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Yuri Empire

030 The Regained Miracle

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/30/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The fresh green was dazzling ――― was the first impression when Yuri opened my eyelids. Yuri who regained consciousness was in a place like a garden. In the space surrounded by greenery, one small circular table with a little height is installed. The three chairs that were placed together had a slightly higher seating surface to match the table.


Yuri looked back when her name was called with the same voice that she heard in “God Statue Room” earlier.

There stood a woman with long, silvery hair. A woman is holding one tray with both hands. There was one expensive teapot and two cups on the tray.

“Are you —the  “Healing God Lydina”?”

“Yes, I’m called that way. You’ve finally come, Yuri.”

The healing god Lydina smiled gently while calling Yuri’s name.

She wasn’t very confident, but apparently it was right, she met the Goddess.

The reason why She was not confident is that the impression she gets from this woman who is in front of her is very different from the impression given by the god statue of Lydina, the healing god placed in “The God Statue Room”. ..

In that room, she wore priesthood clothes, and her hair seemed to be put together in a hat. Lydina, the healing god in front of Yuri, is wearing a feminine and elegant costume (dress) and naturally hangs her waist-up hair. And because the god statue was stonework, the hair color was not reproduced at all. She couldn’t imagine having such beautiful silver hair.

“Fufu … What do you think of my appearance from Yuri’s perspective?”

“From my perspective?”

“From the perspective of you who like the same sex, how do look like?”

“Eh, yeah …?”

Yuri was confused when she was asked such a question by the healing god Lydina.

I think she is an attractive person, but is it okay to say frankly?

“Well — to be honest, I’d like to abduct you.”

After a little hesitation, after all, Yuri said that she remained honest.

After the healing god Lydina showed a neat expression for a moment. She giggled very happily.

“If you could say that, it was worth dressing up…. keep it secret, but I usually wear a little more comfortable clothes.”

“I also like girls in such self-indulgent clothes.”

“Well! Fufufufu …! As long as it’s a girl, Yuri is fine with anyone.”

“I do not deny that.”

In fact, as long as it’s a woman, anyone, young or old, Yuri will love her. A selfish girl, an unfriendly girl, a stupid girl. No matter what the girl is, from the perspective of a lesbian Yuri, it is not an obstacle to love. Of course — now she likes everyone in “Yuri Empire” more than anyone else.

“So, what’s the story? I’ll prepare tea, so please sit down.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

Prompted, Yuri sits on a chair near a round table.

Immediately, the healing god Lydina brewed tea for two people from the pot.

“It’s a forest tea. It’s a little bitter, but it’s delicious.”

“It smells good.”

While enjoying the rich aroma, Yuri puts her mouth on the cup.

As the healing god Lydina said, it certainly has a bitter taste, but at the same time it also has sweetness. It was a tea with several leaves, and it was quite interesting to enjoy the complex taste.

“It’s good. I like this kind of tea too.”

“If you like it, it’s best. It’s a medicinal tea made in an elf village called ‘Shran’, and maybe even if it happens, it may arrive in the city of Nildea.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ll arrange it later.”

If it is a product that may be distributed to Nildea, you can get it without any problem if you ask Rubetta and Ads. It was medicinal tea, and felt refreshed to drink. She definitely wants this as a companion when working.

“Yuri. I’ll tell you this first, your body is asleep now.”


“Yes. You suddenly fell asleep after touching my statue in “God Statue Room”. By this time, you’re probably being moved to another room with a bed.”

“Well, I see.”

“You’re just sleeping, so I’m sure your companion isn’t too worried about it … I’m sure it’s better not to stay here too long and come back early. So now it’s a little quicker. I’d like to talk to you, is that okay? ”

“of course”

Because the Healing God Lydina made a suggestion considering this situation, Yuri has no objection. When Yuri immediately agreed, Lydina, the healing god, nodded a little.

“Yuri, I have something to ask you.”

“I understand. I will do anything.”

Before listening to the contents, Yuri bows deeply to the healing god Lydina.

It was Lydina, the healing god, who helped Yuri who was supposed to die that day. It is definitely thanks to the healing god Lydina that she gave Yuri the future where she can spend together with everyone in the “Yuri Empire” who she should never have met again. If you think of that great gratitude — no matter what kind of unreasonable thing you want, you can never refuse.

“… I don’t mean to force Yuri to do anything. You can listen to the content, scrutinize it, and decline it if you don’t like it, right?”

“No, because I want to respond.”

As a matter of course, Yuri answers the words of the healing god Lydina.

Yuri’s tendency is “villainy”. That is why she would like to respond to those who have great gratitude.

She had talked to Ladra Gruff before. Yuri thinks that ‘evil’ does not mean that she wants to take the initiative in doing “bad things”. “Evil” means being honest with your “greed”. I think it always refers to an attitude that prioritizes only what you want to do. However, because it does not consider other people’s consideration or social order, it will often result in “bad things”.

The current desire of Yuri is a strong desire to “return it to a benevolent partner”. She doesn’t want to do it for the other party. It’s her own “greed” that she has appeals to do so.

