Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 047

Hungry Saint

047 Warm Table -Cabbage and Bacon Soup-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Conversation a while ago.

“If you capture the deepest part of the ancient labyrinth “Dungeon” in Merrill, your name will spread… It may be possible to use that to become a “saint” in Tenka religion.”
“Oh… to the longing ‘Saint’… Then I can help more and more people! I’m Emilia Mercurio, I’ll do my best!”
“Well, then you can stand by yourself that time. I regret losing my research subject like you …”

Abigail was at a loss.
The meal with Emilia is warm. She was happy that she was able to recover the “family” she once lost.

However, it may not be good for her to keep Emilia indefinitely.
Because she thought so.

However, the truth is …


Wake up.
Abigail looked at the ceiling vaguely.

(Yes, it rained on my way home yesterday … so …)

Touched on Emilia’s mysterious kindness and talked about her childhood, which she hadn’t talked about before. By the time she got home, she was very tired, took a shower and went into bed as it was.

The feeling of Emilia’s hand stroking her head until she fell asleep remains on her forehead.

“Damn… this time already?”

The clock is already pointing to the afternoon.
She couldn’t make breakfast… Isn’t Emilia starving to death?
Yesterday, she was using a lot of magical power.
Maybe she’s still sleeping.

“Please get up by the time you capture the ancient labyrinth “Dungeon” of Merrill, Emilia …”

Head to the kitchen with her nightwear on.
Then, there–

“Good morning, Abigail-san!”
“Emilia …!?”
“I’m finishing breakfast now. Well, it’s already lunch.”
“John and Abigail just wait there.”
“Um, I know.”

Emilia, who woke up sharply, was stirring the pot.
There is a gentle but fragrant scent around.

“is this……?”

“The cabbage from ‘John’s Cold Field’ that Abigail was experimenting with was a great success.”

Using the magical power of John, the ice wolf Fenrir, she was doing something close to so-called highland cultivation.

“Um. I never thought I would use my ice powers in the fields-it’s not bad to eat a wide variety of vegetables!”


“I got the cabbage for the first time this morning, so I made it into soup. There is plenty of bacon … but it may not be as good as Abigail-san.”

“Well, this smell is … cabbage and bacon soup.”

A nostalgic taste that my late mother often made. Because I was poor, there were few ingredients and the taste was light. But – Abigail likes it because she was at the dining table with her mother.

“here you are”

“…Thank you, Emilia”

Normally she is just Emilia, who specializes in eating.
Emilia who eats a lot

Take a spoon of warm and steaming soup.
Bacon broth, cabbage sweetness, and a little salt.
The soup made by the monastery-raised girl, who remembers making only boiled vegetables, has a light taste.

But… it’s warm, so warm.

“Thank you, Abigail-san, for always giving me delicious food. And so…”
“If you are fine with it, I want to be with Abigail-san a little more, even after I’ve captured the dungeon and I’ve been able to stand alone.”
“… Emilia”
“I like the food I eat with Abigail-san… I really like it. The meal at the monastery was ‘silently stuffing the stomach’. But Abigail-san told me that it was ‘delicious’ or ‘fun’. I always want to help many people as a ‘saint’… but now I want to be with Abigail-san!”
“Emilia. If you have sympathy for what I said yesterday….”
“No! This is my selfishness! I thought about various things while boiling the soup… After all, I want to be with Abigail-san. The rice is delicious and the futon is fluffy… And it’s fun to be with Abigail-san! ”
“… haha. It can’t be helped, because you are a valuable experimental body… nah…”

Abigail shakes his head slowly.

“The food I eat with Emilia is delicious.”

Gukururu ~
Emilia’s belly makes a lively sound.

“It’s not just cabbage soup. There’s a round bread in the cupboard, so let’s eat it together.”
“I also found cheese!”

Bread, cheese and thin soup.
It’s a simple meal, but Abigail thinks that such a casual dining table has the color of happiness.

Abigail stands up, filling the stomach firmly and warmly.

“… Okay. I’ll finish the invention by the time we capture the dungeon! It’s perfect for trying out new works.”
“Yes, please do your best Abigail-san!”

Until the day of the dungeon capture, Abigail was devoted to research.

Hungry Saint

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