Yuri Empire – 058

Yuri Empire

058 One City and Three Villages

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/59/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


The next day, “Summer Moon 24th”, after the village of Notoku belonged to the “Yuri Empire.” This time, the head of a village called “Shirin” in the east-northeast direction from Nildea visited the lord’s palace and offered to belong to the “Yuri Empire”.

“Shirin” is a village located just beside the forest, north of the point where Yuri first came to this different world and was stationed. The population is a little over 300, and the scale of the village is normal. Needless to say, the main industries are related to forestry. However, it seems that there are not many opportunities to exchange wood itself because transportation is difficult in this world. There are lighter and more expensive forest products than that. For example, the village can make charcoal made by baking the wood, or trading fruits and resins collected from forests, mushrooms, edible wild plants, and medicinal herbs with other cities.

While being surprised by the strange event of the village allegiance from there for two consecutive days. Yuri accepts the offer of attribution. It is because it is not possible to imitate such things as accepting Notoku and refusing others. As a result, the land of the “Yuri Empire” was further expanded.

The most pleased with the addition of Shirin to the territory were the children of “Kikyo”. From the perspective of the construction team, the village where “wood” can be secured in a stable manner would be very valuable by itself. The children of “Kikyou” requested that a “Transfer Gate” be installed in the village of Shirin for the transportation of timber, so it may be installed in the near future. However, since the “Transfer Gate” is used in many ways, it would be unfair if it was not installed not only for Shirin but also for Notoku.

―――― Then, the day after next, “Summer Moon 26th”.

This time, the head of a village called “Errato” in the east-southeast direction from Nildea visited the lord’s palace and offered to belong to the “Yuri Empire”.

“Errato” is a little far from Nildea, but when viewed from Notoku, which became the territory of “Yuri Empire” the other day, it is a neighboring village located 15km southeast. The population is about 300 and the main industry is agriculture. It’s a village that doesn’t do anything else, so it can be said that it’s agriculture only. Of course, it also means that the location of Errato is more suitable for agriculture. It seems that the monsters themselves appear in their own way, but it seems that there aren’t many monsters that “troll the fields”.

The crops are wheat and corn, oats, and beans called keya. Only the last beans are unknown to Yuri, but all the others are grains that are indispensable to human life. Yuri also agreed to immediately add this village to the territory of the “Yuri Empire” in order to protect it from other countries.

The villages of “Notoku”, “Shirin”, and “Errato” all became part of the “Yuri Empire”, and the territory was expanded to about three times at once. Also, since all three villages have belonged to the kingdom until now, the territory of the kingdom will be cut down accordingly. Naturally, that will buy much resentment from the kingdom. However, it’s unlikely that the current kingdom, which has received more than 55,000 skeletons, has the capacity to take some action against the Yuri Empire.

By the way, the “skeleton soldiers” were also welcomed in the villages of Sirin and Errato. In both villages, it seems that they are treated like guardians who protect most of the villagers. However, as with the village of Notoku, the mayors of Shirin and Ellert also said that it would be a problem to attack the sweepers, so Yuri visited once and rewrote only the orders.

“Usually I think there is a feeling of repulsion against ‘skeleton’…”

The village of Errato was made a part of the territory, and the next day, “Summer Moon 27th”. Here, Yuri responded to the village mayor who visited from each village, or actually asked the child of “Koumei” to visit the village and to set up a barrier. Yuri is alone with no one, while cleaning up the office work that had been postponed because she was busy with something.

Normally, a “moving skeleton warrior” would be unpleasant to watch. Yuri wasn’t convinced that skeleton soldiers were too easily accepted in all three villages.

“My Lord. In this world, the bodies of the dead are often cremated, do you know why?”

In response to Yuri’s soliloquy, it was Sonatine, who is today’s “love duty” and the escort asked. Sonatine is also a child who is the deputy captain of the maid unit “Nadeshiko”.

“Well, is that so? I thought it was a normal burial. In this world, there seems to be as much land as possible.”

Cremation, burning the dead body. Cremation is common in Japan because of hygiene issues, but it also means more space. In Japan, where the population density is high, it is difficult to do burials that take up space.  To put it the other way around, in a world where there is plenty of land, burial, in which the corpse is buried as it is, is much easier than cremation.

“If you bury the corpse as it is without burning it, about 1 in a few people will generate a monster of a corpse (zombie). So, be sure to have the corpse burned by a fire magic user. So, it is common to bury only the remains and relics under the grave. ”

“Oh,so that’s the reason. It’s a learning experience.”

From the general public, even a zombie would be a threatening monster. It would be a big problem if it came out of the graveyard in the city or village. If there are such circumstances, it makes sense to take the trouble to cremate.

“It seems that a corpse that has been cremated and has only bones is considered to be a “cleaned body”. So I hear that people in this world don’t like touching the bodies, but they don’t like touching the remains.
Maybe the fact that the skeleton soldiers were accepted by the people of this world was influenced by the circumstances around them.”

“In other words, a bone-only skeleton soldier is a ‘clean’ undead?”

“I don’t know that, but at least I don’t think it’s a zombie-like ‘bad undead attack’.”

“Yeah… I can understand it but I can’t understand it at all …”

Well, maybe the skeleton is much more cute than the zombies, which have a bad smell of rotten meat. But… a skeleton warrior who moves with a rattling noise is nothing but “unpleasant” no matter how you say it. If the world changes, people’s sensibilities will change. It may be better not to think too deeply.

“By the way, my Lord”

“Yeah? What’s wrong, Sonatine?”

