Yuri Empire – 051

Yuri Empire

051 The Day Before Destiny

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/53/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Today we will have a night camp at this place! Set up a team before the sun goes down, burn a fire and eat! Except for those who are in charge of night guard, take a rest immediately after meals!”

The voice raised by Garter is diffused by the magic tool and transmitted to the entire army.

Although 3,000 soldiers immediately started to act in response. On the other hand, the other 52,000 soldiers, and the Logistics Officer, just lowered their back sack and sank into the ground.

(There is a certain amount of weak soldiers…)

Looking at the situation, Garter Castall sighed unintentionally.

It must be a pleasure for the general to have more soldiers than expected and to have a large army of over 60,000 in total to regain the important city of Nildea.

In the war, number is everything――― he doesn’t say that though. After all, it doesn’t start with the lack of troops. It also affects the range of strategies that can be taken, and the inferior army is quick to break down mentally.

When attacking Nildea, which has a strong barrier, it is inevitable that some damage will occur. The more soldiers there are, the more permissible damage will be. If you have 60,000 soldiers, you won’t get more damage than you can tolerate unless you make an unreasonable charge.

However, the kingdom has not been at war for about “11 years”.

Most of the strong soldiers who were so reliable during the war with the Principality of Silesia are now in jobs unrelated to the military. Of course, they hardly participated in this dispatch. Of the 60,000 soldiers dispatched this time, only 3,000 were in the kingdom’s standing army. The rest consists of 8,000 private soldiers provided by various aristocrats, 45,000 peasant soldiers and 5,000 logistical soldiers recruited in various parts of the country for this war.

Peasant soldiers are completely unfamiliar with the handling of weapons. Swinging a sword and handling a hoe or plow require completely different techniques. Making a peasant a soldier has only the same meaning as making an amateur soldier.

Moreover, the peasant soldiers are only renting poor armor from the country and do not even wear leather armor. You can expect only the first guess as a force. Although the peasant soldiers have some physical strength, they are not accustomed to collective action at all.

If you ask an unfamiliar person to advance without disturbing the team, it will cause considerable physical and mental fatigue. As a result, all the peasant soldiers were breathing up and sunk into the ground, even though they did not force a forced march.

“No, it’s unbearable to see …”

While watching the soldiers, one general complained so.

Count Bills Bacchus. Among the generals participating this time, Bacchus is the only one who has experienced the war with the Principality 11 years ago, except Garter. It can be said that Garter is the only companion to trust among the generals this time.

“Most of the peasant soldiers, they are pathetic.”

“It seems that there are about 8,000 people who are more pathetic than the peasant soldiers.”

Bacchus’ words made Garter smile unintentionally.

In fact, it was the 8,000 private soldiers offered by various aristocrats who exposed the ugliness more than the peasant soldiers.

The advantage they have is that the equipment is decent. As expected of aristocrat private soldiers, they are well armed. Have iron spears or longswords as weapons and also wear iron cuirass as armor.

―――― That was the only advantage.

The 8,000 aristocratic private soldiers lay their bodies completely on the ground and appealed that they could not move anymore. Apparently, even though they are wearing iron cuirass, they never experienced march training while wearing the armor.

Honestly, the peasant soldiers are still better if it’s just physical strength.

In this situation, it is doubtful how well the weapon can be used. It seemed that only “harder than the peasant soldiers by the amount of armor” could be expected as a force.

“Isn’t this kind of soldier the same no matter who commands it …?”

While exhaling a mixed sigh of resignation, Garter also quietly complains.

The garter has some confidence in the soldiers, but in order for the soldiers to be utilized, the skill of the soldiers is also required to some extent. When it comes to weak soldiers at this level, the commands that work are at best “rushing in”. Then it would be the same no matter who waved the flag.

“Please don’t say that, because it is the only comfort to me that Sir Castor, a veteran warrior, has served as a general in this way.”

“I can’t help it.”

If the comrades who fought side by side 11 years ago said so, it would be no wonder to continue as a general. However, regardless of whether Garter himself wants it or not, since the king has directly appointed the general of the army, there is no veto right from the beginning.

“Well, let’s say we also have a supper and take a break, because the general must first set an example as long as he orders the soldiers to take a break.”

“Well, let’s do that.”

The non-commissioned officer put up a meal for two people and put it in the stomach. After all, it’s a food, so it’s not delicious, but they didn’t expect it from the beginning.

“… What does Sir Bacchus think about this war?”

While drinking tea after a meal slowly, Garter asked.

Sir Bacchus responded in a whisper, “Fumu,” and then showed a slightly embarrassed face.

“I can’t understand the intent of the question by just that.”

“Oh, this is rude. What do you think about the enemy army?”

“— Is it a group of terrifying performers? There is no doubt that it is an undeserved partner.”

Sir Bacchus replied with a serious voice. The voice seemed to have a kind of respect for the enemy.

