Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 030

Hungry Saint

030 Progress of the quest ~Sandwich lunch~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

–Merrill City, Adventurer’s Guild.

Nadia, the receptionist with a mug that raises the steam. Chocolate chip cookies are on the tray. Soft cinnamon and crunchy chocolate. It’s a treasured snack that Nadia is looking forward to every day.

“Rin-san, here, have tea and sweets. This cookie is delicious.”


“It’s a gift from Mrs. Sausage Baguette.”

“Wow … it’s been a while since I’ve had sweets.”

“You used to run away from debt collectors and live on the street, didn’t you?”

“Yes… if Emilia and Abigail didn’t help, now…”

Rin spilled tears. She was scared of being surrounded by a large mohawk, she couldn’t stop her tears because of the pain in her body, the apologies and gratitude to Emilia and others.

“Oh, Rin. What’s wrong with that painful face?”

“Oh! Mrs. sausage baguette!”

“Emilia-sama is okay. They’re probably awesome people in Merrill, and I can say that!”

“Yes, that’s right. Emilia and Abigail are sure to be safe … they will clear the quest!”

“Yes …!”

Rin seemed to be a little encouraged by the words of Nadia and Mrs. Sausage Baguette.

“Oh, I’ll disturb you!”

“Why are you guys here !?”

“Old hag!”

“Oh yeah, I’m an old hag!”

“Isn’t this an adventurer’s guild? It doesn’t matter who goes in and out of the reception, it’s a public facility!”

Several Mohawks came into the guild. However, it is not as dashing as “guild breaking”. With a grin, they sat down all over the place.

“… Rin-san, go over here”


“I’ll wait here to see if that apprentice Saint and Abigail can complete the quest safely!”

“What? The debt repayment deadline should be one month!”

“Kakeke! High-priced quests will only come into this guild today. There will be no quests with more than 300,000 rewards in this guild for the next month!”

“What is it !?”

“Our boss has a lot of faces. If this quest should fail, the debt repayment will be unlikely, right?”

“Cowardly guys …!”

Mrs. sausage baguette walks up to the Mohawks.

“Let’s go to the back! I’ll straighten you like a sausage with your twisted guts!”

“What are you doing, old hag!”

“I can’t forgive you because I’m an old hag!”

One of the Mohawks hits Mrs. Sausage Baguette. The moment the fist almost touched Mrs. Sausage Baguette.

“Gyaa ah ah ah !!!”

“Oh, Aniki !! ???”

Mohawk blew away. There is no scratch on Mrs. Sausage Baguette.

“What the hell is that…!?”

“What’s this … I’m full of power … It’s like when I was young!”

The body of Mrs. Sausage Baguette was shining and muscular. The mohawk that she hit was blown off by a strong impact. It is the light of Emilia’s [blessing].

“Oh, remember it, old hag!”

“Yeah, I’m an old hag! Don’t ever come back anymore!!”

The mohawks, who were frightened by the roaring voice of Mrs. Sausage Baguette, quickly left.

…… On the other hand, at that time.

Merrill Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon”, 2nd floor entrance. Temporary break space near [Healing fountain] .

“Wow, the sandwich is delicious! The bread is fluffy and the egg paste is stuffy!”

“Mrs. Sausage Baguette gave me a homemade bento, so I thought it was a sausage baguette … but it’s true that garlic baguettes get harder when they cool down. Sandwiches can’t be eaten soft.”

“Hmm, how delicious it is! It’s so early in the morning that you can bring your lunch!”

Emilia enthusiastically murmured with egg sandwiches and tuna sandwiches.

“Ah … I wish you a blessing, the kind Mrs. Sausage Baguette …!”

“Hahaha. It’s an exaggeration, Emilia.”

“It’s not an exaggeration! … I’m hungry again.”

“… Do you want to eat a little for me?”


The two had no way of knowing that Emilia’s [Blessing] was playing fine play in the Adventurer’s Guild in Merrill City.

Hungry Saint

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