“As instructed by my Lord, we are currently managing 5000 people of the Kingdom’s Logistics Officer and 5000 horses, but we need a lot of manpower to manage them. I would appreciate it if you could decide the “usage” as soon as possible. ”

“Oh … That’s right, I have to decide something.”

Immediately before the landing of [Star Fall and << Meteor Strike >>] that annihilated the Kingdom Army, Yuri captured the entire enemy’s logistical corps with the magic of [Forced Group Transfer]. In this world, a “horse” is a good asset and is traded at a good price. As she knew that, she was reluctant to crush a total of 5,000 horses, so she managed to capture them with transfer magic. Yuri didn’t have any idea about its usage.

“Well, there is a surplus of land… Isn’t it bad to create a village with a population of 5,000, which mainly breeds and breeds horses?”

“Well, I think that’s one of the candidates. However, with a population of 5,000, I think it will be a “city” rather than a “village”.

“… That’s right.”

In this world, basically, “a village with a small population and no barrier” is called a village, and conversely, “a village with a large population and no barrier” is often called a city. However, there is no strict definition. Some villages have barriers, and some cities do not have barriers, and some have other means of combating monsters.

However, if the population is four digits, it is usually recognized as a “city”. When the population reaches 5,000, needless to say, it’s a “city” .

“If you want to make a village, you have to think about the male-female ratio, but … What does the male-female ratio of the Logistics Officer look like?”

“I hear that there are about 400 men and about 4,600 women.”

“Eh? There are more women? And overwhelmingly?”

“Yes. Apparently, the female soldiers were preferentially sent to the Logistics Officer.”

“Oh … I see, it’s a likely story.”

Hearing the story of Sonatina, Yuri agreed with it. In terms of strength and physical strength, women are inevitably inferior to men. The commander’s decision to keep the man in the front unit as a combat soldier and to send the woman to the rear logistical unit, which is not directly involved in the battle, was understandable.

“With that gender ratio, it’s a bit of a thought to let them build a village as it is. Well, if you make a village with a few women, you may find it attractive and more men will move from the outside. …… ”

“That’s right. If we want to make a village, maybe 400 men and 600 women are all we need. If we have a total population of 1000, it wouldn’t be inconvenient to raise 5000 horses.”

“In that case, the problem is what to do with the remaining 4000 people …”

“Isn’t it okay if I kill it?”

Sonatine calmly said so with a voice without any emotions. Actually, that’s not a bad move either. Since the kingdom soldiers are clear “enemy”, Yuri does not hesitate to dispose of them. In the first place, Yuri just wanted a “horse”, and the existence of a “person” doesn’t matter.

“Well, let’s hear the opinion of ‘Kikyou’ for the time being. If we want to make a village, we definitely have to get their help.”

“Let’s call Meteora now.”

After spending about 10 minutes working, Sonatine eventually called Meteora, the captain of “Kikyou”.

“I’m sorry, Meteora. I called a busy place.”

“No, my sister! As I said the other day, the construction of the new city is almost complete, so I’m quite free now. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me. Please!”

“Thank you, Meteora. I have something to talk to you.”

She talks to Meteora as it is, about what she talked to Sonatina. After a little thought, Meteora nodded.

“I think it will take less than three days if we put together the total power of “Kikyo” to create one village of 1,000 people. The construction of the new city is scheduled to be completed the day after tomorrow, so if it’s okay, we’ll start. ”

“I’m sorry You’ve been working in a row.”

“No! Because it is the desire of “Kikyo” to be useful to my sister!”

Meteora’s willingness to say so with a cheerful voice is gratifying. When Yuri stroked her head, Meteora gladly squinted her eyes.

“I think it would be good to keep the remaining 4000 people in the basement of the new city for the time being.”

“… Wait. I’ve heard that there is a prison facility in the basement of the new city, but is it large enough to accommodate 4000 people?”

“No, it’s tough on the rocks. However, there are many warehouse lots in the basement of the new city, so I think that if we convert them to a confinement facility, they will fit in. Even though it is a warehouse lot, it is still easy to divert because we don’t have anything in stock. ”


“I’ve heard that the kingdom’s spies who are currently incarcerated have become very obedient due to the training of ‘Kuroyuri’. Even 4000 heavy soldiers can be imprisoned and left to ‘Kuroyuri’. I think they will train them in a good way. ”

“Well … Then, as soon as you’re ready, please keep 4000 people in prison. Those who aren’t cooperative can be disposed.”

“Yes, my sister. I’ll get ready soon.”

It would be better than leaving the management to “Nadeshiko” as it is and taking time and effort. Thinking so, Yuri orders Meteora to imprison 4000 people. After all, they were once “enemy” opponents, so even if they were all women, she wouldn’t feel compassionate. Well, it’s Yuri’s nature that she will love any woman. If she actually meets face to face, she’ll probably get emotional at once.

“Sonatine. For all the men and 600 women, please manage it for a while with “Nadeshiko”. If “Kikyo” is finished creating the village, we will move them there.”

“I understand, my lord”

Currently, the children of “Nadeshiko” have set up a garrison 1 km east of the city of Nildea and are managing the logistical soldiers captured there. When it comes to management, the point is that a [boundary barrier] is set up so that they cannot escape, and it is simply confined in it. Feeding food on a regular basis and monitoring riots may be a daunting task. For the time being, could the burden on Nadeshiko be lightened a little by simply reducing the number of people to be managed from 5,000 to 1,000?

Yuri Empire

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