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Yuri Empire

056 Advance Migrant

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/58/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


In the evening of that day, the first team to move to the “new city” in advance was gathered. There are 10 single men from the farmers. There are also 16 single men from “Rostine Shokai” and “Tormark Shokai”. The total number of migrants in the first group is 26.
As you can see, this time around, the main focus is on single men. This is largely due to the fact that there were only single men who had few household goods so that they could move on the same day.
Therefore, single women and couples will be relocated in advance from tomorrow onwards.

Apart from that, Rubetta and Ados will also move their living bases to the “new city” from today.
However, they are successful as merchants and live in reasonably large mansions, and they have a lot of household goods, so the migration is not complete as of today. It will take a few days to move the luggage to the new city side.

In addition, this move will be done by Yuri using transfer magic.
The distance between Nildea and the new city is not great, and the “destroyer” has already been completed, so there is no danger of encountering monsters even if you move on foot. However, it would be quite difficult to walk the 4km route with the luggage of a single household. She thought so, so Yuri decided to send it by magic.
From Yuri’s point of view, it’s just magic, so it’s not a big deal.

Yuri walked up to the pre-migrants gathered in front of the lord’s building. There was a woman who found the figure and immediately rushed to Yuri. The woman stopped in front of Yuri and bowed deeply. Yuri was familiar with the woman. she’s a lot younger than when Yuri met her before.

“… Erin, right? I didn’t understand for a moment because it seems that I was very young.”

“Thank you for your help, Your Majesty Yuri. I am still taking the medicine I received from Your Majesty with my husband, so I was able to regain my youth so far.”

In response to Yuri’s question, the woman bowed even deeper.

―――― Her name is “Erin”.
Ados’s wife, who is the chairman of “Tormark Shokai”.

Originally, she was a woman who had reached a considerable age. By taking “Ochimizu” that was given to Ados together, it seems that Erin is now as young as “Horaiji Yuri” just before she was reincarnated.

Yuri already becomes an acquaintance with Erin.
This is because she had Ados bring Erin to the Lord’s House before. At that time, when “Water Lilies” regained their strength, Erin’s chronic disease was completely cured.

“That’s right. If Ados moves, you’ll be with him. I’m sorry for some reason, because I suddenly asked for the trouble of moving ahead.”

“No, Yuri-sama. If my husband and I can do anything to help Yuri-sama, I’m just happy. By adding to the last seats of the previous migrants, I’ll give back even a little. I wish I could do it. ”

“You don’t have to worry about gratitude or anything like that … But I’d be happy if Erin would join me. If you have any suggestions for improvement after seeing your new house, please don’t hesitate to let me know through Ados.”

“We know”

According to Ados, Erin was a good merchant when she was young and healthy.

As long as she says “don’t hesitate” to the merchants in advance, they will give their opinions without hesitation, so she’s very grateful. Not only Rubetta and Ados, but also Erin will give her a lot of valuable opinions.

Then Yuri sends a total of 29 people, the single man group, Rubetta, and Mr. and Mrs. Ados, to the “new city” by transfer magic. The magic of [group long-distance transfer] is used. Honestly, the distance from Nildea to the new city is not as long as “long distance”, but the magic of [group short distance transfer], it cannot be used because it does not reach the point 4 km away.

Of course, those who experienced “Transfer Magic” for the first time were greatly surprised to see that the surrounding scenery actually changed completely. It seems that the fact that Yuri sent a messenger from the Holy Land of Nimun by “transfer magic” is well known to the citizens. However, knowing and experiencing is another thing.

“This is transfer magic …! I’ll show off to everyone later!”

“Wow, it’s amazing! Nildea can be seen in the distance!”

The excitement of the farmers who experienced the transfer was considerable. It would be a little nice for Yuri that they seem to be so happy with just one transfer magic.

By the way, the transfer destination is just outside the south gate of the new city. At that place, Yuri spoke to 29 people while showing one bracelet taken out of the <inventory>.

“I will give out bracelets to everyone one by one, so please receive them.”

“Bracelet …?”

In response to Yuri’s words, Rubetta mysteriously tilted her head.

“Yes. Of course, it’s not just a bracelet. It’s a bracelet that acts as a “citizen’s card”, and if you don’t wear it, you can’t enter the city because of the barriers. It’s important, so I’d like you to always wear it on your non-dominant arm.”

She gave the bracelets to Meteora and 2 other people and handed them out to the other 29 people.

The bracelet is a kind of magic tool, and it automatically expands and contracts to a size that fits the wearer’s wrist. The mechanism itself is not uncommon, so it seems that the merchants didn’t think of anything. On the other hand, the farmers were quite surprised at this as well.

“Can you see some transparent walls wrapping around the new city?”

Yuri asks while pointing at the translucent dome-shaped barrier that surrounds the new city. Twenty-nine people responded by nodding all at once.

