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Yuri Empire

20 Don’t Need Money

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/20/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


There is a magic called [Space Grasp] that can be exercised by Yuri of <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>. It is a magic that was also used when invading the city of Nildea, and it has the effect of “grasping the space within the effective range”. Yuri, the caster, can get all the information about people and articles that exist within the range, and can also display a map.

Yuri hasn’t released this magic yet since the day of the invasion. In principle, magic that can maintain its effect in “Atros Online” will continue to be maintained unless the caster voluntarily “releases” it.

Of course, Yuri will continue to consume some magical power while maintaining the magic, but since the total amount of magical power is quite large and the amount of natural recovery is also large, the amount of recovery far exceeds the amount of consumption. Therefore, no problem has occurred.

At the time of the game, when the caster logged out, the magic maintenance was forcibly released, so it was impossible to continue the maintenance for a long time and only one full day at the most. Now, on the contrary, the act of “logging out” itself has become impossible, and in this way it has become possible to maintain magic for days.

When invading Nildea, the magic of [space grasping] was used to grasp the position of “people” living in the city and to distinguish whether they are civilian employees, but as mentioned above, this magic is within the effective range. You can also get “information on goods” that exists in.

So Yuri can get information from virtually all the documents in the city.

If she wears a magic tool that has the effect of translation in advance, she can read all the documents that exist in the city. That’s why Yuri had a lot of information in advance about Rubetta Rostine of “Rostine Shokai” and Ados Tormark of “Tormark Shokai” that she met for the first time the other day.

Of course, the information of the members who belong to the commercial guild is recorded in the commercial guild. It was easy to find out who they were by reading those documents.

―――― However, there is a weakness in the convenient [space grasp] magic. Although it is possible to obtain information on “people” and “articles” within the effective range, it is not possible to refer to “information that people have in their heads”.

What’s troublesome with this is — for example, she can’t know “common sense”.

“Common sense” is a matter of course because it is struck in the head, and people do not bother to record it in documents. Therefore, it is difficult for Yuri to get the information that is commonplace that everyone in the world knows.


In that respect, it was a good thing that the other day, Rubetta and Ados cooperated.

They were excellent merchants, they knew about the nation, and they had a map of the neighborhood in their minds. For that reason, they understand that the “Yuri Empire” is a nation that cannot exist on the same continent.

Furthermore, even if Yuri came out that they were a group from “another world”, they finally believed that fact.

So, after getting a connection, they treat the Yuri Empire as “different world people”. They will explain in detail on the premise that she does not know even the smallest things, and she will confirm it properly when talking about the obvious.

To be honest, she is very grateful for this.

Yuri ordered “Nadeshiko” to take turns sending one person every day to help Rubetta and Ados work. All of Nadeshiko are talented maids and are familiar with how to help people. Acting as an aid to the talented merchants will definitely help. On the other hand, by closely associating them with Nadeshiko, she can also get information from the chats she exchanges. In particular, information related to “common sense” was easily generated from chats, and a considerable amount of information was delivered to Yuri every day from Nadeshiko.

“It was surprising that there were only 160 days in a year.”

“Well, that’s our blind spots.”

It is one of the craftsmen who belong to the production unit “Rindo” who reads the document sent from Nadeshiko and answers the words that Yuri leaked, and she is also today’s “love duty”, her name is Euro.

The profession of the euro is <Birst (glutton)>, which is the highest profession specializing in cooking. At the point where only one person covers all the meals for the current 360 people of the “Yuri Empire”, there is no need to talk about her cooking skills anymore.

“And one week is eight days … It changes a lot when the world changes.”

Euro telling that while scratching her head. Yuri just knew what the difference was.

In this world, one week is “8 days”. There is a concept of the day of the week, and it seems that each has a name related to the main god. In other words, there are “8 pillars” of major gods in this world.

No — there were, the story is in the past. It seems that one of the eight pillars of the god has already fallen to zero and has lost its power as a god.

However, if one week is changed to seven days, confusion will occur, so it seems that the days of the week related to that god still exist and the week is operated as “8 days”.

By the way, the last day of the week is called “Healing” day, which is a day of the week associated with the god “Healing God Lydina”.

Apparently, this “healing” day of the week corresponds to the “Sunday” that Yuri knows, and it seems that it is recognized as a day of the week to heal the fatigue accumulated by working for a week. It is said that this day of the week is usually a holiday for manual labor-related work. However, only those who have a manual labor-related job take a rest. For many people living in this world, it seems that there are basically no holidays.

For a moment, Yuri wondered if the whole world was a total black labor society, but it would be unavoidable.

One month is “40 days”, which is exactly equivalent to “5 weeks”.

Each month has a name, which is called “Spring Moon”, “Summer Moon”, “Autumn Moon”, and “Winter Moon”, respectively.

As the name suggests, the seasons are clearly separated every month, and it will make a round in the last 4 months.

So one year is only “4 months”. In other words, “160 days”.

The other day, Yuri was quite surprised to learn from Ados’s mouth that his age was “151 years old”. Once you know the reason, there is nothing to say. It’s just that one year was that short in this world.

Comparing 365 days and 160 days, it is naturally about 2.3 times different.

Ados’s “151 years old” becomes about “65 years old” when converted to the sense of Yuri. There is no doubt that he is old, but he is not so old.

Of course, even in the world that Yuri knows, it can be said that Ados’s “65 years old” is quite old, considering that the life span was short in the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Since “therapeutic magic” is used universally in this world, it is difficult to make a general comparison.

The fact that there is a way to cure the disease without side effects is probably very big.

“Hey, Yuri-neeyan. By the way, I wanted to ask something.” [ED: kansai-ben]

Suddenly, a word of Euro pulls back Yuri that was indulging in thought. By the way, only Euro is calling Yuri “Yuri-neeyan”. The Rindo children have a trait to call Yuri as they like.

“Yeah? What’s wrong, Euro?”

“It’s about tax revenue, but was it really okay? A one-year tax-free means that your income will be zero for a whole year right? Can you do that?”

The Euro words that say so are definitely true. Well, that “1 year” seems to be much shorter than she expected.

“Isn’t it okay to have no money?”

“Why? You can buy a lot of things in this world.”

“I don’t have what I want in the first place. The best food, the best clothes, the best armor, the best tools are all made by the children of the Yuri Empire. You don’t have to buy them from the locals. I don’t feel it ”

After all, Yuri doesn’t care about money because she doesn’t feel the need. Of course, she understands that it costs a certain amount of money to operate the city. When the city of Nildea was defeated, he had already obtained a considerable amount of goods stored in the basement of the lord’s building, so he already has some reserves.

She’s confident that she can do it without any problems even if they have no income for several years.

“But I want to save a lot of money …?”

“If we accumulate goods, the amount of circulation in the locals will decrease by that amount right? It would only be harmful if we wanted to enrich the city.”

Money is what to turn to. Like bloodlines, stagnating does not lead to good results. Yuri thinks that if you want to get tax revenue, you should decide how to use it first.

She thought it was not good to say “tax-free for a long time”, so she’s planning to take tax for only 30%. She said it “from next year” because she wanted time to think about how to use it in advance.

“Hmm. Then, what would you do if you could do what you wanted in this world?”

“Is it something you need to ask?”

Yuri smiled at the words of the euro.

“Thinking about my personality, It’s decided to ‘take away’ that kind of thing.”

“I see. If so, then you certainly don’t need money.”

Euro laughing from the bottom of her heart while holding her stomach. For those with a “villainous” propensity, it was only a very natural conclusion.

Yuri Empire

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