Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 063

Hungry Saint

063 Emilia’s Previous Life

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“This is……?”

The deepest part of the Merrill Ancient Labyrinth. A stone pedestal sitting in the center of the hall that spreads underground. The roots of the tree are deeply entwined. At the center of it, look away.

“What are the roots of the tree… protecting?”
“Wait, some light …”
“Light? Emilia, I can’t see that.”
“Something … warm …”

Emilia reaches out. Abigail took a breath with “Ah”.

Because it’s strange. Emilia is getting better as she dives into the labyrinth. Normally, Emilia, who is hungry or asleep for a little while, is pinning even if she uses the magical power to open the huge gate. She was wondering if the load of having the magical power of [Dragon god class] that exceeded the measurement limit in the body was gradually lightened by adjusting the rhythm of my life. But is really it?

“Emilia …?”

The jewel girl “Stone Golem” and the ice wolf “Fenrir” have fallen asleep. It’s as if I was relieved that the role of guiding Emilia to this place was over. John was sleeping curled up, but he was sleeping in a position as if Emilia, who was short, could easily reach for the pedestal. Maybe. The Merril ancient labyrinth was calling Emilia to this place?

Abigail calls out to Emilia with a feeling that she isn’t there.

“Hey, Emilia–”

However. Emilia’s fingertips touched the roots of the tree faster than Abigail’s words. The roots of the tree unravel from the place that Emilia touched. The light emitted from the inside became dazzling enough to be recognized by Abigail. Warm, young leaf-colored light overflows like spring water.

Emilia was impatient. She may have done something ridiculous. She really wanted to touch the roots of the tree that emits light. However, what if this was a trap in the ancient labyrinth, she was even more impatient now.

“Wow, wow …!?”
“This-oh, it feels good …?”
“Abigail-san, Abigail-san !?”
“Mo… thr…”
“Abi … Gei-san …”

The eyelids became heavier and heavier. However, there is no fear.

Emilia gently let go of her consciousness.


――A big dragon is flying in the sky. Emilia thought it was beautiful. She thought that the dragon flying in the sky was kind of lovely.

Emilia was looking at the sky, lying at the base of the big tree.

“Our Queen”

She felt like someone called me. Looking back. There were beautiful beasts there. A big lizard in flames, a supple cat with thunder, a bird with beautifully spread wings of the wind–and a wolf as beautiful as ice.


It was definitely John. The appearance of the ice wolf Fenrir is more mysterious and beautiful than it is now. This is a memory. Emilia mysteriously instinctively felt it. This is a memory of ancient times.

“Our Queen, do you really fall asleep?”

Our queen.

John-No, the Fenrir, calls on behalf of the four beasts. She realized that she was Emilia herself.

“Yes, humans have abandoned their faith in the world tree.”

(Is this me who was talking…?)

A mysterious feeling. She doesn’t seem to be herself. No, certainly she’s not herself. However, the woman who is speaking now is herself. Emilia was looking at it with a fluffy feeling.

“Is that new teaching …”
“Yes. It seems that humans have got a new song. They learned to consume the mana of the World Tree as if it were their own.”
“…If you, the guardian of the World Tree, who spreads mana all over the world, fall asleep, humans will soon try to take away the Mana of the World Tree.”
“Don’t worry. I fall asleep with the magical power of this world tree — let’s hide the world tree behind the world. Without great mana, their songs would not produce more power than humans.’
“What on earth should we do? ”
“I have a request for you — I want you to disperse and hide my memory and the power of the world tree in various parts of the world. do not worry. My soul will be protected by the god dragon. ”

God dragon. A legendary dragon that protected the world tree with four sacred beasts.

(That dragon was flying in the sky)

Emilia thought so for some reason. That big, strong, beautiful dragon. That is the god dragon.

In Emilia’s voice, the woman — called the Queen, is the guardian of the World Tree.

“I don’t have much power left. That is why I sleep with the god dragon — may my soul be reborn with the power of the god dragon in the distant world. And the world tree that falls asleep — so that it can take root in this world again. ”

For that time. Hide the memory of Sekaiju and the woman in the depths of the labyrinth.

(The light is …)

That young leaf-colored light fills up again. Emilia’s consciousness fluctuates.

(I … my previous life, maybe-that woman …?)

Close your eyes to glare. The next time Emilia lifted her eyelids, it wasn’t the root of the big tree under the blue sky-the world tree.

The deepest part of the Merrilluri Ancient Labyrinth. It was as if he had fallen asleep buried in John’s fur lying on the cobblestones of the hall, which looked like a ritual hall.

“Huh! Oh, Abigail-san !?”

Emilia looks around. It’s terrible. She just had a great dream.

I have to tell Abigail.

Emilia rushed to her when she found Abigail sleeping on John’s tail.

Hungry Saint

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