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Yuri Empire

031 Tardiness Lifestyle

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Recently, Yuri has come to be late for the time promised to others.

Of course, this is intentional. Yuri, who has the memory and experience of living as “Horaiji Yuri” in modern Japan and living as a member of society, is imbued with the spirit of come before the time.
However, there is only one reason to be late. Whether it’s an appointment or a meeting, if Yuri arrives before the promised time, the person to be associated with it will have to wait there earlier.
In short, it’s like the harmful effects of the status of “Emperor”. If the person with the highest position appears first, the position of the person who is behind it will be worsened. Therefore, Yuri must not keep the promised time as much as possible and appear in the field later than anyone else.

―――― It was only recently that she noticed this fact.

As is often the case with RPGs, in the in-game world of “Atros Online”, the frequency of day and night is much faster than in reality, and there are only 4 hours a day. So, in the actual day, 6 days will flow in the game.

Despite this, there was a concept of time in the game with a “24-hour clock”.

A general store opens at “10 o’clock” in the morning and closes at “20:00” at night during the in-game time. Of course, even if you visit at other times, the store is closed and you cannot shop.
In other words, the store is not open for half a day. At least a “7: 00-23: 00 (Seven-Eleven)” shop should be open! Although the player has been complaining for many years, the management does not seem to deal with it at all, perhaps because they are not concerned about this matter.
Of course, it is the same for shops other than general stores. Players need to talk to a fisherman’s NPC for the convenience of the quest, but the fisherman is no longer in the city at “5 o’clock” in the morning. If you take the quest to deliver a gift to the bar’s signboard girl, you will have to wait because the bar opens only from “19:00” at night — that is a daily occurrence.

Therefore, “Atros Online” has items such as “pocket watch” and “watch”, and if you carry this item in your <inventory> or equip it as an accessory, the in-game time will always be displayed at the edge of your view.
Moreover, it is a multifunctional device that can set an alarm at any time. It makes the players want to tilt their head unintentionally, wondering where the medieval and early modern worldviews have gone.
Of course, Yuri gives everyone in the “Yuri Empire” a pocket watch. This is because it was an item that could be made even if it was not a production character, so Yuri had given them a handmade item in the past.
Recently, the pocket watch made by the production unit “Rindo” is being sold to “Rostine Shokai” and “Tormark Shokai” through Rubetta and Ados. Unfortunately, it seems that sales to the general public are not good, probably because there is no need to know the “exact time” in life. On the other hand, they are selling like idiots to their fellow merchants, and it seems that they are already spreading to the people involved in the commercial guild.

After all, watches are in demand only for merchants who go “time is money” as their ground.

By handing over the clock, it was very convenient to be able to decide the exact visit time when making an appointment with Rubetta and Ads. After all, people in this world can only specify the time of “early morning”, “morning”, “noon”, “afternoon”, “when it gets dark”, and “night”. This should not be inconvenient when arranging the promised time.

One day, Yuri wanted to hear more about what she received in the report, and made an appointment to visit Ados’s Tormark Shokai at “2:00” in the afternoon.
And she visited at “1:40”. ――― It didn’t work.
The chairman, Ados, was absent from the factory he visited. He was out for a meal because he had some time left. From Ados who returned to the factory within a few minutes, he immediately rubbed his head on the ground and apologized. It’s still not the time yet, so of course Yuri herself didn’t think anything about it.
That was the opportunity for Yuri to decide that she would never act before the hour again.

“… I have to be late, which is a hassle.”

While reading the documents in the office, Yuri was alone.

It is necessary to be late, but it is not good to make the other party wait too long. Having to be reasonably late is much more troublesome than just acting ahead of time.

“? What did you say, sister?”

“No, don’t worry. It’s nothing.”

It was Souffle of “Himeyuri (Estia)” who in today’s “love duty” that picked up the complaints that Yuri had unintentionally spit out.

Yuri shook her head immediately because it’s no point to complain to her.

“… Hmm. Let’s go soon, Souffle”

“Yes, my sister!”

Yuri leaves the office with souffle.

The time is “13:07”. It takes less than a few minutes just to move around the lord’s house, so it is desirable to be late for at least 5 minutes at the time of departure.
Going down the stairs to the first floor, Yuri enters a room beside the entrance hall. This room has been used mainly as a conference room for the “Yuri Empire” since the occupation of the lord’s building.

The moment Yuri entered the room, the slight private language quieted instantly.

“I’m a little late. I’m sorry, but please forgive me.”

