Yuri Empire – 052

Yuri Empire

052 Kingdom Army Interception Battle (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/54/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The next day, Yuri dances from the balcony of the lord’s building to the sky with Raquel of “Kuroyuri (Nostia)”. As usual, Yuri wears “black wing shoes” in advance. There are several ways to fly in the sky without using this, but it’s quite easy to fly freely with just shoes.

On the other hand, Raquel’s race is “Blood-sucking race(Carmila)”, so she can fly freely with black wings on her back without using “black wing shoes”. However, it does not mean that the wings are flapped to gain lift and fly. Flying ability is like the inherent ability of the “winged race”.

“Raquel. Let’s hold hands first?”

“Yes, Yuri sister”

Raquel is a very polite child, who is very rare among the children of “Kuroyuri” who sometimes make a fool of Yuri who is their master.
In “Atros Online”, something like “individuality” was randomly sprouted in the character of NPCs. Therefore, it was not Yuri’s intention that Raquel had such a personality.
“Individuality” can be deleted by the player’s operation, but Yuri did not. This is because it was more suitable for Yuri to love and accept all of her personalities than to make her beloved children completely personal.

After holding hands with Raquel and entwining her fingers firmly. Yuri took out an item called “Transparent Mark” from <Inventory> and used it for herself and Raquel.

“Mark” is an item that can be created by the children of “Red plum”, and when used, a temporary magic effect can be obtained. If it is a “transparency mark”, it is the same as the “transparency” of spirit magic, and it has the effect of making one body transparent together with the equipment and making it invisible to others.

However, if you use some magic or skill, this “transparency” state will be forcibly released. Therefore, it is a little difficult to use it for the purpose of unilaterally attacking the enemy while invisible.

When it becomes “transparent”, it becomes invisible not only to the enemy but also to allies. That’s why she held hands with Raquel before using the mark. Even so, from Yuri’s side, the position of the other party who has a “bond (link)” is clear, so there is no problem even if she can not see them.

Even in the summer, it is cool enough if you soar high in the sky.

While feeling the temperature of Raquel, whose body temperature was slightly higher than herself, as soon as she flew eastward in the cool sky, she saw an army of enemies who had come all the way from the kingdom.

―――― After all, there is a large army of 60,000 soldiers.

If you look down from the sky, it looks like a flock of ants, which makes you feel uncomfortable.

“They haven’t invaded the land yet.”

“Yeah. Let’s wait a little longer for the time being.”

In order to know at a glance how far the land of the “Yuri Empire” is, the spirits used by “Nadeshiko” have set up marks on the circumference of 20km from Nildea in advance. “Nadeshiko” have a high repulsive ability skill of “map grasping” which can do “auto mapping”. That’s why they can measure the exact distance from Nildea.

“They’re slower than I imagined.”

“It’s a lazy turtle.”

Raquel said so in a cold voice without hiding her contempt. Iguazu was saying something similar the other day.

The enemy army is already approaching the land of the “Yuri Empire” to a distance of about 800m. However, the remaining 800m distance does not shrink easily. Probably the opponent’s march speed is not even 3km/h. It was a speed that could only be described as a turtle’s walk.

“Yuri sister. It’s just right, so why don’t you start “broadcasting” now?”

“Hmm… well, I wonder if we can do that now. When Sylph is summoned, the “transparency” will be canceled.”

“Isn’t it okay? Even if they can see Yuri-sister, it doesn’t mean that the other party can do anything.”

Yuri doesn’t know the specific altitude, but they are flying at an altitude of at least 1km above the ground. Certainly, as Raquel says, the bow of the enemy army will not reach that height.

“Oh, Yuri-sister. Can I stay hidden?”

“I don’t mind that but…?”

“I think it’s clearer that only Yuri-sister is reflected in the ‘broadcast’, sothat the citizens of Nildea know that Yuri-sister annihilating the enemy army with the power of Yuri-sister alone.”

After telling that, Raquel releases the hand that was connected to Yuri.

Although Yuri doesn’t mind that, it’s not her intention to force Raquel if she doesn’t want to appear in the broadcast.

“Appear in response to my call — [Summon the Beast] Sylph!”

The moment she uses the summoning magic, Yuri’s “transparency” is released. However, she doesn’t think the enemy army will immediately notice the high-altitude figure.

“Sylph. Please take the role of photographer today?”

Yuri talks to the summoned fairy girl as usual. Sylph’s body shook happily right in front of Yuri.

“— Hello, everyone lives in a strategic point city Nildea, and everyone lives in the holy city Farurata. My name is Yuri and I am the empress of the “Yuri Empire”. ”

And Yuri begins to talk to the people of the two countries in “Telepathy”.

Of course, the image from Sylph’s point of view, which flies in front of Yuri, is shown in “Broadcast”.

