Yuri Empire – 042

Yuri Empire

042 Messengers From Two Countries (Middle)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/44/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Somehow — it’s like a ‘throne room’.”

A particularly large room in the lord’s building. When Yuri visits the room that 72 people of “Nadeshiko” should have used for sleeping until just this morning, it is reminiscent of the most important “Throne Room” in the royal castle.

It is still nice that the room is covered with fluffy carpets, the walls are lined up in a slightly subdued red color, and the entire room is becoming more luxurious. It would be nice to have a three-step staircase in front of the throne, and the side where the throne is placed is higher. To be honest, Yuri already expected that this kind of renovation would come.

However, the ceiling of the room is about twice as high as before, isn’t it overkill? Why is this room just like a stairwell? It was obvious that the renovation work of the room was done with the help of “Kikyou”, a professional group of architecture, without confirmation.

“If it looks like that from the eyes of my Lord, it was worth the effort. We set up the room aiming for the ‘Throne Room’.”


Yuri involuntarily closed her mouth to Popuri’s words.

Although she has some thoughts in my heart, if there is this room, there will be no shortage of meetings with the messengers. With that in mind, Yuri decided to convince herself.

“I thought my Lord wouldn’t like something so gorgeous, so I asked  “Rindo” for to make the throne something sober.”

“Yeah … well, at first glance it looks sober …”

The “throne” right in front of Yuri might look like a nice wooden chair made from old wood, if you just look at it. However, in reality, all the wood is made of precious “world tree”, and the metal that reinforces it is also made of various kinds of ultra-rare metals called “Hihiirokane” alloy.

Using these materials for things with no practicality such as “throne”…. It was an outrage that was throwing away not mere gold but diamond. Yuri thought that the craftsman who made the throne must have had a great deal of conflict.

“If it’s something My Lord uses, it’s natural to make it with the best material. The people of “Eindo “take the initiative to make it with that material…”

And, it was easily denied by Popuri.

“Rindo” is a unit of the best craftsmen. They have the pride that they don’t like to use the best materials for nothing.

“It is not allowed for anyone other than the Lord to sit on the throne, so it seems that the “Ryuji” person who made it has not tried it, so Yuri-sama can actually be the first who sits on the throne. I was asked to check if there were any problems.”

“Hmm, I understand.”

As Popuri told, Yuri immediately sat down on the throne.

I feel that the chair is a little big for the body of Yuri, but the sitting comfort itself is not bad. However, even if the best material is used, it should not affect the usability. The comfort of a normal chair, good or bad, made her feel complicated.

(Well, I wonder if it’s better than being made into an uncomfortable chair …)

This is much better than having an ivory throne. When Yuri told her that there was no problem, Popuri was breathing relief.

“Appear in response to my call — [Working Beast Summon] Sylph!”

Yuri uses summoning magic while sitting on the throne.

The working beast called this time is a spirit called “Sylph”. Even though it is a spirit, it is also a kind of proper “monster”. She doesn’t know how “monsters” are defined in this world. In the game of “Atros Online”, the name “monster” was used as a general term for “a warlike being who actively attacks human races”.

The “Sylph” summoned by Yuri is a fairy in the shape of a little girl that seems can be placed on the palm of her hand, and it looks very cute. In reality, it is a very dangerous “monster” that aggressively attacks humans with the magic of the wind.

The level is not so high as “58”, but it is surprising that melee attacks often do not reach because it flies freely in the sky, but it is difficult to hit long-distance attacks such as bows and arrows due to its small body. It’s difficult to beat. Furthermore, the “vacuum blade” created by the magic of the wind can even decapitate the human race and kill them instantly. It is similar to a kind of “rabbit” type monster, “Cute but evil and dangerous.”.

―――― However, if it is a working beast, the warlikeness of the monster will be hidden. The little fairy girl floating in front of her was just cute now. Of course, once Yuri ordered “fight”, that would not be the case.

“Sylph. Thank you for taking the role of photographer today?”

When Yuri asked so, Sylph’s body shook happily in the air.

Sylph can’t speak words, but her emotional expression itself is rich. When Yuri lightly stroked her head with her fingertips, her expression was happily shy.

Yuri has acquired the skill of <sharing the field of view>, and can share and recognize the scenery seen by the working beast that she summoned as one of her own fields of view. Yuri often used this to take the form of “broadcasting” the images that Sylph captured in her field of vision on her own “telepathy”. If this is not done, it will not be possible to shoot “video” from a third-party perspective.

(By the way, I have to update the target of “broadcasting”)

Normally, Yuri always tried to reconnect “the person staying in the city of Nildea” with “Bond (link)” before the broadcast.

Nildea, a key city, is a city with a lot of people coming and going. Every day, hawkers, sweepers, travelers, etc. visit and leave the city. Yuri wants passengers who are staying temporarily to enjoy “broadcasting” only while they are in Nildea. At the same time, she also thinks that the interference of “broadcasting” should not continue from Nildea to those who have traveled. Therefore, every day, she reconnect “Bond (link)” only with “people staying in the city of Nildea” to update the target of broadcasting.

However, Yuri skipped the “update” for this broadcast only yesterday. It was because the magic of [Spatial grasp] had already been released by the time of the broadcast last night, and it was troublesome to re-execute it over a long period of time.

Fortunately, the “Bond (link)” that was connected to the citizens of Nildea the night before yesterday remained the same, so we broadcast last night without updating the broadcast target.

Therefore, the content that Yuri “broadcasted” last night should not have been seen by those who just entered the city of Nildea yesterday.

The members of the Nimmun Holy Land delegation, who seemed to have entered the city of Nildea yesterday, probably do not know the fact that Yuri is still “broadcasting” to the citizens.

