Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 064

Hungry Saint

064 Abigail’s dream

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Abigail had a nostalgic dream. It was a happy daily dream when my mother was still alive.


A nostalgic back standing in the distance. However, no matter how much Abigail talks to her, her mother will not look back. Abigail is getting sad. Cause would be so. She knows this is a dream. Because she knows, she wants to talk to her nostalgic mother. She wants you to hear her voice even for once once.

“―― …… Mom, this is a dream right.”

Abigail did not look like a girl. A hat with a large brim. A small pochette on the waist. It was her grown-up figure called [Universal Witch].

“What should I do?”

Abigail murmured.

“… I don’t want to wake up”

Yes, this is a happy dream. A dream that was too happy when she lived humbly as mother and daughter in a small hut. The dream that the Merrill ancient labyrinth is showing.  That’s it. The light that overflowed from that stone altar. she’s wondering what that was all about. A mysterious girl she picked up on the highway — what is Emilia’s true identity?

It’s a mystery that she worried about it normally.

Even so, she wants to immerse myself in this dream forever. She doesn’t want to wake up.


There was something that made a dull noise and fell at her feet.

“This is?”


Awkward work. Descriptive formulas and magic circles of magic that were dug uncovered. She can’t forget it. This is Abigail’s first magic tool. When she heard that my sick mother couldn’t afford to make an ice pack, it was a “non-slimy ice pack” made by combining water magic, circulation techniques, and ice magic that controls cooling. she didn’t know that ice magic is one of the most inefficient magic techniques, and it is an advanced technique. While reading the spellbook that was at home, she made it by imitating it.

This is Abigail’s first magic tool. After all, the magical efficiency was too low to withstand practical use.

“… Yes, I am”

Abigail, who was taken over by his father after his mother died, became the youngest genius to join the Court Mage Division. Then she made a lot of magic tools.

She was told to make a tool for war.
She was told to make entertainment tools for the aristocrats.
She was told to make a tool to kill many animals and monsters.

However, that was not what Abigail wanted to make. She just wanted to make a magic tool for a peaceful life to live happily.

—Wow. It’s delicious, Abigail-san!
—I’ve never eaten this.
—Ehe, I’m happy, Abigail-san.

That’s why. Abigail was terribly saved when she met Emilia. She treated her as a mere friend, not as a [universal witch]. They tasted delicious food together. The field was cultivated together, and the barley tea was chilled and drank in the wind.

That’s it. It is not important who Emilia is.

(I have to wake up early …)

The green light wraps around. Mother slowly looks back. The nostalgic face was gently smiling at Abigail.

And. Open her mouth slowly. With a nostalgic voice, my mother said.

“–Abigail. You are a kind child.”

Her mother smiles.

“–Protect your friends. The rebirth of that world tree. And our dear queen.”

What do you mean. When she tried to ask, her mother was no longer there. Instead, fragmentary images flow into Abigail’s brain.

A long time ago, a scene when the world was still full of mystery.

A world tree that rises above the clouds. A beautiful and big dragon that seems to be a [God dragon] flying over the world tree to protect it. Four beautiful beasts covered in flames, thunder, wind, and ice. Standing at the center of it — the beautiful goddess standing there.

“―― …… Emilia?”

The green light became stronger — Abigail’s consciousness was thrown into the void.


“… Emilia”

When she woke up, she saw Emilia’s face in her eyes. For some reason, it felt very nostalgic. It shouldn’t have been a long time since she met her. She’s sure the time she spent with her was so much fun.

“Yeah, I’m glad. you didn’t wake up at all, so I was really worried.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to worry.”
“Wan. I was worried too. Abigail.”
“Thank you John too”
“Oh, listen more than that, Abigail-san.”
“I found out that it was amazing. I’m actually–”
“–the rebirth of the goddess who protects the world tree?”
“That’s right, I had a dream a while ago … I mean, Abigail-san!?”

Emilia blinks her eyes.

“Why does Abigail-san know that?”
“Ah, that’s…”

Abigail smiles.

“I had a dream too.”

Emilia made her eyebrows into a ハ shape even though she wanted to surprise her.

Abigail blew out involuntarily.

“Haha, after all Emilia is Emilia.”
“What is it already?”

Emilia inflated her cheeks.

Hungry Saint

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