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Yuri Empire

040 Shogi Match with a Bet

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/42/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“It’s not uncommon for changes to occur as you move around the world.”

As a matter of course, Lydina, who bears the name of “Healing God”, said so.

“… Is that something like that?”

“That’s what it is. What was “natural” in the old world is no longer the case in the new world. Or conversely, an event that was not defined in the old world is recognized as “natural” in the new world. If the world changes, the rules change. It ’s not that unusual. ”

The place where Yuri and Lydina are now is the garden of the “sacred area” where the fresh green is dazzling. It was a place she visited before when Yuri became “God” for the first time.

Today’s Lydina is wearing a cool blue dress and her back hair is half-up. The neatness of the lady’s clothes and hairstyle seemed to match the atmosphere of Lydina herself.

“This is a check. I get the silver”

“Wait —”

“It’s okay “wait”, but this will be the third time, so in that case, as agreed in advance, will I can take take Lydina’s lips?”

“……………… Please continue”

Yuri and Lydina were playing shogi for some reason while drinking tea in the garden of the “sacred area”. No, for some reason, as soon as she came to the garden today, Lydina was waiting with a shogi board and pieces. Yuri was forcibly going along with her.

Lydina seems to be addicted to the world where Yuri used to live — that is, the manga of “Japan”. Yuri was associated with various comic stories every time she visited the sanctuary . Therefore, the reason why Lydina suddenly asked to play “Shogi” this time is probably due to some kind of manga. Maybe “Lion” or something like that.

“Then, I’ll get the gold general with this.”

“Uh … why can Yuri take my piece so easily?”

“When I lived in Japan, I used to go out with my grandfather and play shogi.”

Yuri worked at a company whose grandfather was the president. Yuri always worked in the office because of her job, so it would have been easy for her grandfather to invite her as a partner for shogi. Of course, Yuri was happy to go out with him when her grandfather asked her to play shogi during “business hours”. She can’t be dissatisfied with getting paid while playing.

“Ludina moves the gold general too diagonally. You should refrain from doing so, right?”

“…Why is that?”

“Because it’s a good idea, you should think about the reason yourself.”

The gold general’s piece moves diagonally forward, but cannot return diagonally backward. So once you put it diagonally forward, you can’t return to the original place without using two turns. If you induce the opponent to move diagonally forward, it is easier for a beginner gold general to be taken unexpectedly.

By the way, Yuri is currently winning eight straight games.

She thought that she had won the game (this is not a game) after 3 consecutive wins, so she actually tried to stop accepting the challenge. But Lydina seems to have a side that hates to lose, and won’t let Yuri to stop.

Therefore, Yuri suggested to Lydina as a condition to continue the game, “If I can win 10 consecutive games, you shouldn’t mind if I push you down, can you continue with that?”

Lydina seemed to be quite confused because of the conditions. In the end, she accepted it, and the game is still going on.

“Well … I’m not uninterested in that …”

Lydina was embarrassingly leaking such words in a small voice earlier.

Of course for Yuri who likes the women, there is no doubt that it will be a match if she can swallow the conditions. By the way, when Yuri won 5 consecutive wins, Lydina suddenly started using “Wait”, so now the condition “If you ‘wait’ 3 times, I’ll take your lips” has been added.

“…ehemm. Returning to the story, the rule that Yuri knows that ‘a working beast does not leave a corpse when killed’ must have been tied to the world of ‘Leangard’. If you could get as many materials as you could every time you summoned and killed a working beast, it wouldn’t work as a “game”. ”

“In other words, I’m in a world that has nothing to do with ‘Leangard’…”

“Is it okay to think that the rules are no longer applied?”

“I see … Oh, this is another check. I’ll take your bishop.”

“Wait —. Oh no, nothing.”

As a general rule, characters with a <summoner> type occupation can only use up to “100” monsters as their own working beast. This is because there is a limit to the number of “bonds (links)” that can be made with monsters in the form of contracts — in the “Atros Online” game.

However, the highest-ranking job <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)> that Yuri has is a profession (class) that is super-specialized in the ability of “Bond (Link)” possessed by <Summoner>. Therefore, the maximum number of contracts for characters who have changed jobs to <Bond Chain Master> is removed, and it is possible to use monsters as working beasts indefinitely.

Just because you can make an unlimited number of “contracts” does not mean that you can “summon” an unlimited number of monsters. Since it continues to consume magical power while summoning monsters, there is a limit to the number of monsters that can be summoned at the same time. So even if you “contract” with a lot of monsters, that fact does not lead to the strength of the character.

Even so, being able to contract with monsters indefinitely is an element that strongly stimulates the collector’s heart. It was an unexpectedly common story that players with the character of <Bond Chain Master> would continue to make constant efforts to make as many monsters in the world of “Leangard” as their own working beasts.

Of course, Yuri is no exception.

