Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 062

Hungry Saint

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062 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, Deepest ~Strange Magical Power~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Behind the door was just a large space. Circular hall. At its center is a beautiful pedestal.

“It’s wide. It’s like a playground.”
“Rather than a playground–”

It’s like a throne or a graveyard. Abigail thought so. She doesn’t know why she felt that way, but she had an intuition.

Very high ceiling. Emilia looks up at it. The ceiling was lined with fluorite that stored light and fluttered. It’s the same as the stairs that came down guided by the Diamond.

Diamond did not enter this room after all. She just sat in front of a huge gate and fell asleep like a stone. When the diamond wakes up again, it would be nice if they could drink the cider with her — Emilia walks through the hall thinking about that.

Every time she walked, the footsteps echoed and it was interesting.

John walks in front of the pedestal, overtaking Emilia with a light gait that does not fit the size of her body. Then curled up and fell asleep as if he was completely relieved.

“Oh, John, are you tired? Yoshi yoshi.”
“No, do Fenrir get tired…?”|
“John gets tired and hungry, Abigail-san!”
“Emilia says mysterious persuasive power!”
“Let’s go home early and eat delicious food.”
“Um … well, if this is the deepest part of the Merrilluri Ancient Labyrinth, would the quest be complete? It’s surprisingly bland.”

Abigail takes out a large compass from the pochette on her waist. It is a magic tool for drawing a perfect circle. Chalk kneaded with minerals with high magical power. It is a tool used to set up the return magic circle.

“Okay, then wait a minute. Emilia.”

By the way, originally, the setting of the return magic circle “Savepoint” is done by a few hand-crafted magicians, but for Abigail it is completely “piece of cake”.


“Okay, range surveying started. Excitation recovery technique drawing tool. I will also ask for the calculation of the transfer technique.”

That’s right. This is because everything is stamped on the compass.

Much of what the mage has done as a “ritual” is just a procedure for Abigail. It can be used by anyone, whether they are not good at handling magical powers or have no magical background, as long as they are put into magical tools.

This is the power of [Universal Witch].


“What’s wrong, Emilia … what is this? The compass looks strange …?”

The behavior of the compass, which normally should write the return magic circle in just a few minutes, is strange. Emilia and Abigail look at each other.

Is it a malfunction? After coming all this way?

While quivering, stop the compass that draws a twisted line. Abigail confirms that the technique she has designed is correct.

“In fact, it worked normally until now.”

While whispering, she took out the magic plate from the pochette — Abigail became rigid.

“What is this !?”
“The air in this room … contains a strange concentration of manna!”

The magic board “Tablet” had an impossible number written on it. Atmospheric mana concentration, 5000. A hut in the woods that Abigail chose because it has relatively high mana in the atmosphere. The atmospheric mana concentration around it is 78. It can be said that it is abnormal.

“What does it mean…!”

Abigail operates the magic plate “Tablet”. Search for the source of mana of this concentration. It was —  originated from the central pedestal.

Hungry Saint

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