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Yuri Empire

046 Memorable Chocolate

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/48/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Five days have passed since the messengers from the two countries arrived. Even so, the messenger from the Principality of Silesia returned immediately and the messengers from the Holy Land of Nimun are still staying in the city of Nildea.

Today is “Summer 8th”.

If Rubetta and Ados expectation is correct, the army of the Kingdom of Eldart will come between the 15th and 20th of this month. In a week at the earliest, and in 12 days at the latest, the Yuri Empire will have a fight with the kingdom.

The number of troops is definitely expected to be a large army, and it is expected to be 40,000 or 50,000. The sound of military boots can be heard at any moment. However, if Yuri’s schedule was met, the word “one battle” would not be appropriate, and the war with the country should be over in an instant.

“Hmm …!”

In front of the desk in the office, Yuri raises her arms and stretches her body.

The letter addressed to the Pope of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, which she wrote little by little every day, was finally written.

It is a long letter that spans 6 stationery sheets. It may be difficult for people to read this amount, but she’s not willing to accept complaints about this because the other party sent in a letter with a sentence amount of as much as four sheets of paper in the first place.

“Thank you for your hard work, my lord”

“Thank you, Caprice. Now that the letter has been written, I wonder if you can tell the messengers from the Holy Land of Nimun that we would visit in about an hour.”

“We know”

Caprice bowed deeply in response to instructions from Yuri.

Caprice is today’s “love duty” and a child who belongs to “Nadeshiko”. Because of the essence that the race is “cat race (ruchus)”, she is a child who has a whimsical part in her character but the work as a maid is done perfectly just like the other “Nadeshiko”.

“It seems that Popuri will go to the messengers of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun. However, since the other party does not have a clock, it may be difficult to specify” one hour later”.”

“Oh, that’s right. I was careless.”

Caprice, who contacted the same “Nadeshiko” child through “Unit Chat”, reports to Yuri.

The people who Yuri is enthusiastic about — Rubetta, Ados, Badantere High Priest, etc. already have a “clock”, so it is possible to specify the time accurately when meeting. But for the messengers from the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, Yuri completely forgot that they didn’t have it.

“Well, please tell them like that. By the way, I’d like to ask Caprice one. How many “Spring Swords” were in the Yuri Empire’s stockpile?”

“Is it a spring sword? I don’t remember the exact number, but… I think there were at least 50. I think it was stored in Ballad’s <Warrior’s Bag>, so should I ask her in the chat?”

“If so, I wonder if you could move about 20 spring swords to Caprice’s warrior’s bag while you contact her. I’m thinking of giving back the gift I received from the other party.”

“Oh — By the way, there are many deserts in the Holy Land of Nimun. Items like the sword of spring water may please the other party.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

“I understand, I will receive it soon.”

Caprice said so and promptly left the office.

In the room alone, Yuri cleans up the accumulated office work as much as possible. Writing a letter is surprisingly nerve-wracking, so the office has been put off by all means.

After Caprice, who received the “Spring Sword” after a while, returned to the office, they had a chat with her over a cup of tea for a while. And after an hour had passed as originally planned, Yuri left the lord’s house.

The mansion where the people of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun are staying is right next to the lord’s building. Therefore, even if she walked leisurely with Caprice, she arrived in less than a few minutes.

As soon as I hit the door knocker, a paladin from the Holy Land of Nimun came out and guided them into the mansion. And in the reception room of the mansion, Estoa prepared tea and waited. There are also some escort paladins standing around her.

“Yuri-sama. Thank you for using such a fine mansion for our stay from the Holy Land of Nimun.”

“I’m sorry to have you waited until the letter was written. I wonder if there was any inconvenience during the five days of staying?”

“Yes, I was very comfortable. The barriers in this mansion are really wonderful …! Because the inside of the mansion is cool, I will forget that the season is “summer” many times.”

In the mansion where the messengers of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun are staying, the entire building is wrapped in the [Temperature Barrier] that was developed by asking the child of “Red Plum”. Because of this barrier, the inside of the mansion should always be kept at “20 ℃”. So, as Estoa says, you don’t feel the heat of summer when you’re inside the building.

“Well, even if there is no such barrier, Nildea’s summer may not be a big heat for those who live in the desert.”

“No. The thirsty heat of the desert and the damp heat of Nildea are different things, so I was very grateful that I was able to avoid the heat …. By the way, this barrier can be stretched even in the desert, right? Is it? ”

“There is no limit to where you can put it separately.”

“Is that so … If Yuri-sama is in the Holy Land of Nimun, wouldn’t it be possible to have this barrier in the palace or cathedral of the capital? The desert is hot in the daytime. In addition, there are things that can’t stand the cold of the night, so there are many obstacles to work and life … ”

“I don’t mind? It’s not a big burden.”