Telling that, Yuri is small and bows to everyone.

Actually, I was intentionally late, but that’s it. It will be easier for others to give their opinions if the person who stands above takes the initiative to apologize.

“Then we will start a regular meeting. This time, we have two people, Mr. Ados Tolmark of “Tormark Shokai” and Ms. Rubetta Rostine, the president of” Rostine Shokai “. I’d like to ask for your opinions. ”

After telling that, Yuri looks at the two people sitting in the corner of the conference room. In response to the line of sight, the man first got up from his seat.

“My name is Ados and I am going to do everything I can for the “Yuri Empire”. Thank you.”

“It’s been a few days, Ad0s. You’re a little younger again.”

“Thanks to the medicine I received from Her Majesty Yuri. Like me, my wife has regained her youthfulness. The other day, I am thankful for the treatment of her illness.”

Ados deeply hangs his head toward Yuri.

The current appearance of Ados is no longer old enough to be called “old age”. Perhaps his wife is just as rejuvenated. The physical strength lost due to aging should have been recovered considerably. Yuri has heard from Rubetta that he’s expanding his business in many different ways these days, but the fact that he’s doing his best in his work is proof that his rejuvenation is going well.

“The unit called ‘Water Lilies’, which is good at treatment, is motivated. It would be great for me if they could help you.”

“I will definitely return this favor with sufficient work.”

The other day, the “water lily” unit regained their power brilliantly and was able to use “sacred magic” again. As Yuri had expected before, it seems that Ados’s wife had some serious illness. Of course, such a thing can be easily treated by the water lily who regained their miracle.

Because she was released from the chronic illness that had been suffering for many years in a blink of an eye, Ados’ wife was very grateful. In addition, Yuri has received several letters from Ados’ wife asking if she could give back to the “Yuri Empire” as she is regaining her youth.

Next, a woman sitting next to Ads stands up and speaks.

“I am in Rubetta Rostine. I am also very grateful for the medicine I received from Her Majesty Yuri. Please give me the opportunity to return the favor.”

“Rubetta is also very young … the surroundings won’t leave you right?”

Originally, Rubetta was a middle-aged woman who could hardly be called “young” or “not young”. The appearance of Rubetta has now returned to a youthful appearance, just halfway between a girl and a lady. Well — It was self-evident that this would happen if you gave the woman a “rejuvenation” item. So she can’t say that she’s not surprised.

“Um … I’d like to humbly say that’s not the case …”

“Rubetta. I like your sincerity, you don’t lie easily.”

Looking at mumbled Rubetta, Yuri giggles and laughs. In fact, Rubetta has a beauty that men can’t leave behind. The “ochimizu” handed by Yuri has a rejuvenating effect but no beauty effect. In other words, the beauty of Rubetta today was originally she had when she was young.

“That’s why I’m going to hold this meeting with these two people this time. If you have any opinions, please feel free to tell me anything.
Everyone in the “Yuri Empire” was too sympathetic to me, so it would be helpful if they could point out my thoughts and judgments even if they were wrong. I’m grateful for that, and I’ll never blame you.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Rubetta and Ados nodded.

Yuri has high expectations from the opinions of the two talented merchants.

“Well, I got you to come …. Is there anything from the two before dealing with the agenda? If you have any questions to me or everyone in the Yuri Empire, ask anything now. I don’t mind if you give it to me. ”

“— Then, immediately, is it all right from me?”

Ados immediately raised his hand and stated so. When Yuri nodded, Ads stood up and said a word.

“For some time, in the town of Nirdea there is rumor that said Her Majesty Yuri has become one of the main gods.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes. When I investigated this matter with someone from the ‘Tormark Shokai’ , I found that the main person that was leading the spread of rumors was the ‘Cathedral’. To be precise, it is the greatest ‘Badantere High Priest’ in Nildea Cathedral.
Speaking of high priests, those who are in the highest position next to the ‘Pope’ and ‘General priest’ in the Holy Kingdom of Nimun. If that person spreads it directly, it would be difficult to judge that it is just a ‘rumor’. Her Majesty Yuri, this rumor is … ”

“Truth. For some reason, I became one of the main gods.”

It may be more appropriate to say that it has become.

“Oh …! That’s true …”

“Then let’s talk a little bit about that first. I’ve heard from Lydina a few times and I’ve finally come to understand the situation.”

Currently, Yuri is abandoning to call “Healing God Lydina”. She met her every night and talked to her in the garden, which made them a lot closer.

Yuri Empire

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