Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 051

Hungry Saint

051 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, 3rd Floor ② ~ Parasite ~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


A terrifying voice of a fire dragon that roars low.
Emilia goes on without flinch.

“This is… Hey, Emilia is dangerous!”
“This is not good, Abigail!”
“What !? What, John”
“Don’t you know … If not protected by the authority of my ice, humans and the like will evaporate immediately in this heat.”
“What !? Is Emilia okay!”
“I don’t know. It’s protected by a power that has nothing to do with my authority … That pure magical power protects Emilia.”

Kun, John snorts.

“That magical power… it wasn’t a mistake, Emilia really is…”

When they visited last time, the nice fire dragons somehow kindly shared the eggs after seeing the appearance of Emilia. But now, many fire dragons are staring at the loose, exceptionally large individuals in a long distance.

At that time, the fire dragon relaxes so as to be frightened by the approaching Emilia.

“…You’re hurt right?”

A mirage rises around with the heat.
Abigail was frightened … but Emilia approached the Fire Dragon without even thinking about it.

“Hey! Stop Emilia, it’s too dangerous! Is there an idiot approaching the dragon in estrus!”
“This … No, this child is suffering …”

Emilia stands beside the fire dragon.

A normal human being should have evaporated immediately with heat waves, but … Emilia’s body is protected by a film of magical power.

Abigail bites lip, who cannot leave John.

“Fire Dragon, this suffering… I’ll get rid of it. Let me pray.”

Close her eyes and pray.
Pray that the suffering of the fire dragon will be removed by singing the holy song [heavenly song].
The technique for transferring the magical power in the body to another person was converted into lyrics and melody.
The [Heavenly Song] sung by the Tenka religion “Saint” is loved all over the world for its beautiful melody and usefulness.

“This is … how beautiful …”

The sound of Emilia’s [Song of Heaven] is exceptionally beautiful.
She wasn’t singing seriously, it sounded like this just by humming.
Abigail and John are fascinated by the singing voice.

Then …


The fire dragon roars.
On the belly of the dragon, something black was moving so as to agonize over the song.

“That is … a parasite!”

A parasite that digs into the womb of an animal in estrus and eats up its body — and is a dangerous creature that uses the host’s body to destroy the surrounding environment.

“It’s okay … it’s okay, because the suffering will be gone soon …”
“It’s bad, if the parasite goes out, Emilia will be targeted!”

A huge fire dragon screamed–spitting parasites.

“Oh, it’s dangerous!”

A parasite with creepy movements attacks Emilia.


“Gyaaaaaaa !!!”

The parasite’s body was wrapped in flames.
The flock of fire dragons watching the situation around them burst into a scorching flame on the parasites.

A burning parasite.
Fire dragons crying out for joy.

The giant fire dragon that spit out parasites fell down on Emilia with a clean look.

Hungry Saint

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