Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 036

Hungry Saint

036 The Dog’s Name ~Awakening of the Old Dog~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

The wind that blows through the forest contains a lot of earthy scent. A green scent that tickles the nose. Finally… a comfortable sleep. Emilia lays down on cool cold sheets.

From a distance, a joyful voice saying “wan” could be heard.

“… Oh, the dog has come”

Get up and run into the field.

While the fully automatic harvester, planter, and automatic sprinkler were busy, Abigail dressed in a cool dress was blowing in the wind.

“Emilia, did you get up?”
“Yes, I heard a dog voice.”
“Oh, he’s fine too today.”

The old dog has regained its vitality in the last few days and is running around the field. Occasionally, he sat near Emilia and had a sly face.

Maybe he’s not used to people, so he doesn’t get closer than a certain distance to Emilia, but Emilia feels that the distance is getting shorter day by day. Abigail predicts that he is “being exposed to the clean magical power that leaks from Emilia.”

It would be nice if that would make him feel better.

“Abigail-san, did you decide on the dog name?”
“I’m at a loss. If it’s an intellectual name, it’s good to have something related to mathematics such as Sphere, Delta, Gamma. If it’s a poetic name … Well, it’s good to take it from the name of a great man such as Triana or Philis. ”
“Ah, that’s a difficult name, isn’t it?”
“Don’t laugh. I’m thinking seriously. No, I haven’t decided to keep it yet. What would you name it Emilia?”
“Hmm … John”
“Oh no! I couldn’t think of a nice name like Abigail-san! It’s big, fluffy, kind, a little boyish, and I just wondered if John would be good!?”
“Emilia… you’re really… but John…”
“Wow, don’t laugh!”
“No, it’s wonderful …! It’s a graceful, yet intelligent name … John …!”
“Eeeeh!  Abigail-san, do you like that…!?”

――It’s a very calm time.
Emilia thinks while looking at the old dog waving his tail and running around.

When she was in the monastery, she never dreamed that there would be such a world. She was always hungry and always sleepy enough to have a headache.

The aristocratic daughters came only three years just before they turned 18, and left the monastery with the title of “Saint”.

Emilia knew that none of the people certified as “Saints” would continue their journey of pure and poor alms as defined by Tenka religion. And she somehow knew that the handful of saints were short-lived for some reason.

“… It’s peaceful, here”

Emilia thinks. She likes peace.

Let’s become a “Saint” who travels the world for world peace and people’s happiness, that is something that she has decided on since the day Emilia knew that she was picked up by the “Great Saint” of Tenka religion, who is known as the greatest priest of her time.


Abigail treated her with delicious food and a wonderful life, and when she slept in the cool breeze and looked at the fields shining in the sunlight, she noticed.

(The monastery was mean to me … and I was kicked out like that …)

The heart was a little hurt.

“Wan! Wan!”
“…Doggy. Are you comforting me?”

An old dog with a slightly tired coat was sitting right next to Emilia. Sitting on the ground with a fluttering tail.

“Thank you, John”

Involuntarily, Emilia hugged the old dog.  fluffy. Warm body temperature and pulsating heartbeat transmitted to the palm of her hand. From the fur, there was a faint smell of the sun.

“Wow… so fluffy…”
“Hey! What does this mean !?”
“What is it, Abigail-san…? I want to enjoy John’s Mofumofu a little more …”
“No… this guy… is not a dog!”
“Hey? Certainly… somehow he’s big …?”

Emilia raises her face from the fur. It wasn’t the old dog John who was sloppy. There was a beautiful creature that was big enough to look up. The back is wide and large so that even if Emilia and Abigail ride on it, there is still plenty of room.

――It’s a beautiful beast.

Shiny coat that shines in silvery white. It shines brightly white in the sun. Intelligent light dwells in the clear eyes like sapphire.

“Eh …? Jo, John …?”
“-I was awakened from the name given by the owner of the noble magical power. My name is John. One of the four pillars of fantasy beasts serving the world tree, the ice wolf Fenrir.”
“He, he’s talking!”
“Fe, fenrir… you say…!?”

Old dog John was a ridiculous “existence”.

Hungry Saint

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