“I mentioned just before the end of last night’s broadcast, but today I will broadcast it before noon, not at night. I already said the reason yesterday, but it’s because of those people under my eyes. ”

While telling that, Yuri switches the video to be broadcast on “Broadcast” to her own point of view. And a bird’s-eye view of the large army from the kingdom that wriggles on the ground.

“Fufufu……. It seems that the kingdom has gathered a lot of soldiers to regain Nildea. The enemy’s troops are about 60,000, more than three times the population of Nildea.
Normally, if attacked by such a large number of soldiers, there would be no city that would not fall. Unfortunately, we “Yuri Empire” are not ordinary.”

Return the viewpoint of “video” to that of Sylph.

After turning to the fairy girl, Yuri smiled.

“I’ve already done the same thing in Nildea, so it may be known to the public … I have decided not to forgive my “enemy”. So, of course, all the 60,000 kingdom soldiers under my eyes will die. ”

While Yuri said so, the leader of the Kingdom Army crossed the border.

As long as even a part of it entered the land of the “Yuri Empire”, she will no longer forgive it.

“Right now, some of the kingdom soldiers have crossed the border and invaded the land of the ‘Yuri Empire’. With this, it has been confirmed that the 60,000 kingdom soldiers are “enemy”.
―――― By the way, citizens of Nirdea and Farrata. From now on, I will use one very powerful skill to annihilate that 60,000 soldiers with a single blow. Since a large number of people die, a very cruel and unbearable image will be delivered to you.
If you do not want to watch the “broadcast” from here onward, please strongly think “end of viewing” in your heart. If you do so, you won’t receive any voice or video from me, so you won’t have to look at unsightly scenes. This is safe even for those who are eating.
By the way, if you think “restart viewing” in your mind, you can watch “broadcasting” again, which you stopped watching once. It is also a good idea to try “End viewing” and “Resume viewing” now. This can also be done on “broadcasts” other than today. ”

Yuri is not a sadist enough to force citizens to watch grotesque footage.

Well … Somehow, recently, she sometimes behaves like a sadist only for herfavorite girl. That would be another story.

That’s why she made some changes to the “telepathy” using “Bond (link)” so that the viewer could arbitrarily disconnect the reception of the “broadcast”. In this case, even people who do not want to see it should not be forced to watch it.

“I would like to reiterate that you will receive a very cruel and unbearable image from now on. If you don’t want to see it, please “end watching” now. I’m in trouble if I got complain later.
— Then, “broadcasting” from here is just a self-responsibility viewing. As a result, I don’t know if today’s lunch or supper doesn’t go through my throat, right?”

Telling Sylph that way, Yuri smiles again.

Then, the viewpoint of “broadcasting” was switched to Yuri’s own.

“……Oh? You can see strange movements in a part of the kingdom army. ”

Yuri notices that while looking down at the group of soldiers crawling on the ground. The already slow march speed has slowed down even further. Some of the soldiers seemed to be confused. If you look closely, the soldiers are also looking at and pointing in the direction of Yuri.

“Oh—. Apparently the enemy soldiers have finally noticed my existence. Actually, I was worried about when they would notice it. Fufu, I think I can talk to the Kingdom Army in various ways.
Citizens of Nildea and Farrata. From now on, the enemy general, who was also reflected in yesterday’s “Broadcast” … Well, I’m sure “Garter Castor”, I’m going to talk to him directly. So please understand that this is the end of my speech to you. ”

After saying so to the people of the two countries in “Telepathy”, Yuri also connects “Bond (link)” with the 60,000 soldiers deployed below. Because they are in the sight of Yuri, she can directly connect “Bond (link)” without using the magic of [Space grasp]. The appearance of about 60,000 enemy soldiers crawling on the ground is completely visible to Yuri who is flying at high altitude, so there is no difficulty in forming a “bond”.

(―――― That is the general of the enemy army)

The information of the other party who tied the “bond (link)” is clearly visible to Yuri. Therefore, she didn’t have any trouble finding a person named “Garter Castor” from the enemy army.

Yuri forcibly turns on the telepathic remarks of “Garter Castor”.

Now the words that the enemy general Garter said will be heard to everyone connected to Yuri’s “bond” — in other words, it should be heard by everyone in the “Yuri Empire”, the people of Nirdea and Farrata, and the enemy army except Garter himself, who is the speaker.

Furthermore, Yuri also turns on the skill of <Ruler’s Dignity>. The other party seems to be a good old uncle, but She is a little girl after all. She thought it’s just right, to make “dignity” better with skill.


“— Those of the Eldard Kingdom”

Yuri speaks in a clear voice to the army below through “Bond (link)”.

The words Yuri said contained a level of “dignity” that was impossible for humans, and the will of some enemy soldiers was crushed.

Yuri Empire

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