Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 066

Hungry Saint

066 The Quest is Complete

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“You are a very good person. You were born with the soul of the world tree.”
“Diamond, the guardian of this labyrinth, acknowledges you. To you, the memories of the ancient Merrilluri Labyrinth. And this is a gift from Diamond.”

The jewel girl diamond popped out one eye that was shining.

“Kyaa! Doesn’t it hurt?”
“No. I’m a jewel. And this is for you, Emilia.”

Emilia got mace and one eye of a diamond …… A deep blue sapphire.

“Oh, oh …? Somehow, the power is getting stronger …?”
“Eh, more ??? Add more to the magical power of [God Dragon class] ???”
“Wan… oh, nostalgic magical power…Wan”
“John is hungry!”

The same light as the blue of sapphire wraps Emilia slightly.

“–It is [HOly Maiden Staff (Holy Mace)]. The key for you, the human being, to use the inherited magical power. Until now, you have no key to use the power of the World Tree. It was a small boat without a rudder, a cup with a hole … it would have been like that before.”

Abigail shouted “Ah” to Diamond’s words.

“Every time I use my magical power, I faint or get hungry …!”
“I see. That kind of trouble appears in the human body. I wonder if it will be a little better from now on. The four labyrinths left by the four pillars of the beast that protected the world tree … there, yours The key to unlocking power is hidden. It’s up to you to look for it or not. ”
“I am …”
“Yes. Sekaiju’s will says so. You can live as a human being, or you can regain all the magical power of Sekaiju.”

Emilia is completely confused and looks up at Abigail. Abigail cannot hide the excitement in the word “mystery hidden in the ancient labyrinth”.

“But it’s not easy because there are people in the labyrinth who will make a ‘judgment’.”
“If you live a long time, you can easily instinct that you are the one who inherited the magical powers of the world tree and the god dragon, but that is not enough. You are a good person living in the world today. You had to prove that you were a person with “kindness”. ”

Emilia jumps up.

“Did I prove it?”
“… Diamond judged that. Emilia gave me a name. And it was surely your “kindness” that divided the squishy, sweet and lovely drink to the gems you just met. Emilia and Abigail. ”

Amber sugar cider that is sweet and shines like a jewel. The cider made by Abigail and shared by Emilia was kindness to Diamond. She didn’t expect the day she will eat human food.

At that time.

The magic circle emerged around Emilia and others before the words of Diamond ended or did not end. It was a familiar technique… Return magic circle “Savepoint”.

“is this!?”
“You wrote it in many places. Abigail’s tools don’t seem to work well in this place, so I created them on my behalf.”
“Wow, that’s amazing …”
“It is recorded that when there was a world tree, everyone could do such a trick …”

Diamond said quietly.
The world tree disappeared, and so the magical power in the atmosphere — the human who lost mana has become completely weak. Some people can use magic, but only a handful. The reason why Tenkakyo, which can nurture “saints” who can share magical power with other people by holy songs, is widespread in this world is because humans have become weaker.

Life is also shortened. The power is also weakening. If you didn’t get close to each other, you couldn’t live.

The jewel girl said so steadily.

“Diamond-chan, don’t you come with me?”

Emilia made her eyebrows into a ハ shape. Because they already met so Emilia hopes she can go with her. Diamond tilts the neck with a face with few expressions.

“Diamond is the guardian here. I can’t get out of here … Diamond is always here.”

“Then, I’ll come back again!”

“… Yeah. Traps and the demons that guard here will not attack you. Please come and visit us anytime.”

In Emilia’s words, it seemed that Diamond smiled a little.

◆ Quest outline: Capture Merrill Ancient Labyrinth << Dungeon >> Deepest layer
◆ Quest location: Merril Ancient Labyrinth << Dungeon >> 10th layer
◆ Client: Merrill City Adventurer’s Association
◆ Required organization: 2 people
◆ Reward: Success fee 10 million sacur.

◆ Quest outline: Setup return magic circle 《Savepoint》 in the dungeon
◆ Quest location: Merrill Ancient Labyrinth << Dungeon >> 5th-10th layers
◆ Client: Merrill City Adventurer’s Association
◆ Required organization: 2 people
◆ Reward: 1 million succulents for each magic circle installation.

“Wow, this is the entrance to the ancient labyrinth of Merrilli … isn’t it?”

The sunlight coming in from the entrance is dazzling.

“Hmm … so many things happen that I can’t keep up with my head …”
“Hahaha. If Abigail-san can’t keep up with her head, I’m not at all-”
“No, it’s Emilia !? What is it, inheriting the magical power of Sekaiju and Shinryu …”
“No, no… I’m wondering about that…”

Emilia hits her head with the [Holy Maiden’s Staff << Holy Mace >>] that she got.

“… Emilia, what’s that messy face …”
“Well, I was so messy!?…… Uaaa.”

Guuuuu ~ …….
A sad sound reverberates.

Emilia’s belly bug, which is familiar. She received the key to master the magical power, but after all She’s hungry. Because, you see. It’s growing up. Immediately after the great adventure.


Abigail shakes her shoulders. Emilia felt her cheeks getting hot.

“Wow, why are you laughing? Abigail-san!”
“No, because … Sekaiju? Shinryu? No, what a magnificent story! Ufufufu”
“You’re laughing too much …”
“No, I was relieved. Yeah.”

Abigail pats Emilia’s head with a breath. The thin fingers combed the silver-white hair that was unthinkable from the time they met.

“–Emilia is Emilia.”
“That’s right.”
“Fufufu … You will be with me in the future, no way the world tree will be reborn.”
“Oh, I laughed again!”
“My bad, my bad …. Let’s go home and eat. It’s okay to go to the guild tomorrow.”
“Wan. Then, get on my back. Emilia, Abigail.”

Straddle John’s Mofumofu’s back.  Take a step outside the ancient labyrinth “Dungeon”.


“… Emilia Mercurio”

A hard voice called Emilia’s name. A familiar voice. Yes, for example … like what she always heard at a monastery …

“Sister Cocona!?”

It was an apprentice saint companion of the Serenade Women’s Order — it was Cocona.

Hungry Saint

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