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Yuri Empire

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059 The Collapse of The Kingdom

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/61/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“…What? What did you say?”

Involuntarily, Yuri reflexively asked that question. It was too unexpected — because it was a great surprise for her.

“Then, I would like to once again say to Your Majesty Yuri.
―――― It seems that the Eldard Kingdom has collapsed. There is no doubt that the kingdom is no longer a national body, at least in the present situation. ”

It was Erin, the wife of Ados, who reported that to Yuri. Today is “Summer month 28th”. The construction of the “new city”, which had been left to the “Kikyou” for a long time, was finally completed yesterday, and they are planning to officially start the migration of Nildea citizens tomorrow — and then the morning. The fact that Erin, who visited the lord’s house alone without her husband’s ados, reported it. It seemed like a bad joke to Yuri.

“Oh, Erin. What does that ‘collapse’ mean?”

The one who asked Erin that was today’s “love duty”, Demeter. Yuri has heard many times that Demeter, a member of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, is usually mild-mannered, but when she gets angry, she is terribly scary. However, Yuri has never seen her angry, so she can’t imagine what it looks like.

“It literally means like that. All the cities that the kingdom dominated, including the capital, were overrun by the “skeleton corps”. A large number of skeleton soldiers sank not only in the city but also in the castle. As a result, not only all soldiers and knights, but also all aristocrats and royal families were slaughtered. ”


Too much confusion, Yuri leaked that voice.

The “skeleton corps” that Erin told us was, of course, the skeleton knights created by Raquel’s [Army of the Dead]. To be honest, Skeleton Knight is not a powerful monster.

The fighting ability itself is fairly high, but the intelligence side is just disappointing. It is a monster that can only honestly “go straight to the nearest enemy”. Therefore, she never thinks it is difficult for a city with a suitable barrier to intercept.

When Yuri told that, Erin looked a little embarrassed while

“I heard that the skeleton soldiers easily overcame the barrier of the capital.”

He told Yuri.

“…is the barrier so low??”

“The barrier of the kingdom’s capital… is about the same height as that person.”

When asked by Yuri, Erin answered that while pointing to Demeter. Demeter’s height is quite high in “Shiroyuri”, is it about 190 cm? When it comes to that, it seems good to think that the barrier of the kingdom’s capital is about 2m high.

“If there is only such a barrier, it will be exceeded…” Yuri sighs in response to Erin’s words.

The physical ability of the skeleton knight is much higher than that of a living human. If it is a barrier with a height of about 2m, it will be easy to overcome because it will take a lot of work if you jump. If there was a barrier with a height of about 5m like Nildea, it would have been possible to keep them out.

“In the royal castle, a terrible tragedy that could be called a ‘blood tragedy’ was unfolded. Soldiers and knights were murdered from one end, and the halls and corridors were all dyed with blood.
However, mysteriously, only some of the civilians and women were not attacked by the skeleton soldiers. Thanks to that, I heard that the Queen, the princess, and the maid of the castle are all safe.”

Civilians and women were not targeted by the Skeleton Knight, probably because they did not carry weapons. The skeleton soldiers are instructed to take the initiative in attacking “those with weapons”. Therefore, not only soldiers and knights, but also aristocrats and kings are naturally targeted for attack if they are wearing swords.

“Although the queen is safe, if the soldiers are killed, the politics will not be established. Also, it seems that the lords have been killed and anarchy has occurred in cities in kingdoms other than the capital.
— I have a request to Your Majesty Yuri. ”

“What is it? You’ve got valuable information, and I’ll allow most things, right?”

“I hope that my husband, Ados, and Mr. Rubetta of “Rostine Shokai” will also be allowed to go to the kingdom. Since both of them were originally active in the kingdom, they will be in the capital and each city. It seems that a certain factory is worrisome…
Actually, I bought a liaison to Your Majesty Yuri this time because they are busy packing and preparing to move to the kingdom. ”

“Oh, that kind of thing — of course I’ll give you permission. If necessary, I’ll send it to the kingdom’s capital with transfer magic, or I’ll give you an escort?”

“No, I think that I will be traveling around various cities in the kingdom, so I heard that we will move by carriage this time. There are also escorts who are hired by the company.”


If they walk with the sweeper, there is a high possibility that they will be attacked by skeleton soldiers after arriving in the kingdom. However, it is also a fact that it is necessary to use the help of a sweeper to repel the monsters encountered on the way to the kingdom. If possible, Yuri would like to attach an escort that can deal with both monsters and skeleton soldiers from the side of Yuri, but is it over-interference to force it?

“Erin. Ados and Rubetta haven’t started yet, right?”

“Yes. We will leave as soon as I bring back permission from Your Majesty Yuri.”

“It’s fine. It’s bad, but let’s wait for a while. Demeter, could you catch someone in the lord’s palace and tell them to bring 20 “black light bracelets”? If possible, a bag? I’d like you to put it in something. ”

“Huh, I understand.”

In response to Yuri’s instructions, Demeter rushed out of the room. For better or worse, many of the children who belong to “Shirayuri” are serious.

“Erin. The skeleton soldiers in the city of the kingdom will attack with all their might when they see someone with a weapon, so if you carry a sweeper, you will almost certainly be attacked by the skeleton soldiers.”

