Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 052

Hungry Saint

052 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, 3rd Floor ③ ~ Dungeon Secret ~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

A particularly large fire dragon is lying down at the feet of Emilia and Abigail and groaning.
There seems to be no hostility. Seems to be trying hard to convey something.

“What … are you talking?”
“Even when I had the eggs shared before, they were like this … I wish I could talk to Fire Dragon.”
“… If they’re so quiet, you might be able to do it.”

Abigail gently approaches the Fire Dragon while being protected by John’s Ice Wolf authority.
When she put her thin and supple fingers on the pochette hanging on her waist, she took out a beautifully shining cloth.
The green color of the deep forest.
Satin fabric that gives off a mellow luster — a ribbon.
However, its size is like a tablecloth, and it is a huge cloth rather than a ribbon. 

“Hmm. I don’t think I’ll use this size.”
“Wow, beautiful …!”
“John, I’m approaching the Fire Dragon, so I’ll ask for blessing.”
“Yeah, good boy. Please be a little quieter.”
“Garuuru !?”

Abigail handles a large cloth brilliantly and wraps a ribbon around the neck of the fire dragon.

If you tie the knot into a cute bow tie-like shape–

“Oh … this beautiful cloth …!”

A beautiful female voice overflowed from the throat of a huge and scary fire dragon.

“Huhhhhhhh! The dragon talked !!!”
“No, John don’t be surprised. You are also a ‘speaking dog’.”
“I’m not a dog! My name is John, one of the four phantom beasts protecting the world tree, Fenrir!”
“Ah, It’s Fenrir after all… After Sekaiju disappeared to the end, I never thought I could see it in this way.”

The fire dragon spins words loosely.

“Abigail-san, this is …”
“Ah. After meeting John, I thought it would be useful to talk to a monster. I injected a lot of Emilia’s magical power into the translation circuit (code) carved on that ribbon.”
“Wow …!”
“My magic and mana in the woods didn’t work at all … but only with Emilia’s magic, it works for some reason.”
“Oh, your name is Emilia… a child with pure magical power.”

The fire dragon bows and touches Emilia’s silver hair with her nose.

It seems that he is greeting respectfully.

“Fire Dragon, have you recovered from your pain?”
“Yeah. Your… it’s just like, yes, the mana, like pure magic of the legendary world tree has driven off the bugs in my womb. Thank you very much.”
“I’m glad! You’re welcome.”
“.. That’s the enormous amount of magical power of [God Dragon class], and its nature is also unusually high and pure… Emilia, who are you really?”
“? I’m a ‘saint apprentice’ who wants to help people.”

Emilia smiled widely, and the surrounding fire dragons buzzed.

Because they didn’t wear a ribbon, Emilia and the other don’t know what they are was saying–

“Everyone is pleased. The blessing of the [God Dragon] who was guarding this labyrinth has been fading year by year, and such bugs have begun to infest …”
“Mu, the blessing of the god dragon …?”
“Oh, don’t you know the children of man? The ancient labyrinth is to tell the story of the world tree and the god dragon to the “Second Coming” who will be born someday.”
“What do you mean? Isn’t the ancient labyrinth a monster-producing cave!”

It was a big discovery, Abigail took out a pen and a memo with a sigh.

As a magical researcher, it is coveted information from Abigail who is lurking in the dungeon in anticipation of new discoveries.

Monster…… It ’s also possible to talk directly from a high-ranking existence called Fire Dragon!

Abigail thanked himself for developing the translator (ribbon).

“…the “Second Coming ” huh…”
“Do you know anything about John?”
“Um … It’s a love story between World Tree and Good Dragon…. I woke up probably because there were signs of the birth of a “second coming” in this world …”

The fire dragon slowly shakes its head.

“The labyrinths and the ones who live there — keep the secrets in the depths. See the truth with your own eyes. I’m sure the two kind-hearted people are qualified. Children who have been led to the labyrinth, the only thing I can say is that the memories and history of the children of man are unreliable. A convenient story spun by the winner…”

Gukururu Ururururu ……!

“Emilia …”

The air that seemed to be talking about something important was crushed by the sound of Emilia’s belly.

“I’m sorry … I’m hungry after praying hard for the dragon!”
“Fufufu … what a funny child”

Merrilluri Ancient Labyrinth, 3rd floor.

On this day, they decided to camp in the nest of fire dragons.

Hungry Saint

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