“That’s right. Yuri’s will seems to be firm.”


“Then, I would like to ask you one thing —”

Then, the healing god Lydina tells Yuri a request.

Yuri intended to respond to whatever she wanted. That’s what Yuri would be happy to do, even if she was told to serve as a slave for the rest of her life. I’m receiving that much benefit.

However, the request made by the healing god Lydina is far beyond imagination.

“Well, that’s … isn’t it impossible …?”

“Oh. I thought I had a strong will, but I wonder if I hate it?”

“It’s not a matter of like or dislike, isn’t it …”

Looking at the dismayed Yuri, Lydina, the healing god, giggles with a funny giggle.

Maybe it was a joke, but Yuri thought for a moment when she was laughed at. “I didn’t make a joke,” it was immediately denied by the mouth of the healing god Lydina.

“I’ll tell Yuri one thing. This place where we are now is called the ‘sacred area’.”

“Sacred area …?”

“Yes. It’s not a place for anyone to enter. It’s a special place for only qualified people.”

Understanding the meaning of the words that were told, Yuri was surprised.

Lydina, the healing god, just nodded quietly and affirmed it.



“Lord! Did you wake up!”


Yuri gently pinches Kiri’s cheeks, which make a loud voice around her ears.

The consciousness gradually awakens. She realized it seemed that she was really asleep. Not only Kiri, but also Sera, Ceres, Garnet and Euclase were nearby. Apparently, falling asleep made them very worried.


When she looks around, she finds a strange room on an unfamiliar ceiling.

Apparently, as the healing god Lydina expected, Yuri’s body was moved to a different room from the “Good Statue Room” while she was asleep.

“This is the ‘hospitalization building’ attached to the cathedral.”

There was a calm male voice answering Yuri’s question that no one had muttered.

Badantere high priest. Apparently, he was waiting in a nearby room, and he heard Kiri’s loud voice and came to see him.

“Hospitalization building …?”

“It’s a building behind the cathedral. As the name suggests, it’s a facility for people with injuries or illnesses that can’t be cured by just one day of magical treatment.”

In other words, it seems to be a facility like a ward.

In this world, injuries and illnesses are basically treated by magic. The cathedral plays the same role as a hospital in the city. So, of course, there is also a ward for patients who have to be hospitalized and treated.

“I see … Are there a lot of people in the hospital?”

“There aren’t many people right now, but there are still about 120 people.”

“Is it okay for me to treat those 120 people?”

“Hmm …? It doesn’t matter, of course.”

With the permission of the Badantere High Priest, Yuri thought, (convenient). Can water lilies really regain the “miracle”? It’s a great opportunity to confirm that.


“Yes, what is it, Yuri-sama?”

“Use the magic of [Full Range Recovery] to fit all of this hospital building. It’s possible if you have the talent you have gained in exchange for your eyesight right?”

The magic of [Complete Recovery of Range], which cures all the vitality of all the subjects within the range and treats injuries, illnesses, decreased abilities, and abnormal conditions, is sacred that can be exercised by <Saint (Adela)>. It’s a very high level of magic.

Because of the large amount of magical power consumed originally, it is not magic that can expand the range of effect so much. Even so, if Euclase has the benefit of <Healing Magic Enhancement II>, it will be possible to include this building entirely in the range of effect.

“Yuri-sama, that’s …”

“Okay, believe me, but just do two things as I say.”


“First of all, forget about the god you believed in until now …. It may be difficult to forget, but try not to think about it. Since the world is different, the former god won’t help Euclase anymore.”

It may be cruel to say that you should forget the person who devoted your faith deeply. However, Yuri asked for it in clear words. There is no doubt that the former god will not help water lilies.

“And the second. Believe in me instead of that god.”

“… Eh. Yu, Yuri-sama?”

“Yes. Believe me, Euclase. Then try using magic?”

“Wow, I understand.”

Yuri moves the confused Euclase by urging him.

If the story of Lydina, the healing god, is true, she should be able to regain the “miracle”.

Euclase begins chanting [Full Range Recovery].

When exercising magic, Casting time becomes longer in proportion to the magnification when expanding the effect range. [Full Range Recovery] is a magic that requires a long casting time just by exercising it normally, so if you expand the range, it will be quite long.

Euclase finished all chanting only 8 minutes later.

Finally, before calling the closing magic word (nesient), Euclase glances at Yuri. Yuri just responded by nodding.


“— [Complete ranged recovery << Enclara Belpines >>]!”

A tremendous amount of light overflows from the whole body of Euclase, which fills the space immediately.

Yuri has seen it many times when it was a game. It was a production (effect), and it was nothing but proof that the magic of Euclase was properly exercised. When the light subsided soon. The four water lilies were staring at Yuri with a startled expression.

Yuri smiles gently at them.

“Apparently — I seem to have become ‘God'”

Yuri leaked with a bitter smile. Even so, the four water lilies did not move for a while with their eyes opened wide.

Yuri Empire

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