Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 048

Hungry Saint

048 Capture the Deepest Part of the Dungeon, Start

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

The morning of departure to capture the deepest part of the ancient labyrinth ‘Dungeon’ of Merrill. Emilia sighed while being shaken on John’s back.

“Hmm … I’ll be lonely.”
“What? We are coming back soon.”
“I can’t eat freshly picked vegetables … I’m hungry just thinking about it …”
“I agree …”
“You’re like vegetables even though you’re a dog, John.”
“I’m not a dog, I’m an ice wolf Fenrir!”

Arrive at the dungeon while tapping a light mouth.

The bag is full of bento boxes and preserved foods. However, this equipment is not a huge backpack, but a mini bag made by Abigail by applying the magic circle of space compression and transfer. It has a capacity of about 3 warehouses.

“Ehehe, it’s we’re match!”
“Well, if you say match, it’s match.”

Emilia smiled with a cute mini bag hanging from her shoulder, the same as Abigail.


Merrill ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon”.

There are many excavations of magical tools from ancient magical civilization, and many “good” quests occur for adventurers.

However, unlike the second layer, which can be searched relatively safely and efficiently, the third and subsequent layers are high-risk dungeons.

The breeding ground of the rare red dragon in the 3rd layer, the harpy cave in the 4th layer, the singing mermaid fountain in the 5th layer — only Emilia, Abigail, and John can traverse from the 6th layer onward.

This time, the quest “Attack” to the 10th layer, which is said to be the “deepest part” according to a preliminary survey, was received by Emilia and Abigail.

“After that, I’m also entrusted with the quest to set up a return magic circle “save point” on the middle level…”

“Every time we set up one savepoint, we get 1 million saccurs!?”

“Ah, setting up savepoints is the lifeline of guild management. If you prepare a situation where more adventurers can safely explore, it will be easier to do quests in Merrill Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon”. For example, more adventurers will gather in the Adventurer’s Union in Merrill City … What would happen then? ”

“Um… adventurers shop at the bazaar, and Mrs. Sausage Baguettes and Lin’s shops are also enriched!”

“Correct answer. The whole city will be moisturized.”

“Oh …!”

“Currently, Merrill is the only city that maintains a scale that can compete with the royal capital. Let’s develop it steadily.”


Emilia nods powerfully.


◆ Quest outline: Merrilluri | Ancient Labyrinth << Dungeon >> Deepest capture
◆ Quest location: Merrilluri | Ancient Labyrinth << Dungeon >> 10th layer
◆ Client: Merrill City Adventurer’s Association
◆ Required organization: 2 people

◆ Reward: Success fee 10 million sacur.

◆ Quest outline: Set up Return magic circle 《Savepoint》in the dungeon
◆ Quest location: Merril Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon” 5th-10th layers
◆ Client: Merrill City Adventurer’s Association
◆ Required organization: 2 people

◆ Reward: 1 million succulents for each magic circle installation.

Merrill Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon” capture, start.

Hungry Saint

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