“Well, is that so …? That was a problem …”

“So, I will leave 20 items called “Black Light Bracelet” to Erin. If you equip this bracelet, it will be recognized as an “ally” by the undead like a skeleton soldier and will not be attacked. Give 10 each to the Ados and Rubetta, and be sure to tell not only yourself but all the escort sweepers to equip this bracelet. ”

“I understand. Thank you for your kindness Your Majesty Yuri.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Ados and Rubetta usually do that much. And since the bracelet is just a “deposit”, I’ll get it back when it’s no longer needed. Please be careful to come back with the bracelet. ”

“Yes, I will tell them so.”

The door of the office was knocked. Yuri called out to the outside, and Sonatine of “Nashiko” came into the room with today’s escort Demeter.

“Yuri-sama, I brought 20 “black light bracelets” as instructed.”

“Please give it to Erin. I will lend it for a while.”

“I understand. Erin, please go here.”

Erin receives the handbag presented by Sonatina. When Erin opened the bag’s mouth, she saw 20 black bracelets inside.

“Then, Your Majesty Yuri, I’m sorry for this.”

“Yes, please say hello to Ados and Rubetta, and also tell them not to go crazy.”

“We know”

After Erin bowed reverently, she left the office. If they are equipped with the “Black Light Bracelet”, they will not be attacked by undead monsters such as skeleton soldiers. However, it is of no use to other monsters. Losing Rubetta and Ads now is a loss for the “Yuri Empire”. Just in case, it seems better to have an escort there.

“Appear in response to my call — [Summon the Beast] Greater Wraith!”

Yuri summons two Greater Wraiths from her own beast.

Greater Wraith is a level 140 monster, so it has a perfect strength as an escort. Also, since Wraith is a monster of the ghost system, it can slip through walls and disappear freely. It is unlikely that it will be discovered by both the enemy and allies. If you want to secretly escort, it is the best monster.

“Escort each of the two people I’m marking now.”

After ordering the two Greater Wraiths to do so, Yuri uses the magic of [Space Grasp] to determine the current positions of Ados and Rubetta, which are used in both Nildea and the new city, and marks them with “green”. In response immediately, the Greater Wraiths left in front of Yuri.


“It’s kind of annoying …”

“Why don’t you conquer the whole kingdom during this period?”

“I think it’s good too.”

Sonatine proposes to Yuri, and Demeter goes along with that word.

“Hmm …”

Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad option either. If the opponent’s troops and command system were destroyed by a large army of skeleton soldiers, it would not take much effort to occupy the kingdom.

However, it was also a fact that she didn’t feel like it. When increasing the territory too much at once, some parts will be out of sight. It will also be difficult to take the time to try to improve the city, as in Nildea. If the entire kingdom is robbed, the number of nations adjacent to the Yuri Empire will probably increase. In the current situation where they have already received a notice from the Principality of Silesia that is almost like a declaration of war, it is not preferable that the number of potential enemies may increase.

“… I’m sorry, but I’ll put it on hold for the time being. At the moment, I don’t feel much benefit in occupying the kingdom. It’s risky to continue the expansion route too much.
However, if villages or cities on the territory of the kingdom continue to request order, they may be added to the territory individually. Also, after Ados and Rubetta return from the kingdom, if they want them to occupy the kingdom, I’ll consider it again at that time. ”

“Huh, I understand!”

“As my lord wants”

In response to Yuri’s words, Demeter and Sonatine immediately accepted. Once Yuri decides, they just obey quietly.

Yuri Empire

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Bruh… only 2m tall? Is it a capital wall or a high school wall?
    There’s a limit for a broke country y’know!

    1. Can’t really remember, but i think fences in my school were higher than that, and even than kids managed to climb over them. The one who made those walls was a failure of an architect.

  2. I’m here for the yuri, but why did I get a this… it’s okay if the kingdom have a backstory of being evil, but this really make me feel uncomfortable…
    The amount of Yuri is also very small…

  3. I’m here for the yuri, but why did I get a this… it’s okay if the kingdom have a backstory of being evil, but this really make me feel uncomfortable…
    The amount of Yuri is also too small…

    1. Yuri is a mix of Ainz disregard for life and Re: Monster thinking process(won´t rape but it´s ok to make them want it by giving them aphodisiacs).

      1. Yeah, but she is less utilitarian than Re:Monster’s mc in governmental matters, she still treats humans better (also technically using drugs still counts as rape).

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        If she wouldn’t agree normally, it’s rape. If she’s not in her right mind when she agrees, then you’re taking advantage of her and that’s pretty despicable. ESPECIALLY if the reason she’s not in her right mind is that you drugged her. Nothing technical about it, very definitely rape and very definitely an evil thing to do, not okay at all.

        Rule of thumb? If it’s consensual, it’ll be really, really easy. She won’t resist at all, in fact she’ll be trying just as hard to get into your pants as you are with hers, that’s what mutual consent means. If you need a strategy to overcome some kind of resistance or force her into that state… well there you are, that’s where you went wrong, she’s resisting. If she resists and you do it anyway, then it’s rape. Resistance is the opposite of consent, and force equals rape. You shouldn’t ever have to push, if she wants it too, then she’ll be trying to make it happen all on her own.

        kinda losing faith in humanity that this needs to be explained though………….

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