The materials consumed in [Temperature Barrier] can be easily obtained by hunting monsters.

If the palace or cathedral were to be wrapped in a barrier, it would be necessary to increase the size to some extent. Now that it has been found that materials can be recovered from Yuri’s working beasts, the cost of developing and maintaining barriers has been a trivial matter.

“Okay, are you sure? I don’t think I can thank you much…”

“No compensation. It’s only natural to respond to my saint’s begging.”

Yuri gently smiles and tells Estoa.

During the last five days, Yuri had been taught how to send an “oracle” from Lydina in the “Sacred Area” and had already sent an oracle to Estoa and officially appointed her as Yuri’s “Saintess”. Therefore, the current Estoa is not only “Saint of Lydina” but also “Saint of Yuri”. It seems that it is the first time in the long history of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun that someone is recognized as a saint by two Goddesses.

“By the way, are you ready to go back to the Holy Land of Nimun? If you’re ready, I’d like to send it with transfer magic.”

“Ah … I’m sorry, Yuri-sama. The packing itself has been completed, but in reality, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan, and the two escorted paladins have been in the city of Nildea since the morning. They’re out shopping and haven’t come back yet. ”

“Oh, that’s right. Let’s wait for them to come back.”

“I’m really sorry to keep Yuri-sama waiting …”

“Okay. Did they both go out before I contacted them? That’s unavoidable. And if Estoa would be my conversation partner, it wouldn’t be a pain to wait, so I don’t mind it.”

“Thank you for your generous will.”

Estoa told her so and bowed deeply. Her humorous words made me a little worried about Yuri.

“Estoa. I want to have a more carefree relationship with my saint.”

“What does that mean …?”

“I’m glad you respect me, but it’s okay to be modest. If you bow so deeply, I feel a distance from you.”

“I’m sorry”

“You haven’t done anything wrong, so don’t apologize. You don’t have to be reluctant, so feel free to contact me.”

“Even if you say so … It’s quite difficult.”


Estoa happily smiled, but lowered her eyebrows as if in trouble. The complex expression clearly reflected her current state of mind.

“Because you’ve become my saint — well, Estoa is like my “little sister”? You don’t need a formal relationship. Think of me as an “elder sister” and treat me more freely. ”

“Ah, is it your sister? So… can I call you ‘Yuri-sister’?”

“If Estoa wants to call that, I’m fine, of course.”

The children of “Himeyuri (Patia)” call her that, but that would be good. The children of “Kuroyuri (Nostia)” also call her that on the bed.

“I’m not proud, but I’m sweet to my sister? Maybe if you ‘ask’, most of your wishes will come true, so feel free to use me.”

“Use is too much…”

“Don’t hesitate. No older sister is not happy to be used by her little sister.”

At least, it ’s just a pleasure for Yuri. It is even more so if it can be used by children who tend to be reluctant, such as Estoa.

“… Is it okay to aks one to my sister?”

“Yes, please say anything.”

“Would you please divide the ingredients called ‘chocolate’ that I had eaten at the lord’s house before? I really want to eat it again …”

“That’s okay, of course. Did you like it?”

“Yes. Like me, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan couldn’t forget the taste they ate at that time… Actually, both of them went to the city of Nildea in the morning looking for “chocolate”.”

“…I’m sorry for that, it’s not sold in the city.”

The chocolate owned by the Yuri Empire is an ingredient item that can be obtained by defeating an event monster called “Chocolate Slime” that appears only during Valentine’s Day in the game of “Atros Online”.

Yuri, who has been playing “Atros Online” for over 20 years, has a large stockpile of chocolates acquired in the game, and of course the monster of “Chocolate Slime” has already become her own beast. Therefore, it will be possible to obtain it stably in the future without any problems.

However, chocolate is only stockpiled by the Yuri Empire and is not available in the town of Nildea. There is no possibility of finding it just because you searched around the city. ――― Unless there is “chocolate” in this world as well.

“I’m sorry, Estoa. Wait a minute.”


Yuri investigates the positions of Leonard High Priest and Roan High Priest with the magic of [Space Grasp] that is still maintained, and marks them with “green”. Then, she contacted Nadeshiko through the guild chat, contacted the subject marked with “green”, and instructed them to return to the mansion.

“I had two priests, Leonard and Roan, go back to the mansion. Unfortunately, you can’t buy chocolate in the city, so I’ll just give you a present. I’ll give you a lot. ”

“Thank you, sister”

“It’s okay. It’s a cute little sister’s begging.”

Telling that, Yuri gently smiles. To respond to that, Estoa also smiled happily.

(But if you just give chocolate, it will melt quickly in the heat of the desert … You’ll need to take some measures.)

Yuri seeks a better way to give Estoa a gift in her head.

If you want your sister to be happy, your sister will make an effort.

Yuri Empire

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    Trivia about architecture in our world ->
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