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Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/25/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


―――― The 23rd of Spring Moon.

Two weeks have passed since the “Yuri Empire” occupied the city of Nildea.

For now, it seems that the management of Nildea city can be done without any problems. The security situation is quite good, and the children of the servants summoned by “Nadeshiko” who is guarding the city say that they have almost no work, so it seems that they feel like walking around the city. The fact those “maids” were walking around as a guard was initially taken as a surprise by the people living in the city. Nowadays, it is completely accepted, and it seems that there are many chats between the children of the servants and the citizens.

Of course, Yuri thinks that’s a very good thing. Yuri does not want to be intimidating to the citizens. If they can build a friendly relationship between the ruler and the citizens, it would be better. She hopes that the pretty maid girls who are the followers of Nadeshiko will be a bridge between the “Yuri Empire” and the citizens of Nildea.

By the way, the good security of the city of Nildea is largely due to Yuri’s continued monitoring of the entire city with the magic of [space grasp]. The caster who exercised the magic of [Spatial Grasp] can obtain all the information on the people and articles that exist within the range. The “personal information” obtained at this time includes some personal information of citizens. For example, it is possible to detect information such as age, gender, occupation, family structure, marriage history, place of birth, etc. of people within the effective range, and also to clarify all past criminal history.

Crime is addictive. Overwhelmingly, those who have sinned in the past repeat it, rather than those who have never sinned. In particular, crimes that greatly infringe on the life of the other party, such as murder and violence, will greatly reduce the psychological hurdle of recidivism once they are experienced.

Therefore, Yuri asked the children of “Kuroyuri” to secretly exclude all those who had experience of murder or violence that seriously injured the other party from the city.

Do not expect rehabilitation from those who have experienced serious crimes. Yuri is not so good as to be compassionate to them. ――― On the contrary, it is even “villainy”. If the security of Nildea deteriorates, it is the ruler, Yuri, who is in trouble. So she doesn’t feel any resistance to picking the buds of troublesome crimes in advance.

Yuri has been promoting two measures as a ruler since three days ago. One is the start of “destroyer” to annihilate monsters that exist around the city of Nildea.

This world is different from the game “Atros Online”, the defeated monsters do not immediately reappear in the same area. Therefore, the subdued monster will disappear and be in a state of “absence” for a while.

However, it does not mean that the defeated monster will never reappear. According to a report received from Rubetta of “Rostine Shokai” a few days ago, there are some well-known facts about monsters in the world, one of them is population recovery, “when the seasons change, monsters reach normal populations”.

Since it is “Spring Moon 23rd” now, it seems that the monsters that have been subdued will be revived all at once when the calendar advances to “Summer Moon” next month. Each month is up to “40th”, so even if they proceed to destroy the monsters now, it will be revived in 18 days.

Although it was known that it would be revived in the near future, the reason why the monster “destroyer” was started is because the children of the “Yuri Empire” seemed to be too free in the lord’s building. Only the construction unit “Kikyo” and the production unit “Rindo” are busy. The rest is not so busy, but the maid unit “Nashiko” is also working on something.

However, many of the other children are getting bored.

There are 12 units in the “Yuri Empire”, 9 of them are combat units. To put it the other way around, they are not very good at anything other than combat, and in the current situation where Yuri is focusing on city management, they don’t have any particular responsibility.

Therefore, Yuri asked the children who are free to subdue the monsters around Nildea. Of course, she wants to collect the materials as long as they subdue them, so Yuri instructs “Nadeshiko” to accompany them when they sortie.

One of the reasons was that Yuri herself was interested in how much the number of monsters inhabiting the surrounding area could be reduced by letting the children of the “Yuri Empire” destroy them. Speaking of the results, the day after the start of the destroyer, at least from the vicinity of the city of Nildea, no monsters could be seen.

The monsters that live in the vicinity of Nildea are all small fish from the perspective of the “Yuri Empire”, so it seems that the speed of extermination was quite fast.

The farmers who lived in Nildea were the first to react to the fact that the monsters disappeared from the surroundings of the city. Nildea’s farmland is outside the city, and farmers are constantly growing their crops while fighting the risk of being attacked by monsters. Moreover, monsters not only attack people but also often damage crops, so the damage that farmers are suffering from monsters is serious.

However, one day, the farmers were watching the soldiers of the “Yuri Empire” hunting monsters from the field near the city, and the next day the monsters disappeared like a lie. The farmers were overjoyed by this fact and repeatedly appealed to the guard who patrolled the city of Nildea to thank the Empress.

Of course, that is transmitted from the servant who works as a guard to Nadeshiko and from Nadeshiko to Yuri. Yuri didn’t start “Destroy” for them, but because it makes them happy, Yuri was happy as well.

A little later than the farmer the merchants also greatly appreciate the disappearance of the monster. If the monster disappears from the area around the city of Nildea, the safety of the wagons that travel between Nildea and other cities will naturally increase. It seems that all the merchants thanked “Rostine Shokai” and “Tormark Shokai” who recently became the merchants of “Yuri Empire”.

Of course, that fact is transmitted to Yuri in the form described in the reports received from Rubetta and Ados on a daily basis.

