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Yuri Empire

041 Messengers From Two Countries (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/43/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“My Lord. A messenger from another country is hoping for a ‘visiting the landlord’.”

Today is “Summer Moon 3rd”.

Yuri, who was enjoying Hamar’s sleeping face in bed, headed to the office at around 10 o’clock in the morning, a little later than usual. Today’s “love duty”, Popuri of “Nadeshiko” was already waiting there, and she told Yuri that way.

“I wonder if it corresponds to the letter that Ladra Gruff delivered to neighboring countries.”

“I think so. It seems that the ‘dragon’ is a very feared existence in this world, so I think it couldn’t be ignored as an opponent.”

“Which country did the messenger come from?”

“They are from the Principality of Silesia and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun.”

“… Yeah? Does that mean that messengers from two countries came on the same day?”

“That’s right”

Popuri nodded and affirmed the words Yuri asked.

Yuri was a little suspicious that they would come at the same time as if they had a meeting before, but Popuri expressed her feelings with “I think that just coincidence”.

“We found out that the messenger of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun arrived around yesterday evening, and the messenger of the Principality of Silesia arrived before dawn today. So, to be precise, the messenger of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun was yesterday. ”

“… I didn’t notice.”

Normally, the magic of [space grasping] is maintained to monitor the entire city of Nildea, so if military personnel from other countries enter the city, it will be immediately known.

Yuri yesterday had been verifying the “disassembly of the working beast” all day long, so her magical power was inevitably lacking. In order to speed up the recovery of magical power, the maintenance of the magic of [Space Grasp], which is constantly consuming magical power, was once suspended.

“Why didn’t the messenger of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun see us yesterday?”

“I don’t know that. It may be that the other party thought that waiting for the next morning would be better for the other person than requesting a visit at evening.”

“I see”

Hearing the story of Popuri, Yuri is also understood. It’s a simple reason, but it seems to be possible.

“By the way, the messenger of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun is accompanied by more than 20 knights in addition to the four carriages. On the other hand, the messenger of the Principality of Silesia has only two cavalry.”

“Oh, if so, we should be thankful and entertain the people of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun’s ‘messengers’.”

“I thought so, so I’m already making arrangements with ‘Nadeshiko’.”

“As expected, I can count on you.”

“I’m honored.”

Popuri bowed deeply at the words of Yuri who praised her.
In terms of acting with the will of Yuri, there is no other unit done better than “Nashiko”.


There are various forms of “messenger”.

The “messenger” sent by the Holy Kingdom of Nimun this time seems to be a “diplomatic envoy” sent on behalf of the landlord. If there are more than 20 escort knights in addition to the four carriages, the representative of the envoy is probably one with a certain position in the Holy Land of Nimun.

In this case, of course, the side of the “Yuri Empire” who receives the visit also needs to entertain the messenger with appropriate gratitude. It seems necessary to contact Rubetta and Adso immediately to get information and opinions on how to entertain messengers in this world.

“Since there are about 30 messengers in the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, it is impossible for them to stay in the lord’s house. Therefore, the messengers are currently staying at the mansion originally used by the aristocrats of the Kingdom of Eldart. We are preparing to use it as a accomodation.
If that’s fine, only a few people are needed, so I would like to get the help of “Kikyou”.”

“I’ll allow it. As a result, please tell the child of Kikyo that it’s okay to delay the construction of the new city a little.”

“Thank you for your understanding. By the way, should two messengers from the Principality of Silesia also arrange for accommodation?”

“You can leave it alone. You will use an inn in the city appropriately.”

“I’ve acknowledged”

On the other hand, the “messenger” from the Principality of Silesia can be seen as a soldier who was simply sent to deliver the letter. In this case, as long as the other party has proof that they have received the letter, that is, a letter of reply, there should be no need to entertain them. Rather, if you try to be polite, the other party will be confused.

“Popuri. I wonder if you can tell the messengers of each country to visit the lord’s house again this evening. Also, all of “Nadeshiko” will set up a room in the lord’s house by night. I want you to keep the room suitable for meeting with the messenger.

For two people, Rubetta and Ados… No, tell the three people, including Badantere High Priest, to come to the lord’s house as soon as possible. It is necessary to promptly provide information on the hospitality method of the messenger and the partner country.”

“I understand, I will arrange it soon.”

Popuri leaves the office once in response to Yuri’s instructions.

If you leave it to “Nadheshiko”, there will be no problem with preparation. Yuri switches heads and quickly reads today’s documents on the office desk. Yuri’s priority now is to finish the morning work promptly before Rubetta, Ados, and Badantere High Priest come to the lord’s house.

The earliest person to respond to Yuri’s invitation was the high priest Badantere, who visited the lord’s house 30 minutes after calling. There was no ritual scheduled today, so he seemed to respond immediately. It also seems that the cathedral itself is not far from the lord’s palace.

“Sorry, High Priest Badantere. I know it’s very rude to call you, but… I still have work to do, so can you wait for a while?”

“Don’t hesitate. Please don’t worry.”

When Yuri bowed her head, Badantere High Priest said that it was nothing.

Yuri resumes work while waiting for Badantere High Priest in the reception room. She managed to finish it in 30 minutes by putting off all the documents that she didn’t have to finish today. Then move to the reception room and hear from the Badantere High Priest.

“I’m sorry I’m ignorant, but I don’t know anything about the country of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun. If you’re a high priest Badantere, I’d love to hear from you.”

“I understand. I’m willing to cooperate if I can help.”

“Thank you. I’ll definitely give you some form of reward in the near future.”

“No, I don’t need it. At the same time that Yuri is Her Majesty the Yuri Empire, also one of the main gods we worship. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to serve directly.”

“………………Is that so”

There are many things she would like to say, but for the time being, she will postpone it.


