Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 060

Hungry Saint

060 Rochester Family Cold Dining Table

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Well, Great Saint. Welcome to our Rochester family.”

Cocona bowed deeply.

The Rochester family, the Margrave who leads the border guard. Canariera Haruto, the Supreme Leader of the Tenka religion, “Great Saint” Riera, came to one of their villas near the city of Merrill. And also the priests and followers of the Tenka religion that protect her.

The number of people who came to Rochester’s house by a large procession is likely to exceed 100. A great priest who is an aide to the Great Saint Canariera. One platoon of “choir”, which is the armed force unit of the Tenka religion.

Rochester Margrave, who rushed to a sudden visitor with a fast horse, opened his eyes. Originally, he was in a position where he could not leave his mission, but he received an urgent letter and hurriedly came to this villa.

“Cocona, what the hell is this?”
“What happened to the result of the selection of saints? I have to ask you to maintain the status of the Rochester family as the “saint” of the Tenka religion.”
“This is about that case”

One of the priests who is an aide opens his mouth. The costume tells that he is in the position of archbishop, who is second only to the great saint.

“—Our Tenka religion needs the Margrave of Rochester’s cooperation to do everything in their power to search for the person this girl foolishly expelled from the monastery.”


Rochester couldn’t hide the expression that it was unreasonable. A status comparable to that of a king named Margrave. However, this is a villa set up in the city. The number of employees who are assigned is also limited. Rochester himself, who is in charge of protecting the border, cannot leave the territory for days.

“–Receive the archbishop’s words as my words.”

A clear voice echoes. It was the great saint Canareira who was hidden inside a palanquin wrapped in silk veil.

The archbishop respectfully bows his head to the palanquin.

“Canarreira — The Great Saint of the Tenka religion, Canareira Haruto !?”
“Lord Rochester, in front of the Great Saint.”

Rochester bit his lip.

“Kokona, what kind of blunder did you make?”
“Sorry, dad”
“–Shut up. Make sure to repay this blunder and arrange for money and personnel.”

Rochester glares at Cocona.
For Cocona, it was an unbearable humiliation above all.
Everything was supposed to be a saint apprentice in order for her father to recognize her as an “adult”.

“Tonight we will have a welcome party. Please stay at our Rochester family.”

Rochester’s voice echoed, bitterly.

The party was held grandly. In the name of a long journey, all the stockpiles to behave during the festival were released to the neighboring villagers.  A delicacy for high-class ingredients lined up in a large dining room. An inedible feast.

At the order of Canariera, Cocona was sitting next to Her with a pale face. Cocona was trembling with fear and the seriousness of the situation.

“… Is it true that that girl is in Merrill?”
“Yes, the Great Saint. I used all the way to find out.”
“As expected, she is the daughter of the Rochester family. Work is fast.”

She couldn’t say thank you, because of fears. If it was Cocona until a while ago, it must have been a boast to have had a table with the great saint Canariella Haruto and even received words about her abilities.

However, it’s just scary now.

Canareira would only see Cocona as “a poor apprentice saint who arbitrarily expelled promising talents she picked up.”

“There is also information that she is capturing the Great Labyrinth “Dungeon” in the city of Merrill …”
“Dungeon — Oh, exploring pagan ruins. Oh, sad.”

Canaryra exaggeratedly suppresses her temples and creates a sad expression.

“-Then, let’s start the search tomorrow.”

Failure is not allowed.
Cocona strongly thought so.
She didn’t even know the taste of the feast.

――But that is not new.
Father who is only interested in power, military power and political power.
A mother who is only interested in her father’s family.
Employees with cold eyes.

For Cocona, the house and the dining table were always cold.

“… Shuwashuwa, it was delicious.”

Merrilluri ancient labyrinth, stairs leading to the deepest part.
Somehow,   the jewel girl “Stone Golem”, Diamond muttered.

“I’m glad! I drank such beautiful and delicious food for the first time!”
“Emilia really doesn’t eat anything delicious.”

Emilia is proud of Abigail’s words.

“Of course! Because if we all eat together — it’s a feast. What’s more, everything Abigail makes is very delicious!”
“Yeah … that’s right.”
“Fufu, Abigail-san. You have a very gentle face lately.”|
“Well, is that so?”
“That’s right!”

The footsteps echoed with katsun-katsun.
Emilia went down the stairs.

“–Finally, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it’s finally!”

What kind of secret is waiting in the deepest part of the Merril Ancient Labyrinth?
Emilia and Abigail looked at each other  and nodding.

Hungry Saint

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