“The name ‘Yuri Empire’ was made up at the time of its founding. Perhaps it was a skilled mercenary corps that was originally active in remote areas. The skill that could easily defeat the city of Nildea with its robust barriers in a short period of time is considerable. In terms of the skill of the soldiers alone, it may go above the Kingdom Army. ”

“That’s it …”

“And even more scary is the fact that even one of our spies sent to the city of Nildea didn’t come back. This probably gives the other mercenary corps a lot of wisdom. It seems that a rotating staff member has also joined.
The number of soldiers of the other party itself seems to be about 5000 to 6000 at most, even considering that they have taken in some Nildea soldiers. If you have a strong barrier, well-trained and well-experienced soldiers, and a staff of wisdom, it may not be easy to capture. ”

“Then Lord, do you think we could lose?”

“That’s impossible”

Bacchus immediately denied Garter’s words.

“Nildea is too populous for the city’s area. Since it is a key city, there may be some food reserves in the warehouses in the city, but it takes about half a month to feed soldiers and citizens with that reserve alone. We have 5,000 heavy soldiers with a month’s worth of food, so we will not lose in a siege.
Moreover, since the farmland of Nildea is outside the city, it is rather a resource that benefits us on the invading side. We must use the fields to curb the consumption of the food we bring, while the enemy must remain frightened when hungry citizens will riot. Defensive warfare is a classic example where a strong barrier doesn’t work. ”

“As expected of Sir Bacchus, reliable.”

“Is the general already thinking about this?”

Bacchus simply said so and Garter dropped his eyebrows.

Certainly, Grater had already thought about that once. Still, the fact that someone you can trust has the same idea as you gives you a lot of courage.

“But is it still wise to get rid of it in the siege… but I wanted to get the peasant soldiers back early if possible.”

“That’s right…. Obviously every aristocrat is recruiting too many peasants in anticipation of a victory in the Nildea recapture. We probably don’t know that this will affect the autumn harvest.”

This time, 45,000 peasant soldiers gathered, which is larger than initially expected, because the aristocrats who have territories in various parts of the kingdom have illegally drafted peasants. In a winning battle, the aristocrats who contributed to the victory will naturally be rewarded by the king. And for aristocrats with territories, “how many soldiers were offered to the war” is also the most important factor in the award for merits.

Therefore, the aristocrats  who sought merit not only sent out private troops, but also forced mass conscription to the farmers and sent them as a force.

For farmers, “summer” is not “off-season”.

Weeds are treated diligently, the field is closely watched so that the soil surface does not lose too much water, measures are taken if the number of pests increases too much, and a thorough investigation is carried out every day to see if any disease has occurred. Sufficient grace will be brought to the next “Autumn moon” because the farmers do not miss such efforts during “Summer moon”.

That’s why it’s insane, as to recruit 45,000 farmers in the summer. The more mass-conscripted areas are, the more disastrous this autumn will be.

Many territorial aristocrats view the existence of a peasant as “lower”. They even think of them as the most lazy people who just sow “seed” on the land in the spring and “harvest” in the fall. Actually, there aren’t many citizens who are more hard-working than farmers. Many aristocrats do not know the fact. They have no interest in farmers in the first place. Ignorant aristocrats behave easily and outrageously. Not only does it force farmers to recruit unreasonable troops like this time, but it also collects from farmers at strict tax rates.

Many farmers do not “study”. But they are not “stupid” either.

If they understand that they are being treated carelessly, they will naturally abandon their farmland and flee to other lands. It was the territory governed by Garter and Bacchus, who are talked here, that are the destination of the farmers who have fled from such land.

Because they accepted so many farmers, they often received so-called slander from other aristocrats saying, “They are kidnapping farmers in other territories and adding them to their own territory.” For that reason, if the yields of other territories become terrible this fall, some aristocrats will rehash the allegations and seek food assistance from the territories of Garter and Bacchus. Will come.

It was an unpleasant future forecast that caused a headache just by imagining it.

“The country of the ‘Yuri Empire’ has certainly declared that the land within 5 cards (* 20km) from the city of Nildea is its territory.”

“Yes. That was written in the letter of the “Declaration of Founding” delivered by the dragon.”

“Then, will he enter his land tomorrow noon…? I wonder if they will start a field war from the other side. Then, the war will end quickly.”

“Huh. It’s not as stupid as choosing a field battle against 60,000 soldiers. It would be great for us if they did.”

Bacchus smiled happily in response to Garter’s words.

Of course, both of them knew that such a future was unlikely, as long as they assumed that the other party had a “staff with wisdom.”


“Fufu, it’s okay. We’ll set it up like that in response to your expectations.”

Yuri, who was watching and listening to the whole conversation between the two, smiled alone in the office. Today’s theme is “Live broadcast of the conversation of the enemy general on the eve of the invasion”. In other words, the conversation that the generals of the enemy country was having just now was “broadcast” in real time to all the citizens of Nirdea and Farrata.

Yuri Empire

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  1. Yuri really is a master of propaganda isn’t she? I just wonder if it’s intentional or just “this is a cool idea, let’s do it”.

  2. I wouldn´t risk my safety and pay a bunch of incompetent soldiers if i were an aristocrat.

    Don´t the peddles enter and exit Nildea all the time? Shouldn´t they already know they´re going against a Goddess? =p

    1. Yeah, their lack of info, when there are merchants goind around and broadcasts available for everyone who every merchant who visits Nildea, is concerning.

  3. So they know about the dragon being on Yuri Empire’s side, but don’t include it in their calculations? Why?

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