Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 058

Hungry Saint

058 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, 7th Floor  ~The Hidden Stairs~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“This is……!”

Wanting to improve the lives of all people by using magical tools, not as a “witch” who exercises magical powers — “Universal Witch” Abigail who pursues research paths for that purpose.

Such Abigail gave a surprised voice.

The jewel girl who opened her heart to Emilia and became the “guide” of the ancient labyrinth, Diamond advanced to the back of the cave colored with jewels.

At first glance it was a dead end

“–To the chosen ones the way to the great graveyard”

The walls where the pillars of colorful jewels were protruding open to the left and right in response to the voice of Diamond.

It’s like a door.

A road opened with a low noise. The smooth marble stairs continue down to the bottom. The beautiful sculptures that imitate spirits and phantom beasts are lined up on the left and right in an orderly manner — the scenery is different from what usually seen in the ancient Labyrinth of Merrilli.

“Can we go all the way from here?”
“Yes. This is the ‘door'”
“Can this only be opened by Diamonds?”
“Only Diamonds can open. If someone who comes here defeats a diamond, this door will be closed until the diamond regenerates.”
“Regenerate? Hmm … Is there a magical formula for automatic repair? How long does it take to regenerate?”
“100 years”
“Wow, 100 years is long !? I’m going to be an old woman.”
“It’s not about becoming an old man, Emilia. Short-lived races such as us and humans have a lifespan of at most 80 years … If you’re not an elf or dwarf of a long-lived race, you can’t search again.”
“If you try to take a jewel out of this hierarchy, the curse of the jewel will destroy the labyrinth. Even if you defeat Diamond the guide, the road will be closed.”
“Hmm… and all the layers below this are fake…? It’s a good place to kill for the first time!”

“— The road is for the chosen one like you.”

Diamond stares at Emilia, while saying you.

John has been silent for a long time — does he feel anything about the stairs that continue from here?

The stairs leading to the deepest part of the dungeon. Emilia looks downstairs, which is dark and invisible, and says “Oh …”. The wind blowing up shook the trimmed silver hair.

“… Abigail-san”
“Yeah, what?”
“Well, this is my guess.”

In the sense of urgency to go to the deepest part ruined by the echoed sound of the belly.

“Why don’t we have a snack time!”
“Hmm… well, it’s a good time, and the future is an unknown area. It’s important to have a full stomach.”

Abigail takes out various ingredients from the pochette. Snack. There are also cookies and butter cake on the baked scones.

“Well, what should I eat?”
“Hehe, there are many!”

Behind the frolicking Emilia, Diamond with almost no expression stands out.

“Humans have to take that kind of thing. It’s a hassle.”

Diamond sat a little on a lump of jewels. Apparently, she doesn’t feel like participating in a snack.

Hungry Saint

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