Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 034

Hungry Saint

034 An Old Dog Appears

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Abigail is a mage who specializes in the development and creation of magic tools. She specializes in research on the activation of magical techniques that do not depend on the talent of the caster. A world where everyone can benefit from magic — Abigail is aiming for such a world.

It was regarded as a “heresy” by the Royal Magic Society and others who were thinking that only the selected people should wield the power of magic.

The youngest genius [universal witch] Abigail, who joined the court magic corps, accused the court magic corps of corruption and resigned as it was.

And tried to continue the great research on her own — and now.

“Good, good!”
“Oh, it’s pretty big.”
“Wow, Abigail-san! Look, I dug a lot of potatoes!”
“Oh, a good harvest”

A healthy “apprentice saint” who eats well and sleeps well — living happily, Emilia Mercurio, who has nonstandard magical power.

“Digging potatoes is fun!”
“Well, it’s not bad-at all. I’ll leave it to the fully automatic harvester, such as potato digging.”
“Machines are working hard to harvest corn!”

The magical tools that perform housework fully automatically are moving more lively than before due to the magical power of Emilia. Furthermore, the magical power required for research is almost inexhaustibly provided by Emilia.

It was fortunate that she met Emilia immediately after being expelled from the Court Mage.

“Abigail-san, I’d like to have potato croquettes today!”
“And since it’s just dug, why don’t we just boil and eat it? Sprinkle a little salt on it!”
“Boiled…? If you want croquettes, you don’t have to do that.”
“If I eat it with Abigail, it’s definitely delicious! I’m good at boiling potatoes, so I’ll do it!”
“Emilia …”

Emilia’s back was seen off as she ran.

A small body that doesn’t seem to be 18 years old — a dangerous “apprentice saint” who is unarmed, unplanned, and never looks at herself.

“… But maybe this kind of life isn’t too bad. It would be delicious if you eat boiled potatoes with Emilia.”

The great witch who has loneliness for a long time remembered the warmth of the dining table surrounding her. So, at first, she just had interest in Emilia so she took her to her house and now she wants to be with her for a little longer.

“Well, Emilia doesn’t seem to be in a hurry… hnnn?”

There is a moving shadow over the field. It is very small and moves irregularly and does not seem to be Abigail’s invention, a “fully automatic harvester” that runs around the fields endlessly.

“What is that …?”
“Oh, Abigail-san! I brought a pot ~. Let’s boil the potatoes on the stove there! … What’s that? What’s wrong?”
“There is something over there”
“Eh …? I’ll take a look!”
“Oh, hey. Emilia!”

When Abigail received the pot, Emilia started running vigorously. After being expelled from the monastery, the thin and weak body was recovering day by day.

“Wow! It’s a dog!”
“Come on, don’t be scared!”

It was a dog that popped out from the shadow of the corn field.
It seems that he is very old, his coat is rough, and his steps are rough.
The ears are also hanging down.

“Come, come in. don’t be scared, don’t be scared.”
“A stray dog … it’s troublesome.”

Emilia, staring at the old dog while sitting down, looked up at Abigail.

“… Mr. Abigail! Can I give this child food!?”

Emilia rushed to the kitchen without even hearing a reply.

Hungry Saint

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