Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 045

Hungry Saint

045 The Power of The Universal Witch Abigail

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“” “Kieeeee!” “”

The harpy attacking is not one.
Even if you can see it, there are about 10 bodies.

Harpy is a half-bird and half-human monster.
From the waist up is just like women. However it is the wings, not the arms, that stick out from the shoulders. It is a troublesome monster that can crawl out of the ancient labyrinth “dungeon” and conquer nearby forests and mountains. Even in today’s quest, the harpy was expelled from such a mountain with a magic gun with enormous magical power of Emilia–

“Damn it, the remnants–”

Abigail is impatient.

In front of Emilia’s magical power and the phantom beast Fenrir, Harpy, which is classified as an intermediate monster, is not an enemy.
…It should be.

“Huh … hey?”

Emilia is drowsy, hungry, and absent-minded on John’s back.
And the phantom beast Fenrir-John…

“Cho, there is a butterfly … !!!”

Was chasing the yellow butterfly that fluttered around his face.

(It ’s bad!)

The magic cannon stored in the bag is temporarily out of order due to Emilia’s enormous magical power.
There is no weapon that can be used.

“–it can not be helped”

Abigail raises her right hand.

“… Gather in my hands, the roar of the wind– [Catapult Wind]!”

Superlative magic, [Catapult Wind].
Originally, it is a high-powered blow that requires a long chanting of about 10 verses.
Abigail easily pulls off the shortened chanting.


Harpy has disappeared.
Emilia with her mouth open.
Finally, John distracted from the butterfly.

“Wow, awesome …!”
“Oh, child of man. Not bad. Using the magical power of the wind spirit.”
“Thank you for your help Abigail-san!”
“No, not so much”
“Not just the development of magic tools, Abigail-san is a really great person after all!”
“Well … I didn’t really want to use it, but …”

Despite showing off his mighty power, Abigail didn’t even look satisfied.

“We talked about it in the guild, I’m called [The Great Universal Witch], but I don’t care about my own ability. Magic isn’t all-purpose. It only encourages the feelings of humans with magical power. ――So, I make magic tools. No matter who you are or how weak you are, you can live… ”
“Abigail, can you tell me — if you don’t mind it?”
“Well, about Abigail-san!”

Emilia embraces Abigail, whose body is much more mature than herself.
Although she was a [great witch] who wielded the highest level of magic, she seemed to be lonely like a young child.
Stroking the wavy blonde spilling from the hat with a large brim.

“Abigail-san, who I know, teaches me a very nice life, is a good cook, and is a very kind person… If you don’t dislike it, please tell me more about Abigail-san.”

Emilia smiled.
Abigail stacked a lot of words.

Fluffy, gluttonous, and rushed forward.
That was Emilia supposed to be, but the smile on her face was as gentle as how a goddess wrapped around everything.


I’m sure Emilia’s supreme deity of Tenka religion – [The Holy Mother of Heaven] may have a smile like her.
Abigail thought that way.

“My birth is the lineage of a fool aristocrat.”

Abigail started talking while shaking on John’s back.

Hungry Saint

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