Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 046

Hungry Saint

046 The Past of Universal Witch Abigail

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Yes-that is a memory of misery and happiness on a distant day. When she got home, her mother was always lying in bed.

“Welcome back, Abby. What have you been studying today?”

The house where Abigail and her mother lived together was a small hut deep in the forest. A shabby, secluded forest hut. Only two people lived there.

“Today, I learned the magic of wind and water. It’s called [Catapult Wind], and I can create a big whirlwind!”
“So. Abby has a talent for magic. You’re doing the best, it’s great. ”
“Now, the soup is ready. Cabbage and bacon soup. It’s warm. ”
“Wow! Outside, it was snowing. It ’s very beautiful. ”
“so. …… That person also liked snow. It’s probably because of that person’s blood that Abbey is good at magic. That beautiful golden hair too “

Her mother smiles while getting up from bed. Abigail’s mother was weak. However, she worked as hard as she could and sent Abigail to the most magical master in the city. It was her hope and hope that Abigail would develop her magical talent.

“Is that person my father?”
“Yeah, yeah … Abbey, you were born as noble. That person — your father is surely looking for you. When that person comes to pick you up someday, Abby may be very good at magic and be surprised. ”
“He doesn’t have to come to pick me up. If mother gets well, that’s fine. ”

Yes, as long as her mother is well she didn’t care about poverty, her life as a fatherless child, or even the magical talent of herself. However, the wish of the young Abigail did not come true.

Her mother didn’t stop doing housework no matter how sick she was. She didn’t quit the field work — no, she couldn’t quit. To educate Abigail.

Her mother died in the winter when Abigail was seven year.

If mother could use magic.
she didn’t even blow firewood with her sick chest to make a fire.
She didn’t go back and forth between the well and the field to sprinkle water.
If she could use magic, mother wouldn’t have died.

“Mom… was overdoing a lot while I was going to school …”

At that time, Abigail had developed a magical talent to the extent that she was called a “prodigy” under his master, but she didn’t care about that.

I wanted my mother to come back.

A man came to visit Abigail who was at a loss.

The man who calls himself her father was the head of a well-known family in the royal capital called the “Seven Great Houses of Iris”.
He said that he once ran off with her mother, who was a maid in the mansion, and was in love with her. However, the man abandoned Abigail and her mother.
Even so, he came to pick up Abigail with a benevolent look.

The man who gave himself his father had golden hair similar to Abigail and it seems that he has a knowledge of magic.

Her father, whom her mother hoped would come to pick her up someday, simply buried her mother and took only Abigail — returned to a luxurious mansion.


“I’m stupid, I’m crazy about learning new magic-I didn’t realize my mother was overdoing it. What’s so versatile about being able to use magic?”

19-year-old Abigail speaks with a crying voice.
It started to rain as Abigail spoke.

“Hurry up”

John rushes out.

“My dad’s mansion was big, but no one would eat with me. It was a big mansion and I was alone.”
“That’s why in the court magic division I was encouraged to develop magical tools that the ‘non-magical’ people would benefit from magic. I was enthusiastic about accusing the injustice of the forces that strongly insisted on the secrecy of magic. I was uplifted… I was amazed to hear the [Universal Great Witch] title. The result was the expulsion from the Mage Division. ”
“Yeah, Mr. Abigail … it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Is it rain or tears flowing on Abigail’s cheeks?

“I want to create a world where everyone can eat hot meals, Emilia… no one is hungry, no one is lonely…”
“Yes …. Let’s go home, Mr. Abigail.”

Emilia wipes the drops flowing on Abigail’s cheeks.

The rain had fallen before she knew it, and even if she wiped it, drops would flow down her cheeks later.

“Let’s go home, to our house”

Hungry Saint

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