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Yuri Empire

047 Holy City Farrata

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/49/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


After chatting with Estoa for about an hour, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan, and the two paladins who were escorts, returned to the mansion.

“I didn’t think Yuri-sama was there, and I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.”

“No need to apologize because I’m so bad that I came suddenly. If the two and the Paladins are ready, I’ll send them to Nimun Holy Land with transfer magic.how  about that?”

“I have already packed it, so there is no problem. I will pick up my luggage from my room, so please wait for a while.”

“I’m not in a hurry, so please check slowly for anything left behind.”

While the two high priests and the paladins were preparing their luggage, she had a little more chat with Estoa. Estoa’s luggage bag had already been prepared at her feet.

“By the way, I’ve heard before that transfer magic can only fly to places I’ve been to once. Maybe Yuri has already come to the Holy Land of Nimun. Is there? ”

“No, I’ve never been, but a big dragon came to deliver the letter for me, right?”

“Yes. A dragon named Ladra Gruff has come to the capital before.”

“If so, there is no problem.”

As Estoa says, you can fly with transfer magic only in places you have visited in the past and have recorded “transfer points”. However, in the case of Yuri, if she asks the beast to record the “transfer point”, she can fly to places that she has never been to.

There should be no problem because the dragon Ladra Gruff has been instructed in advance to register all the cities to which the letter was delivered in the “transfer point”.

“Yuri-sama, everyone is ready.”

“Okay. It’s too small here so let’s get out of the building.”

In response to the words of High Priest Roan, Yuri stands up from the sofa.

And I went out of the mansion with everyone on the spot. In a corner of the garden that is a little open, Yuri starts preparing immediately.

“Relying on bonds, connect the space and invite us to his land —”

When chanting magic, a magic square with a radius of about 5 meters emerges under the feet of Yuri. It is possible to make a larger magic square, but if you just want to carry everyone in this place, this size will be enough. After that, as long as you chanted the closing “magic word (nesient)”, the magic will be activated immediately.

“Please do not put your luggage on the ground and carry it with you so that everyone’s body can enter this magic circle. All people and things that are not in this magic circle will be left behind in this place.”

“Be, be careful”

Estoa replied with a slightly tense voice.

Estoa stands in front of Yuri, and next to her, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan, and 24 Paladins gather around them. Finally, after confirming that Caprice, who is escorting Yuri today, has entered the magic square, she chanted “Magic Word (Nesient)” and activated the magic.

“— [Group long-distance transfer << Musty Tronadoas >>]!”

A strong light mixed with blue and white overflows from the magic square under their feet. A list of “transfer points” that can be flown is displayed in Yuri’s field of view. In the list, none of the “transfer points” that should have been recorded in the world of “Leangard” were displayed.

After all, maybe she can’t fly to the world of “games” over there.

“Estoa, is the capital of the Holy Land ‘Holy City Farrata’?”

“Ah, yes. There is no doubt about the city name.”

“Thank you”

From the list, Yuri selects the “Transfer Point” that says “Nimun Holy Land / Holy City Farrata”.

At that moment, the scenery outside the magic square changed to a pitch-black one, and after a few seconds, the scenery changed completely to something completely different from Nildea.

“…here, I wonder where it is?”

She was wondering if she would arrive at a place more like the city. Around Yuri, she can only see the desert and the white stone walls.

“Um … I think it’s just outside the south gate of the capital.”

“Even though there are only deserts and walls, you can understand it well …”

“If you look at the surrounding hills, you can tell your current location to some extent.”

Unlike Yuri, Estoa seems to be able to distinguish.

Rather, it seems that the current position is already known to the high priests Leonard, the high priest Roan, and the paladins. As expected of the people of the desert.

“By the way, can I visit Pope Altorius? If possible, I would like to directly return the gift I received the other day.”

“Um … I’m sorry, I don’t know if His Eminence is in the capital now, so don’t go to the palace once.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I asked you something strange.”

“No, let’s check it right away.”

When she said so, Estoa glanced at one of the Holy Knights.

