Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 053

Hungry Saint

053 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, 3rd Floor ④ ~ Large family fried rice ~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Uh, I’m hungry. I want to chew a lot of food.”

Emilia is dropping her shoulders so that she can hear the sound effect of “shobobo …”.

Abigail looked back at the Fire Dragon, groaning …

“Fire Dragon. Are you interested in the food of “Human Child”?”
“Cooking …? Hmm, we have nothing to do with it.”
“It’s a supreme work that melts me as an ice wolf Fenrir. Cooking is.”
“Well, if Fenrir says that much-Hmm, I’m interested.”

Alright, Abigail nods.

And in front of the fire dragon, she presented the pot.

“Okay, then help me. For the time being, I’ve brought a portable cooking stove, but I’m interested in the firepower of the fire dragon!”
“Huh, you tell me to spit fire?”
“Yeah, but hey, firepower is the life of this dish. However, the fire dragon’s full flame melts the pot.”
“Well, that means-you have to adjust it, right?”

The fire dragon spit out a small one-but it was a big enough flame.
Using it, Abigail shakes the pot.
It is a stir-fry pan from the eastern country with a round bottom.

Shhh shhh!
A nice sound.

A bright yellow egg that you do not see in the underground labyrinth.
Finely chopped roast pork brought from home.
Onions that were chopped and subdivided.
Boiled rice.

Combine them with oil and stir fry.

“This dish can be made with finely chopped ingredients. It’s perfect for a camp!”
“Wow … I don’t know, but is a camp such a full-fledged dish?”
“Hey, John. Abigail is a genius who makes people happy anytime, anywhere!
“Why is Emilia intimidating …?”

Put the stir-fried ingredients on the ladle, then
…… Pakkan.
A beautiful dome shape is created on the plate.

“First of all, Emilia, for you. A popular dish of the great powers of the eastern — fried rice!”
“Wow ah ~!”

Emilia stares at a plate of fried rice with her glittering eyes.
Break the dome with a spoon.
The steam trapped inside suddenly rises.

The fire dragons who surrounded Emilia and watched over her were also groaning.

“Let’s have it…!”

Hafu, a bite.
The flavor of rice and ingredients wrapped in oil spreads all over the mouth at once.
Hafu, hafu, hafu.

It’s different from filling the stomach little by little like green onion porridge and somen noodles — it’s a dynamic taste that you can stuff in your mouth and swallow it.

She wants to eat a lot!

“It’s delicious!”

Emilia shouted with a big smile.

“Wow, this looks good …!”

“”Kyao kyao!””

Following John, the fire dragons make their eyes shine.
A particularly large fire dragon advised, “Hey children, Calm down.”
Apparently, she looks like a mother dragon. It’s a big family.

The voice of the mother dragon is also exuding that it is exciting while admonishing.

“This time, I’m bringing a prototype magic tool —  Cooking Fairy “Yummy Fairy”.”
“Oh, it looks like a small person!”

Abigail pops out a round-shaped karakuri doll, Cooking Fairy “Yummy Fairy” one after another from a pochette on her shoulder — a space compression magic tool with a volume comparable to that of several warehouses.

Emilia cheered at the doll holding the cooking utensils in one hand and posing in a funny pose.

“This time, there are many prototypes, and even a ‘secret weapon’. Even in the labyrinth, there is no problem with eating.”
“That’s amazing, Abigail-san!”
“If you make a lot of this dish at once, the taste will be blurred. Now, the fire dragons. If you guys help the cooking fairy “Yummy Fairy”… I wonder if I can prepare it for everyone right away.”

“” “”Gaoooo~! “”

There is no ribbon on the neck of the fire dragons, which is a translation magic tool, but she understands what was said.

No matter who heard it, it was “” “Yes!!!” “.

Hungry Saint

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