“It’s fine. This transparent wall is called a “barrier” and you can’t go through it without wearing the bracelet we just handed over. Without a bracelet, you not only can not “enter” in the city, but also can not “exit” so please be careful. Well, thanks to that, you won’t have to inadvertently leave your bracelet at home and go out of the city. ”

Conversely, as long as they wear a “bracelet”, they can freely pass through the boundaries of the city. The new city is protected by a “barrier”, so unlike Nildea, there is no “barrier” instead. And the fact that there is no barrier means that you can “enter from anywhere” into the city.

There are “gates” in the north, south, east and west of the new city, but it is not always necessary to pass through these gates. You can walk in and out of the city from any direction at 360 degrees.

Yuri explained the fact verbally, and the farmers were very pleased. They live in the city, but their place of work is a field outside the city. It must have been a hassle to have to go through the gate every day to go to the field. From now on, as long as they wear a “bracelet”, they can go through the barrier at their favorite place and go from their house to the field in the shortest distance.

In addition, traffic with carriages and wagons must be passed through the “gate”. Therefore, it was a story that did not have much benefit for the merchants.

“This is … suddenly it got cooler.”

When I crossed the barrier and entered the “new city”, Ados first said so surprised. Of course, everyone else could have understood the change in temperature. Inspired by the voice of Ados, a group of 29 people suddenly becomes noisy.

“The inside of the barrier is designed to be comfortable for people, so it’s pretty cool even in the summer like now, and on the contrary, it’s much warmer in the winter than outside the barrier.
However, this effect is only effective “inside the barrier”. Agricultural land is not included in the scope, so farmers, please be careful. ”

“… Maybe this is for us?”

In response to Yuri’s words, one of the farmers immediately asked. Hearing the words, Yuri was a little surprised and at the same time confident.

Peasants — may not have any scholarship, but they are not stupid. It is proof that Yuri’s intention was immediately grasped.

“Yes, that’s right. Inside the barrier is like ‘always the same season’. That would make farmers in trouble, right?”

“That’s right. The plants won’t grow up if there was no season.”


“Thanks to the fact that it can be cold and hot, we can grow various crops in the same place.”

Hearing the words of the farmers, Yuri nods with full satisfaction. Yuri was convinced that they were smart enough.

In this world, farmers are recognized as a “lower” occupation. Yes, Yuri has heard about that from Rubetta and Ados before. Farmers only sow seeds in spring and harvest in autumn. It seems that it is sometimes said that any fool can work as the most “lazy” profession in the world. Of course, for Yuri, who has lived in modern Japan, such a joke was not worth listening to from the beginning. Even if the world changed, the fact that the farmers were more “hard workers” than anyone else seemed to be the same fact.

Besides, farmers are also agricultural specialists. The expert could not be a fool. Sometimes they just look clumsy to others because their knowledge is more focused on a particular area than others.

“Meteora, please guide the merchants to Chuo Ward. I will guide the farmers to Minami Ward.”

“I’ve acknowledged”

Because there are also Rubetta and Ados, Yuri was actually planning to act as a guide on the merchant side. Somehow, Yuri wants to talk to the farmers more, so Yuri buys a guide for the farmers. While listening to stories about the crops that could be grown around here, she guided them to their new home and carefully explained the housing equipment.

“Oh, look like the aristocrats!”

“It’s a waste for us…”

As a general rule, the citizens in the new city are “equipped with water and sewage” and “equipped with hot water supply facilities”, so they can use hot water freely just by twisting the faucet. Since a “flush toilet” is installed in the house, there is no need to manage filth in the future. In addition, there is also a bath where they can re-heat with magic tools.  The kitchen is equipped with a magic tool “stove”, and the entire house is equipped with a magic tool “lighting equipment”. They will be comfortable even at night.

From the farmers’ point of view, it seems that the life with baths and magic tools is “what the aristocrats do”. Yuri tells them that they can use all the equipment freely in the future. For the farmers, the feelings of surprise seemed to come before the joy.

“By the way, the water charge is free, so feel free to use the water. You will be provided with magic stones for magic tools every month, so you can think that it will not cost you money.”

“Well, We’re sorry to have you go that far …”

One of the farmers said so apologetically.

“It’s a housing facility that is provided not only to you, but to everyone living in the new city, so you don’t have to feel sorry for that.
And if you have any dissatisfaction with living in your new house, please do not hesitate to tell us. The sooner you get dissatisfied with the move, the more we can work on the improvement for the people who come later. ”

“Wow, I understand. I don’t think I’m dissatisfied with living in such a good place …”

“I’m grateful that I could stretch my legs and sleep and there was no dirt…”

“It’s totally okay. It seems unlikely that the roof will collapse here.”

….What kind of house did the farmers live in until now? She was worried, but felt a little scared to hear it.

Yuri Empire

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