It seems that the intention was immediately conveyed, and the paladin rushed away from the place.

“I think the current person will rent a horse at the South Gate and go to the palace to see if His Eminence is staying in the capital.”

“It will take time”

“No, not at all.”

Apparently Estoa is accustomed to using people.

The position of a saint is so high in this country.

“Then, let’s enter the city of Farrata from the south gate for the time being. I will guide you.”

“Yes, please.”

While being guided by Estoa, Yuri heads toward the white stone wall.

Apparently, this stone wall is a barrier that surrounds the city of Farrata, the holy city. Compared to the barriers that protect the city of Nildea, I got the impression that it was short and unreliable.

“Even so … it’s amazing that neither my sister nor her escort seemed to be suffering from the heat. Even though we are in the hot summer desert …”

“— Oh, I’m sorry. I’m cheating.”

“Are you cheating?”

“Esutoa, could you give me a little hand?”

“Ah, yes. Is this okay?”

Take the left hand of Estoa, and Yuri puts a ring on her ring finger.

It is a ring with the same <heat and cold resistance> that Yuri wears.

“… Wow, it’s amazing. I don’t feel the heat like a lie.”

“Wearing this ring allows you to tolerate both heat and chills. You don’t feel much of both heat and chills, you feel sick in the heat, and your body gets sunburned. You don’t have to do it, and you don’t have to bite your hands or get frostbite when you’re in the cold.
The ring will be given to Estoa, so if you like, please wear it as a regular gift. I’m sure it will be useful for living in the desert. ”

“Are you sure? This is expensive …”

“It’s not expensive. As an older sister, let my sister do this much.”

“Oh, thank you, Yuri sister”

Estoa smiles happily while looking at the ring on her left hand. Of course, it was intentional to put a ring on her left ring finger.
―――― However, there may be no special meaning in this world.

Upon arriving at the south gate of the holy city of Farrata, the gatekeepers did not inspect Yuri at all, but just let them pass through the gate as a matter of course. After all, the fact that there are so many “saints” would have a big meaning in this country. She was grateful that there is no hassle of passing anyway.

In addition, there was one two-headed carriage at the south gate.

Apparently, the Holy Knight who was urged by Estoa earlier made arrangements for the guards. It was a carriage with two three-seater chairs inside, so Estoa and two high priests sat on one side, and Yuri and Caprice sat on the other.

Yuri hears the view of the holy city of Farrata from the small window attached to the carriage.

She thought it was a city with only sandy areas like the outside of the gate. But the city was beautifully laid with white cobblestones, and there were many fine houses that seemed to be made of the same white stone.

“The streets and buildings are made of a slightly special stone called ‘white static stone’ produced in the Holy Land of Nimun. This stone has the property of storing heat inside, and the surface part does not get too hot even in the hot sunlight. On the contrary, at night, it gradually releases the heat stored inside.
The desert gets quite hot during the day, but at night it turns into a severe cold. So in a house made of white static stone, you can spend a little warmer at night. ”

“It’s a convenient stone that is closely related to life.”

Because it is also used for stone pavement, it is probably a stone that can be harvested abundantly. If a special stone is used as a material, there is a possibility that something special can be made. It might be a good idea to buy a little white static stone and take it home as a souvenir for “Rindo”.


“What happened, sister?”

“It looks like the paladin you sent earlier is back.”

The paladin who ran on a horse from the front turned back and ran alongside the carriage. While running side by side, the paladin dexterously sends something like a complicated hand sign. Estoa read the sign from the small window and told Yuri.

“His Eminence is working at the palace, but he seems to meet Yuri-sama soon. It is rude to welcome Yuri, one of the main gods, from the stage during the audience. I heard you want to see me in the guest room of the palace. ”

“I don’t care where I can meet the Pope.”

“Let’s head to the palace as it is.”

Because I read the letter many times, I understand the personality of Pope Altorius.

Surely he was a kind man who was old enough. Unusually, Yuri was a little pondering about someone who wasn’t a woman.

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