Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 061

Hungry Saint

061 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, Deepest ~Big Door~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

–Merrilluri Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon”, the deepest part.

“This is the end of Diamond’s guide”

Jewel girl “Stone Golem”, Diamond muttered. The one that appeared in front of them after going down the stairs that continued for a long time. Looking up at it, Emilia took a big breath.

“it’s beautiful……”
“Wow. Big door …”

The door is so big that she has never seen it before. It seems that hundreds of soldiers would normally have to open and close. For example, it is still larger than the castle gate that protects the surroundings of the royal castle.

“Hey, how do you open this …?”
“Hey, it’s impossible for two people, right?”
“Well, even with John …”
“Wow, I don’t know if I’m pushing or pulling.”

Abigail looks back.
She asked Diamond who have been guiding them so far abd now wouldn’t move even one step.

“Hey, how do you open this?”

“… Diamond is just a guide to this place. I can’t answer that question.”

However.Contrary to that word, the eyes of the jewels that glittered like a starry sky felt like shaking a little….

“But you gave Diamond a nice drink.”

Nice thing. A dream-like cider with beautifully shining amber sugar submerged. The beautiful Stone Golem, which was probably created just to protect this labyrinth, murmured enchantedly.

“So, a little hint. You taught me the good things that human made.”

Then, Diamond slowly raised his right hand-pointing to Emilia Mercrio, a saint apprentice standing next to Abigail, who is famous as a [universal witch] who is enthusiastic about the development and popularization of magic tools in this world.

“Me, me?”
“Yes, you-you with pure magical power are the right ones to open that door.”
“Ha ha?”

Emilia opens her mouth and looks up at Abigail.

“I will open this door …?”

“Funnunununu !!”

A few minutes later. Emilia was struggling to open a huge door. Emilia’s own idea was to push it for the time being, and she was pushing the door with all her might. Emilia herself was told that it was suitable for opening the door.

However, the door is too big. To be honest, it is clear that the door is too big to compete with, even Emilia, who has the power to swing an iron mace. It’s too big. The door is.

But — Abigail thinks. Diamond said that Emilia’s magical power was the key to opening this door. If so, it should not be “power” that Emilia needs to open this door.

“… Hey, Emilia”
“Maybe …”
“Isn’t that door pulled instead of pushed?”
“Pull … Fukuu … No, it’s no good, even if you pull it, it won’t move!”
“Wow… your face is bright red …”
“If you can’t push it, and you can’t pull it … Would you like to pray?”
“Hmm … that’s a good idea. Tenka religion, prayer song … I’m sure Our Lady of the Emperor will listen to your prayers and open this insanely heavy door!”
“Is it a help when the lid of such a jam does not open … What is the Lady of the Emperor …?”

Emilia takes a deep breath. Prayer song. Emilia’s singing voice is relaxed, cool, and forever clean. Probably the singing voice of a heavenly angel. It is a beautiful melody that should be called so. The song with Emilia’s prayer echoes brightly–

“… I can’t open it.”

The door did not open.

“I’m embarrassed.”
“Well, if you can open the door with your singing voice, you won’t have a hard time …?”
“Emilia, behind”

Emilia, who was blushing, looks back at Abigail’s voice. She found a small magic circle floating in the center of the huge door. A small magic circle that is about the size of a round loaf and fits in the palm of Emilia.

Until earlier, it must not have been there.

“Did you appear in response to your singing voice?”
“Wow, beautiful …”

Emilia reaches out. Gently touch the magic circle.

At that moment. A line of dazzling light begins to run from the magic circle to the entire door. The groove called the sculpture groove is filled with shining blue light. In no time, the entire door was wrapped in light.

“This is … an ancient Erial character!”
“what is that?”
“It’s a letter that was once used by those who follow the world tree, it’s been a long time since it was lost. But I can read this too! Because it is used in an old document that describes how to make a magic tool”
“Oh, as expected of the universal witch. Abigail-san!”
“Let see, let see, sli… de…?”
“Um … slide?”

The pattern that popped up on the door was a word meaning “slide” in ancient Erial letters.

“Slide the door … isn’t it …?”

Emilia touches the door. With a little effort-sliding sideways. Neither push nor pull, but slide sideways.

Go, go go go.

It made a low and heavy noise, but despite the noise and the loudness of looking up, it was too light to respond — the door opened.

“Yeah !? Hey, really … that classic …”
“Wow … It’s not even moving until a while ago.”

Emilia who makes her eyes round. Abigail sees Emilia like that.

(Sure, the mechanism is classic, but …)

The magic circle I mentioned earlier emerged in response to Emilia’s singing voice.

–Emilia Mercurio. Who on earth this child is.

Hungry Saint

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