Yuri Empire – 060

Yuri Empire

060 The Divine City Yuritania

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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— The next day, “Summer Moon 29th”.

From this morning, the migration of Nildea citizens to the “new city” began as planned. The “street stalls” have been removed from the square in front of the lord’s building in the center of the city of Nildea, and a “transfer gate” has been installed in its place.

The “Transfer Gate” is like a warp point that can be installed by Yuri, who is a <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, and plays the role of a “Gate” that connects two points. Anyone can teleport to the “Transfer Gate” in the central square of the new city by diving through the “Transfer Gate” in the central square of Nildea. The “Transfer Gate” is scheduled to be installed until “Summer Moon 40th” at the end of this month, so the citizens of Nildea are informed by “Broadcast” that they will complete the move to the new city by then.

By the way, the name of the new city was “Yuritania”. This is the name originally given to the capital of the “Eastern Islands” region occupied by the “Yuri Empire” in the “Atros Online” game. Now, there is no connection with the city in the game anymore. It was once again the capital of the territory controlled in this world–that is, the new city of Nildea.

The name of the new city was announced in “Broadcast” last night, so it was immediately widely recognized by the citizens. In fact, it seems that it is often called “Divine City Yuritania” by the name of “Divine City” from the mouth of the citizens. Was it thought of as a companion name to “Sacred City Farrata”, the capital of the ally “Nimun Holy Land”? Yuri doesn’t know who said it, but given that Yuri herself is in the last seat of God, it’s probably not an irrelevant name.

…… But Yuri doesn’t do any work as a god.

The “Food Stall” that was removed from the Nildea Square will be open in the new city of Yuritania from today. Yuritania is a large circular city, but a wide boulevard runs inwardly 1km inside the city’s outer circumference. From today, the stalls were to be placed on the main street for business. Therefore, in the future, the stalls will be lined up along the main street instead of being settled in the plaza and open. It may be more nuanced to say “street food stalls” than to say “food stalls”.

Recently, with the expansion of the land of the “Yuri Empire” by assigning several villages, the range of “destroyer” by everyone has expanded, and the types of monsters hunted have increased. Yuri heard that the variety of monster ingredients provided by this has increased, and the variety of dishes offered at the food stalls has also increased. Also, because the new city of Yuritania has a [temperature control barrier], there is no effect of loss of appetite due to the heat of summer. It is unlikely that the bustle of “Food Street” will cease for the time being.

(It seems that the food shop of Rostine Shokai is also open without any problems)

According to the report from “Nashiko” that arrived this morning, all the food stores of “Rostine Shokai”, which has more than 40 stores in the city of Yuritania, are open without any problems. Rubetta, the chairman of Rostine Shokai, left for the kingdom yesterday. Apparently, even if the chairman was absent, they were trying to get the business done by the subordinates of the company without any problems. As long as the food store is open for the time being, the citizens of Yuritania will not have any trouble getting food. Yuri’s just grateful to Rubetta for preparing me well.

By the way, the report also stated that about 10 stalls of “Tormark Shokai” have started operations on “Stall Street” from today. “Tormark Shokai” is planning to enter the food stall business in the future, which is the first step. Of course, the “Food stall kit” is provided by Yuri. Chairman Ados has already set out for the kingdom territory like Rubetta, but it seems that this is also operated only by the subordinates of “Tormark Shokai”.

“The number of reports I read in the morning has decreased considerably …”

There were only 4 documents in total to read today. She knows the reason. This is because the reports that Rubetta and Ados usually deliver to the lord’s palace are no longer delivered due to their absence.

“Sister, do you prefer more information?”

Madeleine asks so in response to Yuri’s soliloquy. Madeleine, today’s “love duty”, is a child who belongs to “Himeyuri (patia)” which has many childish personalities, she also has a slightly mature atmosphere. Because it was just the atmosphere, the body shape was like a child, and there was no chest.

“Yeah…. “Nadeshiko” does a lot, but if possible, I want to know the city’s information from a more diverse perspective.”

The reports received from “Nashiko” are often from the same perspective as Yuri, that is, from the perspective of the politician. The information that can be grasped is biased only by the information obtained from this report.

“Why don’t you ask me to collect information from the city using ‘people who handle information’ and submit it in a daily report?”

“People who handle information? … Isn’t that “Nadeshiko”?”

Intelligence and counterintelligence-related matters are also proprietary patents of “Nadeshiko”. There should be no other unit in the “Yuri Empire” that specializes in information-related matters.

“No, my sister. People who used to handle information as their livelihood are in the basement of Yuritania. Originally they were enemies, but I heard now they are very obedient due to the training of “Kuroyuri”.”

“Oh — I see.”

