalls with her squeaking belly.
“Hmm … it’s bad for the owner of a sausage baguette shop, but let’s eat with something else today.”

“Yes! By the way, I’ve never heard the grandmother’s name.”

“Now you said it. Let’s ask again soon.”

“…! Abigail-san. What is this smell… it’s very fragrant… it smells like fish… it smells a little spicy…”

It smells very good!
Emilia’s heart flutters with unknown food.

“Ah. It’s a takoyaki ball, there are stalls there.”

“Takoyaki balls! It’s a food that I don’t know!”

“Well, it seems to be the latest fashion.”

“I mean, is tako in takoyaki that octopus !?”

Octopus…… is the one that can be harvested in that sea.
It looks a little creepy, and in some areas it is said to be a “devil that should not be eaten”.
Is it delicious, octopus!?

“Takoyaki ball… this is… I’m looking forward to it …!”

“I also ate it for the first time. It’s an Eastern snack. It’s a round roasted flour dough with chopped red ginger, fried balls, and octopus inside. The takoyaki balls at that store have soup stock in the dough, the octopus is big and delicious, but … ”

“I want to eat!”

“Don’t make your eyes shine so much, Emilia. You‘re 18 years old already… aren’t you an adult?”

“Uh, I’m sorry … it smells so good …”

From the iron plate where the round takoyaki balls were lined up, a fragrant sound of sizzle could be heard. The takoyaki balls, which the clerk is dexterously flipping over with something like a pick, were fried in plenty of oil. The surface shines brightly and looks delicious.

Round and round, round and round.
Takoyaki balls are being spun at the stalls with a lot of heat

“I’m sorry, takoyaki please!”

“Yes. 12 takoyaki balls …, eh !? 12? Young lady, are you sure!?”

“Oh, yes, uh, I’m very hungry …!”

A takoyaki ball that is placed on a small boat made of paper. Sprinkle a sweet and spicy sauce with a brush, and finally add plenty of rare flakes called dried bonito flakes.

A pick made of tree branches sticks into one of the takoyaki balls.

“Here, thanks for  waiting!”

“Wow … it smells good! It looks delicious, Mr. Abigail!”

Fluttering, fluffy bonito flakes are dancing. The steam that rises up and down creates  a smell of happiness.

What kind of taste does octopus have?
Emilia was full of expectations and ate a takoyaki ball …….

“… Hofu! Ahu, Hofu!”

It’s hot!
The dough that flows out from the inside is hotter than the surface of the takoyaki ball!
But … it’s delicious!

“Ahu, hehihius, eery hehihius!”

The taste of sweet and spicy sauce.
Various flavors such as soup stock, fried balls, and red ginger rushed in as if chasing after that. It’s fun to eat while cooling down.
And above all, the octopus!
Crisp and chewy.

The soup stock from the octopus gives the whole takoyaki ball an indescribable umami.
Juicy, melty, crispy, hafuhofu, hot.

Takoyaki balls are very delicious!

“Hafu …! This is a hit!”

“Huh! Hofu, Afu, it’s delicious, Abigail-san ♪”

“Oh. The new menu  is somehow exciting. I might not have thought of eating it. I have to thank Emilia.”

“I couldn’t eat takoyaki balls when I was in the monastery …”

When Emilia carries takoyaki to her mouth.
A noisy noise arrived in her ears.

Hungry Saint

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