Because she had been playing “Atros Online” for over 20 years, Yuri has contracted more than 20 of all the small fish monsters that exist in the game as her own beasts.

Also, in “Atros Online”, “Boss Monster” can also be used as a working beast as long as it was defeated by a single person (solo). Therefore, Yuri has succeeded in defeating many boss monsters alone and making them her own beasts by making full use of the p2w equipment and the skill of <Revenge Bond>.

What does this fact mean?

“Isn’t that good, Yuri? There’s a chance that you can re-obtain the material of “Leangard” in this world.”

“In fact, I’m honestly very grateful for that …”

If Yuri summons the working beast of “Leangard” and has her friends subdue it to <disassemble> the corpse, she can regain various materials of “Leangard” that she has given up because she can never get it again. Recently, for Yuri, who often stingy on the materials consumed to develop and maintain the “barrier”, this fact itself was actually very thankful.

―――― I never thought that it would be solved in this way.

“Fufu… here is tenouzan. Let’s put the rook to the front.”

“Then, hit put lance here and you’re the checkmate. It’s a checkmate.”


“This is 9 consecutive wins. There is no end, Lydina.”


Lydina dyes not only the face but also the ears in bright red.

Is it because of tension or because of embarrassment? It was no longer necessary to talk about the result of the 10th race, Lydina already lacked calmness.



When Yuri woke up, she saw the ceiling of the private room of the lord’s building which she had been accustomed to seeing for the past month.

Slowly get up and stand up, Yuri stretches her body greatly. When I looked out the window, the sky was just dyed in the sunset color.

Am I sleeping for about 3 hours?

On that day, Yuri, who accepted the proposal of the healing god Lydina and became a “god”, was able to visit the “god world” whenever she wanted. The method is simple, just “sleep while thinking of going to the god world”.

Even now, she was intentionally sleeping and visiting the divine world to hear from Lydina about the matter that “the corpse of the working beast was <disassembled> and the material was obtained”.

Take off the loose robe for sleeping and change into the usual [dress of sin]. When she was dressed in this black dress, she liked to feel a little tight.

“Good morning, Yuri”

“Good morning, Hamar. Is nothing happening while I’m sleeping?”

“Yes, I haven’t received any notices to note.”

When she moved to the office, Hamar, who was escorting her all day today, was waiting. Actually, when she took a nap to meet Lydina, Hamar said, “Would you like me to sleep with you?” she politely declined this because she could see that if she went to bed with her favorite partner, her intention to sleep would be instantly lost.

“I wonder if the children who appeared in “Destroyer” are about to come back.”

“No, it doesn’t seem like anyone is back.”

“Is that so? I wonder if something happened …”

“Don’t worry. It’s just fun and immersive to level up.”

Like Yuri herself, it is a long time ago that everyone in the “Yuri Empire” reached “Level 200”.

The experience points that should have been obtained when defeating monsters did not make sense for a long time. She couldn’t help but understand the desire to immerse herself in raising the level.

“By the way, Yuri-sama. What did Lydina-sama, the healing god, say about being able to <disassemble> the working beast?”

“In this world, that’s the specification (rule), so we can use it as we like.”

“That’s wonderful. Yuri-sama uses almost all monsters as working beasts, so from now on, we can use all-we-can-use leangard monster materials.”

“That’s right. We don’t have to be wooried.”

In “Atros Online”, golem-type monsters always drop ore materials, Alraune and dryads drop plant materials, and Treant-type monsters drop wood. Therefore, there are a wide variety of materials that can be obtained from monsters. Most of the materials she wanted will be stably available from her own beast in the future.

“Recently, I’ve only been fighting weak monsters… I don’t mind getting the materials, so would you please give everyone in the Yuri Empire the opportunity to fight Yuri-sama’s summons? Honestly, if just dealing with people and monsters in this world, my arms will be dull… ”

“I see, that’s not a bad idea.”

Yuri has a certain attachment to her own summoned beast. Therefore, she was a little reluctant to have to order the summoned beast to “kill me to get the material” in the future. But as Hamar suggested now. If you just order your working beast to fight everyone in the Yuri Empire, it will make you feel much better. After all, any individual monster is originally a creature that is warlike against the human race.

“By the way, Hamar. I’m sorry, but can I change your “love duty” to tomorrow?”

“Of course it doesn’t matter, but … what happened?”

“Yes, there are a lot of things.”

Because I will hold another woman.

―――― Of course, Yuri doesn’t even say anything extra.

“I understand. What should I do tonight? If you invite someone else, should I not be in Yuri-sama’s private room?”

“No, that’s not the case, so if only Hamar, please stay. I don’t know if it’s a substitute for my refusal, but I’d be happy if you could be my co-sleeping partner.”

“Are you sure? It’s full of unexpected happiness to be able to spend the night with Yuri for two days in a row.”

Hamar was happy to say so with a big smile. Yuri also felt happy just by looking at that smile..

Yuri Empire

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