Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 031

Hungry Saint

031 Complete The Quest and Repay the Debt!

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“We’re back!”
“Sorry to kept you waiting”

Emilia and Abigail are back in the Adventurer’s Guild in Merrill City.
Looking at the two empty-handed, Nadia shouted “Ah”.

“Oh, don’t worry. It’s been successful.”
“Yes! we brought the Fire Dragon egg!”

An egg about twice as large as a human baby is taken out from Abigail’s shoulder pouch. Call a guild-exclusive appraiser to determine the price of eggs.

The appraiser said in a quivering voice while Mrs. Sausage Baguette and Rin rushed to watch over.

“There is no doubt … a genuine, rare species of fire dragon egg, and an “A-class product” that has already begun to move… It is a living egg that almost certainly hatches!”
“It’s amazing, Abigail-sama, Emilia-sama! In addition to the success reward of 50 million sacur, special allowances are also eligible for A-class products!”
“Yes! now I can repay a little 500 million debt …”

“Ah, but …”

Mohawks stood at the entrance of the guild, which was excited that high reward quest was completed.

“Hey, success huh! Isn’t she lucky?”
“But as I told you the other day, this guild is the only high-priced quest to come in today. There will be no more than 300,000 bounty quests in the guild over the next month!”
“Even with all the advance allowances, the reward this time is only 70 million sacurs? The apprentice saint’s kindness did not reach one-fifth of the debt!”
“Gyahaha! Well, I hope the period of “indentured servitude” will be shortened by 70 million. Why don’t you pray and sing to “Virgin Mary”, apprentice saint?”

Mohawks with a grinning vulgar laugh.
Abigail and Emilia looked at each other.

“I see… you’re planning to receive this time reward right?”
“Then, repayment of debt is okay.”

Abigail took out a big object from a small bag that used a space compression technique on his shoulder.

All are fire dragon eggs.

“The reward was set at 50 million sacur, but … there are one, two, three… just exactly ten eggs here.”
“Te, 10 !? Did you destroy the Fire Dragon’s nest !?”
“No, We didn’t!”
“…Ah, as Emilia says. It’s hard to believe, but we didn’t.”
“What …!?”

Huh, Abigail sighs.

“Emilia got into the third layer of the Fire Dragon’s Nest as soon as I took my eyes off her. It wasn’t even with the battle wand Mace. It really froze my heart…”
“Why are you alive !? Fire dragons are ferocious and dangerous rare species !?”
“I asked them to split the eggs. It would hurt to be hit by the mace…”
“Yes. Then they are willing to share it. I have to thank Fire Dragon!”
“It’s really crazy …!”

Mohawks sank into the floor with astonishment.
Abigail shrugs a little.

“… Honestly, I agree. The inexhaustible magical power, and the pureness magical power that can handle the fire dragon… Emilia has too many mysteries.”

10 fire dragon eggs lined up on the counter.
Mohawks scream “hi”.
The appraiser called for this quest nods loudly.

“Everything is a real fire dragon egg.”
“That’s why … this is the repayment of 500 million debts.”
“Now, Rin is free! You did it, Abigei… l… sa…”
“Emilia !?”

Emilia collapsed. While the belly bugs are crying, she is sleeping.

Hungry Saint

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