Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 067

Hungry Saint

067 Friendly saint

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Kokona-chan …?”

Emilia opened her eyes wide. She never thought that she could meet again with her friends from the Serenade Convent. Moreover, the other party is Sister Cocona.

In the monastery, she was surrounded by many friends and was always in the center of the circle. The children of aristocrats and good families who came to the monastery around the age of fifteen to be selected as saints … Among them, Cocona was a prominent figure. Emilia, who lived in the monastery before being picked up by the religion as an orphan and had a feeling for herself, was different in status and future.

Emilia wanted to go to a poor country as a saint. Upper class girls, including Cocona, need to survive the social world by using the status of “saint”. Of course, they don’t go to poor countries, and they don’t share their magical powers with the poor.

“I finally found it, Emilia Mercurio …!”
“What’s wrong, Cocona-chan? By this time, the selection of saints has already been completed right?”
“Yeah, yeah… Emilia, you’re back to the monastery.”
“Eh? But I shouldn’t bother everyone because I was also dragging their feet… the other sisters or abbot.”
“That was a mistake, the monastery admitted…”
“But even so, now is…”
“Don’t be dumb!”

Cocona screaming with tears in her eyes.

Abigail, who was watching a series of exchanges, was staring at a group lined up in a row behind her.  The war priest’s robe embroidered with silver thread-the choir, the battle division of the Tenka cult. Not only that, but with a group that stood out like a private unit of aristocrats. Abigail catches well-shaped eyebrows.

“You guys, maybe you know Emilia?”
“Shut up outsiders”
“Oops, that’s terrible. Who is the outsider?”

Abigail didn’t take a step toward the thorny words of Cocona. One of the group waiting behind Cocona noticed the big brim hat that Abigail was wearing.

“That hat… may be the [universal witch] Abigail?”

Cocona opens her eyes wide.

“Speaking of Abigail, she was the youngest genius to join the court mage corps … and she was the secret child of the aristocrat of Auto…?”
“Hmm, I don’t care about the story of origin. Or do you prefer the story of bloodline to the person in front of you?”
“Rude …!”
“Wow, uh, don’t quarrel. Abigail-san, Cocona-chan!”
“You’re fighting because of me, maybe !?”
“It’s not like that but… I think there will be a certain amount of friendliness .”

Cocona screamed.

“Yes, it’s your fault!”
“… Mu”
“Cocona-chan …”

Cocona’s gaze as if glaring.
Emilia dropped her shoulders.

[Holy Maiden’s staff] is held in her hand.

The rebirth of the spirit of the world tree― was suddenly informed, but the extreme friendliness cultivated in life up to now could not be cured.

“I … I just wanted to be recognized in the monastery, but you … because Emilia is gone… I’m chasing you up to this point …”

Cocona is breathing on her shoulders, maybe she is completely excited. It was a rough breath as if she was sprinting.

She has tears in her eyes. Emilia and others were glaring while shaking their shoulders, as if she was a tragic heroine.

“I had to be a good saint. I’m not ashamed of being the daughter of the Rochester family … to be a good saint that my father would recognize …”
“Don’t be silly”

Abigail was also a sharp word that interrupted Cocona’s words. Abigail has a strict look that Emilia has never seen before, glaring at Cocona.

“What is it?”
“I’ve heard. You used Emilia conveniently and kicked Emilia out of the monastery …”
“What …? Why are you an outsider …?”
“The city of Merrill has the largest bazaar in the kingdom. If you go there, you’ll hear a lot.”

Emilia is surprised and makes her eyes round.

“Abigail-san, did you find out about that …?”
“Because it’s someone who eats together every day, it’s natural to want to know.”
“What …?”
“Did you say Cocona, don’t you know… It makes me feel warm when I eat with Emilia. They say that everything looks delicious, everything is fun … How precious it is. Do you understand? And you should kick her out for your own convenience, and tell her to come back if you think about it? Are you fooling around? this rotten cult!!”
“What are you stupid!”

Soldiers rustling with the word rotten cult.
Cocona bites her lips.

It’s shameful. Somehow she has to regain the trust of the Great Saint Canaryra. Why does she have to be told something that seems to be great for the collapse of a court mage from the commoner? [Universal witch] is probably the common people. She’s the daughter of the glorious Rochester family. In response to her father’s expectations, she spent my daughterhood in such a poor monastery in order to gain the status of a “saint”, but what is this situation!

“Warm feelings? What happened to your meal … Isn’t that useless?”

At the direct command of Canaryra Haruto, the Supreme Leader of the Tenka sect, “The Great Saint” Riera, once she was underestimated —  she must bring back her peers who had been kicked out to earn points. She’s in a sad situation.

Everything backfired. Everything went wrong.

For Cocona, who had suppressed such irritation, Abigail, who disturbed herself for a reason that she didn’t understand, was annoying.

“I would like to avoid it… but If you say that you will use force, can you stand in the name of [Universal Witch]?”
“…! Canaryra-sama has entrusted me with any hand … and here are the private soldiers of my Rochester family borrowed from my father…”

The glaring of Cocona and Abigail continues. And …

“Do it”
“Let’s go”

At that time, there was an atmosphere inspired by one shot.

“No, stop it !?”
“Emilia !?”

Emilia’s cry echoed.

“Oh, I don’t think fighting is really good! Cocona-chan is calm, and Abigail-san is calm too!”
“Wow, Your voice is loud!”

John laughed cheerfully. Emilia tells them with all their voices and to the soldiers behind Cocona.

――Because she finally found it. It has nothing to do with her previous life. It doesn’t matter what you are … After all, what is important to her is the days when I can eat delicious food. It’s a peaceful and enjoyable day.

…… And surely this is what the previous life, who was the spirit of the world tree wanted. If the world tree, which was losing power due to the rise of humans, would become a source of human conflict, then let’s sleep for a long time — no, she doesn’t know. Emilia wondered if that was the case.

That’s why.

“Don’t quarrel … that … let’s eat!”

Emilia’s blurry words

“” What ?? “”

Cocona and Abigail, who had been glaring at each other until now, all voiced together.

“What are you talking about? This friendly saint !?”

“Abigail-san, please. I … I’m so hungry!”

Emilia looks around the soldiers around her.

“Let’s eat rice together!”

Hungry Saint

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