Yuri first asks the high priest Badantere about various things about the Holy Land of Nimun country. There was much she wanted to know about the size of the country, the number of cities, information about the king, political system, armaments, trade-related matters, and so on.

The high priest Badantere seems to visit the Holy Land of Nimun once a year, and he answered all the questions Yuri asked without stagnation.

Especially with regard to military affairs, he was so knowledgeable that Yuri couldn’t believe he lived in another country. Honestly, Yuri was more confused as to whether it would be okay to get information in this way.

“The Badantere High Priest is reliable. It would be encouraging to have the envoy come with you when he comes to visit.”

“Of course, if Yuri-sama wants that, I’m not going to decline.”

“Thank you. I’ve contacted the messengers to come back tonight, so it would be great if they could stay in the lord’s house a little before that.”

“If so, let’s say we’re staying at the lord’s house today.”

“Yeah? It’s helpful for me. It’s about lunch, so let’s have a meal prepared in this room with me. If there’s something you can’t eat for religious reasons, let me know. I wonder if you can get it. ”

“Nothing in particular. Everything will be delicious.”

Badantere High Priest said so, and smiled with a nice smile.

According to a story I heard from Ados before, the high priest Badantere is a healthy person for his old age, and he has no eyes for delicious food.

“Our meal is delicious, so you can expect it.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

When talking about that, the door of the reception room was knocked twice.

When Yuri called out to the outside, the Popuri of today’s favorite duty and escort, which had been removed for a while, came in.

“My lord, Rubetta and Ados are here.”

“Please let them go to this room. And I wonder if you can bring lunch to this room for two people. If Rubetta and Ados haven’t had lunch yet, bring them for the number of people.”

“We know”

“And please make a large serving for Badantere High Priest.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for this.”

As with Yuri herself, there are many people in the “Yuri Empire” who are women’s households who cannot eat much, so basically adjust the amount of meals provided at the lord’s house to “a little less”.

People who want to eat more than that are coming to order “large servings” individually. Perhaps the basic amount would not be enough for a healthy man, so it would be wise to add more here.

“His Majesty Yuri, I’m sorry for being so late.”

“I’m late too. I’m sorry.”

“No, you guys came early enough. Thank you Rubetta and Ads, both. I’m sorry to call you, but I’d like you to help me a little.”

“Please ask me anything”

It seems that both of them rushed in without eating, so Yuri asked Popuri to serve meals for four people in the reception room, and Yuri listened to the story from three people while eating them.

If you want to entertain someone, it is natural to put knowledge about the other person into your head. Even with a stick-on blade, there will surely be a big difference depending on whether or not it is done.

For the Principality of Silesia, you will probably only need to receive a letter from the messenger, so it is okay to keep in mind the minimum knowledge. A lot of knowledge is needed for Nimun Holy Land, which seems to have sent a proper diplomatic mission. It seemed to be a sufficiently blessed environment to be able to learn a lot directly from two skilled merchants and one high-ranking priest.

When Yuri was taught various things about the two countries by three people, the time passed very early, and I noticed that the time was a little before 5 pm.

“It’s about time to prepare dinner. All three may not be hungry yet, but please eat as much as you can.”

Winter nights come early. Yuri told the messengers of each country that she wanted them to come by “night”, but this season it will be dark only after 6 pm, so it will be “Evening” for another hour. It can be said like that. Therefore, if you do not eat at this time, you may not be able to finish it before the messenger arrives.

“I have a large serving … No, can I ask for a special serving?”

“Fufu, as expected. Let me tell them that.”

“If you don’t mind, could you make a large serving for me?”

“Ah … If you like, please me too…”

To be honest, it was a little surprising that not only the high priest Badantere, but also Ados and Rubetta requested an additional amount.

Apparently, all three of them liked the food of the Yuri Empire. Of course, it was only a pleasure for Yuri, so after consenting, she asked Popuri to increase the amount and bring the dinner.

The dinner that “Nadeshiko” brought in a few minutes later, only Yuri’s has a normal portion. Despite that, it was Yuri who was slowest to finish eating. By the way, all three people except Yuri were “refilling” the cheesecake served as a dessert. The Badantere High Priest had eaten as many as three. Apparently, all three of them really liked the food of the Yuri Empire. Surely Euro of “Rindo”, who takes care of preparing meals for everyone will be happy to hear that..

“By the way, Yuri-sama, what about today’s ‘broadcast’?”


Yuri was surprised by the high priest Badantere’s words.

Ah, by the way — I was completely forgotten about today’s “broadcasting”.

“I was careless. It’s hard to prepare from now on, and the time I usually ‘broadcast’ and the time when the messengers come are all entangled… I’ll take a break for today. There will be no choice. ”

“Don’t do that, Yuri-sama. The citizens of Nildea are really looking forward to the daily ‘broadcast’ from Your Majesty Yuri. It should be done every day as much as possible.”

“That said, Ados. I’m not preparing for today at all. What can I do now?”

“Isn’t it okay to broadcast the interview with the messengers as today’s ‘broadcast’?”

“…ah, there’s also that…”

Well, Yuri certainly doesn’t think about keeping the conversation with the messengers secret from the citizens. Speaking of okay, it may be okay, but—.

(Somehow, I feel like I’m becoming a YouTuber in earnest …)

Yuri thought about that inwardly and exhaled a big sigh.

Better yet — will the citizens of Nildea be more pleased to play a character that is truly YouTuber-like, bright and well-received?

—Hello! Yuri, the empress of the Yuri Empire is here!
Today, I’m thinking of broadcasting the scene where messengers from other countries came to the audience live!
Moreover, messengers from two countries came at the same time! You’ll be surprised!
If it was interesting, please subscribe to the channel and give it a high rating!

This is no good. My head hurts.

Yuri Empire

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