Immediately, Yuri decided to continue subduing this monster after next month.

It is strange that by continuing this measure, the effect of gaining the support of farmers and merchants, people in two occupations, was proved at once. Yuri herself never expects it, the purpose is just for killing time for her subordinate at the first time.

Apart from “Destroying Demon”, there is another measure that started 3 days ago. No, it’s not a big deal about this, though. Yuri started to give a “telepathy” to the citizens living in Nildea every day from 3 days ago when the night came down.

This is because in the report delivered to Yuri every day, Rubetta and Ados strongly recommended increasing the chances of “telepathy”.

Until now in Nildea. ――― No, probably anywhere in the world, not just Nildea,  for the citizens, the figure of the king who governs the country and the figure of the lord who houses the city were at best a chance to see from a distance at the time of the festival. ―――― The king and lord are in a world different from the citizens.

Everyone thought that was the norm.

However, the “telepathy” performed by Yuri destroyed the common sense of the citizens living in Nildea.

By telepathy, the citizens of Nildea could directly hear the voice of the ruler, Yuri. Moreover, in recent telepathy, not only the voice but also its appearance can be clearly seen.

According to the reports of Rubetta and Ados, there is no doubt that this fact had a great impact on the citizens. It seems that they are much more familiar with Yuri than the kings and lords that “It’s natural that we can’t meet” so far.

(I don’t know, but … Isn’t it more like a theater idol who can actually go to see you than a major idol who you can’t even meet?)

Yuri, who heard the story, somehow thought about that.

Rubetta and Ados said that there was no need to contact the citizens of Nildea, so it would be better to be more proactive in “telepathy”.

It was even stated in the report that it should be done every day if possible.

At night, when the area became dark and it became impossible to go out, it seems that the citizens living in the city do not have much entertainment. Therefore, it seems that there are quite a few citizens who are looking forward to the “telepathy” from Yuri, unbelievably.

It is doubtful whether it is true or not —Yuri thinks so. As recommended by the two, Yuri began to send “telepathy” three days ago in anticipation of the time when the sun had set.

No, four days ago, she went to the evening to advertise that “from tomorrow we will start a stall where you can eat monster meat at a low price in three squares in the city of Nildea”. So it was four days ago that she started to talk about telepathy to all citizen.

Three days ago, she gave a telepathy explaining the current progress of the construction of a “new city” that has already been notified to the citizens. All players of “Atros Online” have acquired the skill of “recording” from the beginning, and by exercising this skill, they can record the images captured in their own field of view.

The recorded video can be used when posting as a video on the bulletin board in the game or when reporting the fraudulent behavior of other users to GM. Of course, it can also be used as a “video” attached to telepathy. So, in the bright daytime, Yuri flew directly above the new city under construction by “Kikyou” and sent a recorded image from the sky to the citizens with a telepathy.

There are no buildings in the new city under construction yet, but the streets, waterways, railroads, etc. are almost completed.

It seems that the new city, which was neatly organized by waterways, looked very attractive, and it seems that the citizens are already expecting a moving day.

Two days ago, she had telepathy from the central square right in front of the lord’s building.

Some of the food stalls run in the open space are open even at night. Yuri didn’t ask for it, but the widows are voluntarily open at night for sale. Yuri called Rubetta from “Rostine Shokai” and sent her as a memorial to eating a stall that is open at night with her. What she did is the same as broadcasting a live TV program while eating.

The response of the telepathy seemed to be quite large, and it seems that the number of customers using the stalls increased rapidly from that night. She heard that the sales of food stalls have increased considerably thanks to this.

Last night — She didn’t know what to do for the telepathy, so she played an instrument for the time being.

In “Atros Online”, there are a large number of skills that are completely impractical in the game, skills that are completely useless in battle and production are implemented, and such skills can usually be acquired from gacha prizes and paid items.

Items to acquire the skill of <musical instrument playing> that can be played with any musical instrument were set as Gacha “lose” prizes at a reasonable frequency, so as usual, Yuri had a large amount. Therefore, almost all of “Yuri Empire” including Yuri have the skill to play musical instruments in vain.

Using the guitar pulled out from the storage area of “Nadeshiko”, Yuri performed two songs by herself. Also, she pulled Pollux of “Blue Rose”, which was just near the office, into the room. Together with her, they performed two non-copyright standard jazz songs whose scores were available in the Atros Online game.

Regarding this, Yuri thought it would be nice if the reaction from the citizens was not bad, but more than that, the response from Ados, the chairman of “Tormark Shokai”, was tremendous. For him, who handles a lot of works of art at the company, it seems that “broadcasting music” itself was a big shock. “Please play about once a week!” When Yuri saw the big statement in the report, she laughed at it.

“… What should I do in tonight’s telepathy …”

Yuri was very annoyed while lying down on the desk.

Yuri murmured quietly, but bitterly thought of one thing.

Why am I — even though I have come to a different world, like a YouTuber who has a hard time getting the material for daily videos.

Yuri Empire

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  1. Lol she is actually performing live jazz in the evenings for her subjects who are presumably all at home eating supper. What even. Can’t wait for the people to try and fail to explain their new situation to the other cities. Thanks for the chapter.

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