Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 056

Hungry Saint

056 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, 7th Floor  ~Jewel Girl – Stone Golem~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

The surroundings were full of jewels so that you could hear the sound of kinkora kinkin.
MerrillAncient Labyrinth “Dungeon”, 7th layer.
Other than Emilia and Abigail, it is a deep dungeon that no one has entered on record.

“Hmm, the sandwich was delicious. Abigail-san!”
“Ah. Even with John’s ‘refrigerator’, the shellfish won’t last long.
“I see!”
“But … if the surroundings are full of jewels, I don’t have an appetite.”
“It’s beautiful!”

Abigail nods.

“But this is… If we set up a return magic circle “Savepoint” to make it easier for adventurers to enter… this will be robbed.”
“The jewels are beautiful.”
“yeah, and sells high”

Hmm, high … Emilia looks around.

A great person from the Tenka religion has come to visit the monastery. It’s the same jewel that was shining in that person’s clothes. It’s much bigger and more numerous.

“Where do we set up the return magic circle “Savepoint”?”
“Well, I think there is a small room where monsters don’t come like other levels.”
“Hmm, but”

Look around again.
She doesn’t feel the sign of a monster like the previous hierarchy.
The two of them walked together.

“… Monster, no”
“There none of them”
“Hmm, if this ancient labyrinth protects “something in the deepest part” as Fire Dragon said… What does this empty space, or space with only jewels, mean…?”
“Ah, Abigail-sam has a difficult face.”
“Mmm, I just repeated my thoughts.”

Seeing Abigail’s shy face Emilia blows out involuntarily.
It’s fun to have an adventure together like this.
As much as eating delicious food and getting a good night’s sleep — it’s fun to adventure in a place you don’t know.

“Fufufu, hey, Abigail-san”
“It’s fun right?”
“…Yeah, it’s fun”
“It’s good for us to be adventurers! We can help a lot of people!”
“No, I don’t like adventurers. My research is hindered!”
“…Well, it’s not bad when it comes to fieldwork.”

Just walking like this.
Very fun.

While walking, they arrived at a hidden small room.
It might be a good place to set up a return magic circle, though.

“…! Emilia, be careful”
“Something moved over there.”

Jewels, jewels, jewels exposed on walls and floors.
Among them, there was one that gave off an unnatural light. Moving.
Wow, Emilia jumps up and holds Abigail’s hand.

Gaze at the corner that reflects light unnaturally.
Moko, Mokomokomoko.
It moves like you’re relaxing

“Fu … Fawa”

It seemed to yawn a lot.

“A child?”

It’s a child.
Or rather, a girl.
Moreover, the body is made of jewels.

“I’ve never seen a monster like this …”

To Abigail’s words, the creature (?) that they first encountered on the 7th floor of the Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, the Jewel Girl opened her mouth.

“Sisters, aren’t you the chosen ones?”
“I’m’ Annainin’. Welcome here.”

The child bowed her head.

“What are you?”
“Stone Golem”
“What !? Stone golem… and autonomous? I mean, I’ve never heard of a golem that keeps a shape close to humans and speaks !? What kind of magical style is it? Please be my specimen!”
“Abigail-san, no, no, don’t!!”
“Just a little, just a little!”
“Huh !?”

It’s no good.
Abigail’s research mode.

“John ~! Help! Stop Abigail-san!”
“Leave it to me!”

The finger moved erratically. The eyes are glaring.
Abigail, who had a completely “bad face”, was stopped in cooperation with John.

The girl made of glittering jewels was looking at Abigail with the eyes of looking at a completely dangerous human being.

Hungry Saint

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