Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 059

Hungry Saint

059 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, Hidden Stairs -Glittering Amber Sugar Cider-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

The stairs leading to the basement.
The ceiling is surprisingly… or rather high.
The jewels that emit light in the dark are shining in the pitch darkness of the ceiling.
It’s like a night sky.

“Nutrition is prompt”

Diamond sits down a little and says without intonation.

“Fufufu, nutrition isn’t the only purpose.”

Abigail took out a small box from the pochette.
It’s very small, but it’s a John-Fenrir-branded “refrigerator” that traps cold air under the authority of the ice wolf Fenrir.
From there, Abigail took out a bottle of drink and a jar.

“Abigail-san, what is that?”
“Ah, a new product I developed for Merrill’s Bazaar … Cider.”
“Hey, Diamond-chan. Cider is a sweet and squishy drink!”
“Sweet …?”

Abigail took out three glasses.

“John ice please.”
“Wan. Is it like somen noodles?”
“Ah. If possible, I’d like a little finer ice.”

When John shook his tail, fine ice grains sprinkled into the glass from the air.

“Mmm, it’s not even half a glass yet.”
“That’s right, Abigail-san. Cider is always better with plenty of cold ice.”
“Don’t rush. Here, this–”

Abigail opens the lid of the jar.
What was taken out of it and put in a glass?

“Wow, a jewel !?”
“Mu … Did you steal from here?”
“No, this is … amber sugar.”
“Amber! Did you steal the jewels …!?”
“No, you see. This is food.”

Abigail pushes the contents of the jar against the palm of the diamond.

“Mu…! Food …!”
“Food, well, most of it is sugar.”

Abigail puts the contents of the jar into a glass.
Rock candy with colorful brilliance.

“I also use a little gelatin, but … isn’t it beautiful?”

Red, blue, green and indigo.
Amber sugar, like a glittering jewel, colored with natural food coloring by Abigail.
Mixing with fine ice, even a slight light source in the cave shines brightly.

The expressionless jewel girl Diamond’s eyes are slightly opened to its beauty.

“And if you pour cider here …!”

Kira, Kira, Kirari.
The bursting carbonic acid wraps around the colorful amber sugar.


The eyes of a small jewel golem are nailed.

“Glittering …”
“Wow! Beautiful!”
“That’s right. Well, I think that sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable because of the dungeon capture.”
“Abigail-san, I was looking forward to this quest.”
“This is this! Anyway, let’s drink early.”
“Yes! It’s so beautiful and it’s a waste to drink! It’s very good!”
“The good thing about Emilia is that you don’t hesitate to drink while saying that!”

Diamond is comparing the amber sugar in his hand with the glittering cider.
Next to that, John shook his big tail.

“…there’s no mine?”
“I have only three glasses. Let’s share mime.”

John happily fluttered his ears.
Along with that, Diamond also threw amber sugar into his mouth.

“This is cool to the eyes! It’s sweet and delicious!”
“Did you like John?”
“Ah, yes. Is this sweet?”

Diamond that tastes amber sugar in her mouth.
Diamond, which is a stone golem made of jewels, does not have body temperature, so it seems that amber sugar does not melt easily.

Also take the cider.

“… crackling, popping. This is made by humans. Enjoying meals …”

Diamond muttered Involuntarily.
Similar to Diamond, Emilia, who didn’t really enjoy eating when she was in the monastery, softly drinks it.

“… Maybe the fun of eating is to talk while looking at the scenery and each other’s faces. Thanks to the glittering cider and the glittering ceiling … this is the first time. I feel like I’m a little more open with Diamond-chan. ”
“Oh, it’s good to eat together.”
“Yes … this is a human-made … good thing.”

The diamond looks up at the ceiling.
Jewels that shine in the dark.
It must have been just a substance that she got tired of seeing — it shine remarkably today.
Diamond thought so.

Hungry Saint

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