In the underground prison facility in Yuritania, the “secret spies” who the kingdom had previously sent to the city of Nildea are still imprisoned. By the way, all male spies have been changed to nutrients by “Kuroyuri”, so the only spies currently in prison should be women.

“Maybe it’s good. There is a [boundary barrier] in Yuritania, so even if we put them on the ground, they won’t be able to escape from the city anyway. Should I get them to work on the ground, rather than just letting them eat in the underground? ”

“Oh, by the way, “Kikyo” said that they wanted to operate a “railroad carriage” in Yuritania. Why don’t give them a coachman’s job?”

“Oh … By the way, there was a “railroad” in Yuritania …”

When building the city of Yuritania, “Kikyou” seems to have assumed two “feet” to carry citizens and freight: “water transportation by using waterways” and “carriage running on railroad tracks”. Therefore, there are “waterways” in the city of Yuritania, and “railroads” are also laid at key points. It seems that “Ryuji” has already created a carriage for orbital driving, and a large amount of “horses” have been obtained by capturing it from the Logistics Officer. After that, as long as you arrange for the “coachman”, the “railroad carriage” will start operating in Yuritania immediately.

“It’s a good idea. I’ll talk to Meteora of “Kikyo” later and move my hand.”

“If it helps your sister, it’s best.”

Madeleine smiled gently, saying so. The benevolent smile certainly looked a bit like an “older sister”.

“Madeleine, let’s have some tea. We still have time until noon.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. I’ll be happy to leave it with you.”

Everyone in the “Yuri Empire” will move to the new city (Yuritania) at noon today. If a large number of people used the “Transfer Gate”, it would be a hindrance to the migration of the citizens, so it would be distracting, so Yuri will use the transfer magic to take everyone.

“Nildea was also a good place to live.”

“That’s right. I wouldn’t have been particularly dissatisfied if there was no stench.”

“Yeah …”

Madeleine’s words made Yuri smile unintentionally. Although they had smelled it several times before taking sufficient measures, it was an unbearable smell.

Spend as it is until noon while enjoying tea with Madeleine. Then Yuri moves to the front of the lord’s building. Everyone in the “Yuri Empire” was already waiting there face to face.

“I wonder if there are about 300 people gathering.”

“Some people are absent or have already gone to Yuritania, so it’s like this.”

Madeleine responds to Yuri’s muttering while looking at everyone’s face.

From today, the children of “Kikyou” are engaged in the work to build a new “village” in the grassland 20km south of Nildea. That’s why they are not here anymore. In addition, there are many children of “Nadeshiko” who are already active in the new city (Yuritania). So it seems that there are only 300 of the 360 people in the “Yuri Empire” here.

“Rely on the bond to connect the space and invite us to his land —”

When Yuri started chanting, a magic square with a radius of about 5 meters emerged under her feet. Yuri expands the magic and expands the size of the magic square to a radius of 50 meters. Everyone who was accustomed to transfer magic, all of them quickly entered the magic square without being told anything by Yuri.

“— [Group long-distance transfer]!”

When she chanted the closing “magic word (nesient)”, the scenery changed completely to that of the new city (Yuritania). The sudden transfer of a crowd of nearly 300 people made it possible to see that the citizens who were near the transfer destination were quite astonished.

“Partita, please guide me”

“We know”

Yuri still does not really know the geography of the new city (Yuritania). Therefore, she asked Partita, the captain of “Nashiko”, who was mixed in the transfer group, to guide her to the new lord’s building.

“My lord, it will be the building over there.”

After walking about 1 minute in the central city of Yuritania, Partita tells Yuri while pointing at the building in front of me.

There was a much larger building than the lord’s house where she lived until now. It has the dignity of a castle, but the building is too luxurious for a castle. This building is probably the most appropriate to call it a “palace”.

“… Is it really necessary to have such a big building?”

“If we allocate enough private rooms to everyone, we will definitely need a building of this size, as Meteora, the captain of Kikyo, said before.”

“Oh, I see … that might be true …”

“Yuri Empire” has 360 people in total. All 360 people are Yuri’s beloved “bride”, and no one can treat them sparsely. Certainly, as Meteora says, if they were to allocate a private room of sufficient size to all 360 people, it would be no wonder that a “palace” class building of this size would be needed.

(If you think about it, everyone used to sleep in a large room …)

Yuri was the only one who had a private room in the Nildea lord’s building. Everyone else occupied several large rooms for each unit, and had them live by sleeping appropriately. If you think about it, it was something that made everyone struggle.

(… I have to reward everyone who worked hard)

In the future, everyone will finally be able to live a decent life. Thinking about it, Yuri was just full of gratitude to the children of “Kikyou” who undertook the construction of the new city (Yuritania).

Yuri Empire

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