…… Well, it’s just that they couldn’t be watching “broadcast”. Perhaps they heard from the citizens of Nildea and knew the existence itself.

“— Expose everything in front of me, [space grasp]!”

Yuri exercises the magic of [space grasping] that has been maintained for a long time.

Similar to the last time, it took 600 seconds to cast the magic. Yesterday, she wanted to increase the recovery speed of magical power as much as possible, so she just canceled [Space Grasp]. In the first place, it is not a magic that consumes magical power to maintain, and considering that it takes 10 minutes to reapply, it should have been maintained without being released.

(… I see, the number of military personnel is increasing considerably)

If the effect of [Spatial grasp] spreads, Yuri can easily grasp the existence of messengers who came to the city of Nildea in the two days of yesterday and today.

There are only two level 22 and 25 knights as messengers in the Principality of Silesia.

On the other hand, the messenger of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun has a level of 38-52 escort knights, which is much higher than the messenger of the Principality of Silesia. Moreover, it seems that there are a total of 24 knights alone.

Is this escorting an important person so much? — When I investigated the messenger of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun who is not a soldier with [Space grasp], the level is “64”, which is quite a lot. There was a mix of high-level people.

The highest level Yuri had ever seen in this world was a soldier named Gordon who tried to shoot an arrow at Yuri, and the level was certainly “62”. Therefore, this messenger is two levels higher than that.

“Oh, maybe I’m the first one?”

When Yuri was absorbed in the information that she could see in [Spatial grasp], her consciousness was regained by the voice of someone who suddenly entered the room.

Elegant and beautiful voice. Of course, Yuri can easily tell who the voice is.

“Well, Parfe came first among the captains.”

“Fufu, then I have the right to stand next to my sister.”

With that said, Parfe, the captain of “Patia”, secured a standing position right next to the throne.

“I wonder if I’m the second?”

“Yes, that’s right. You’ve come often, Cassia.”

Next, Cassia, the captain of “Kuroyuri”, came and took a position next to the other side of the throne.

Within a few minutes, all the captains of the 12 units that the “Yuri Empire” is proud of will appear in their respective rooms, and will secure their standing positions in order from the side closest to the throne.

The strongest lineup in the “Yuri Empire” was completed here, centered on the empress Yuri.

“Then, I’ll call the messenger.”

“Yes, please, Popuri”

Popuri, who is escorting Yuri today, seems to take the lead in guiding the messenger rather than escorting here.

Because there were so many faces, it would have been decided that no more escorts were needed. In fact, if these 12 people are present, the total strength will be enough to subdue the dragon Radra Gruff in one minute.

“Lord, shouldn’t it be time to put out ‘dignity’?”

“Oh, yeah. I completely forgot.”

Pointed out by Sakura of “Sakuraka”, Yuri hurriedly switches on the skill of “Dignity of the Ruler”. This <Ruler’s Dignity> is a quest skill that can be acquired by achieving specific conditions in the game of “Atros Online”. The acquisition condition is that the guild that you’re the master occupies an “aerial castle (Atros)”. The conditions are so strict that very few people have this skill in the game.

The effect of the skill is something a little strange: “Gives skill holders dignity, depending on how long the guild has occupied the aerial castle  (Atros)”. If this skill is turned on, a mighty “dignity” will be generated even from a mere little girl, Yuri. At least everyone in the Yuri Empire seems to feel that very prominently.  After all, the “Yuri Empire” had occupied an “Atros” for more than 10 years. The dignity given to skill holders will also be great.

However, that feeling does not occur at all in Yuri herself. So honestly, she didn’t really feel it. For the time being — If you turn on this skill, you will not be despised by the messenger. maybe.

“Then everyone it’s about time to start ‘broadcasting’ to the public.”

Everyone around her nodded and responded to Yuri’s words.

It is interesting that the Hera of “Shirayuri (Estia)” suddenly became nervous at the same time as nodding. Apparently she isn’t used to being “broadcast” on her own.

Yuri once made a “bond” with all the citizens of Nildea who can be recognized by [Spatial grasp]. Then, she selected the people who did not want to deliver the “broadcast” and cut the “bond (link)”. Of course, the messengers from the two countries who will appear in the room after this, the 12 captains who are here, and the Popuri also cut off from the “bond (link)”.

It would be bad for the “broadcasting” to be performed from now on to be seen by those who are here.

“— Hello, everyone in the strategic location city Niludea. My name is Yuri and I am the empress of the “Yuri Empire”. ”

Then Yuri begins to talk to the citizens in “Telepathy”.

At the same time, the video from Sylph’s point of view should be “broadcast” to the citizens.

“Today, we will change the original schedule and deliver it. For today, messengers are being sent from two countries, the Principality of Silesia and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun.
Actually, I was thinking of taking a break from “broadcasting” today. Mr. Ados, the chairman of “Tormark Shokai”, told me that “If you want to take a rest, you should broadcast the interview with the messengers”, so I will follow the advice.
So, don’t complain to me even if today’s “broadcast” is boring for the citizens? Please make a complaint to “Tormark Shokai”. ”

Yuri said that with a little ridiculous tone. Actually, this is the situation because of Ados’ proposal. This kind of light talk should be allowed.

At that time — the door of the room was knocked twice.

“My Lord. I took all the messengers.”

From the outside of the door, the Popuri said so in a slightly louder voice so that it could be heard inside the room.

“It looks like there was a customer. Then, everyone, I have to deal with the messenger from now on, so I can’t speak to the citizens. If you are interested, please continue watching as long as you don’t get tired of it. ”

Yuri quickly tells the citizens that way.

After clearing her throat with ‘kohon’,

“— Enter”

Yuri said so in a clear voice toward the outside of the door.

I don’t know Yuri herself, but even her voices contained a powerful “dignity” that no longer seemed to belong to humans.

Yuri Empire

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