Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 035

Hungry Saint

035 Taming An Old Dog

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Wow, he eats a lot.”
“Of course. It’s the finest chicken …”

An old dog eating food with a fluffy and happy tail. Although it was thin, it seemed to be finer than Emilia expected. He can eat the food on his own, and the reis no problem with its step.

“I’m not convinced… the dog is eating the finest chicken and we are eating the boiled potatoes …”
“Ah, but the potatoes are delicious, aren’t they?”
“I won’t be convinced by that…!”

Carry freshly dug potatoes to the mouth. Starch with a sweet taste with a faint earthy scent. The sticky potatoes are sprinkled with a little salt and chewy, which is different from the elaborate dishes.

“… I’ve never felt that boiled potatoes are delicious.”

“Isn’t it delicious to eat together!”

“Wan wan!”

The dog who finished eating the chicken seemed to have regained a lot of energy, so he rushed out.

“Oh! Wait, this dog!”

“See you”


Hmm… Abigail groaning.

“But it’s strange that a stray dog appears around here.”


“The magical power in the atmosphere … because it has a lot of mana. Plants grow well and animals are abundant accordingly — but they don’t show up to people very much.”


“The animals can live alone without the help of humans. They are stronger and more intelligent than animals in other regions.”

Manna: The magical power in the atmosphere created by the world tree that rises to the ends of the world. It is an energy that is also regarded as important in Tenkakyo. It is said that the saint is a messenger of the “Holy Mother of the Heaven” who is the incarnation of the world tree, and gives magical power and manna to others.

“Then, I hope that dog can live in the forest.”

“That’s right. Well, it’s probably a lost dog. I just accidentally arrived at this field … he’ll live in the forest or as a stray dog in the city.”

“Oh … I should have said goodbye.”

“You’re sentimental to an old dog, Emilia?”

“The encounter is guided by the Holy Mother of the Heaven!”

“… You really are full of Tenka religion.”

“Of course. One day, I want to become a great saint who controls the saints and help people in need all over the world!”

“I think it’s better to take good care of yourself before helping others.”

Abigail grabbed the potatoes and said so.


――The next day.


“Wow, are you coming again !?”

“Welcome, doggy!”

The old dog appeared in the field again.

They hadn’t noticed that the round eyes were staring straight at Emilia.

“Can I keep this doggy !?”

“What? Such a sloppy dog …”

“Mr. Abigail should name it.”

“No, I haven’t decided to keep it … Hmm, but I want a graceful and noble name to give.”

“Fufufu, you even already decide to name it…”

The old dog was watching the exchange between the two with an exciting expression.

His tail is swinging around.
The eyes are glittering.
Although it was sloppy, it was a very cute dog.

Hungry Saint

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