Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 065

Hungry Saint

065 Because You are You.

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Looking back at the stone altar. Emilia noticed something.

“Eh, the light”

The light of the altar that was shining brightly until earlier has disappeared.  Why? Emilia wonders and twists her neck.

“There must have been light behind the roots of this tree.”
“Yes, that strange magical power …”

Abigail takes out the magic plate.When measured earlier, magical power in the atmosphere was detected, which was nearly 100 times the standard value. The character strings are projected one after another on the board.

Emilia was staring at the situation.

“What does it mean?”
“What’s wrong, Abigail-san?”
“The source of the magical power just before–”
“That magical power is all emitted from you.”
“That’s why the source of that magical power is you. Emilia!”
“Eh, eh !?”

The calculation formula displayed on the magic board. No matter how many times Abigail recalculated, the calculation result was the same.

Magical power in the atmosphere that exceeds 100 times the standard value. It originated from Emilia Mercurio.


“… After all, the dream I had earlier was true.”
“The super-expansion is over again. The rebirth of the world tree that was lost in ancient times-everything would be too nonstandard.”
“But when you think about it, everything fits into the place.”

The amount of magical power outside the standard of [God Dragon class] measured in the Adventurer’s Guild. Although she had such ridiculous magical power, she was hardly using the magic on her own — on the contrary, the situation is Emilia who could not control the magical power. Symptoms of terrible hunger and drowsiness every time she uses magical power.

It’s all the source of Emilia’s magical power. There was a cause there. It is not possible to acquire magical power that is not yours. Abigail also noticed that Emilia’s magical power was something different.

However. It was the magical power inherited from Sekaiju, which is said to have been lost long ago.

“It’s really out of the standard. You are.”
“Well, is that complimented?”
“Oh, I’m complimenting you.”
“What do you do with a lie?”
“That’s right … Anyway, Abigail-san had a strange dream right?.”

Emilia sighed loudly. Huff.

“What do you care about?”
“No, isn’t it strange?”
“Hmm … what is it?”
“Because I am? I couldn’t become a full-fledged apprentice saint at all, and I was always hungry, and soon I fell asleep … I was the guardian of the world tree or the goddess? No one will believe me even if I say that. ”

Emilia’s eyebrows are in the shape of a ハ. She’s really in trouble. She couldn’t believe that she was reborn as such an amazing thing when was kicked out by everyone in the monastery.

“Abigail thinks so too right? It’s unbelievable.”
“Even if you say unbelievable — I’ve seen it.”

It’s a dream, Abigail adds.

“Don’t you think it’s weird?”
“… Emilia”

Emilia stretches her back as her shoulders are grasped by Abigail’s white and delicate hands.

“Umm… Aren’t you already weird from the start?”

Emilia’s eyes were fluttering at Abigail’s sudden words.

“It would be strange to have an apprentice saint lying hungry and crying along the road. Still, I called out. That … because you gave the whole food to your poor brother.”

“Eh! Did you see that Abigail-san?”

“Actually, yeah.”

Abigail, who had just been banished from the Court Mage Division, seems to have passed by that highway, worrying about the appearance of the “Flying Frog” and the family living nearby.

Abigail knew that the brothers living along the highway were having trouble eating. It seems that she was thinking of asking the owner of “Flying Frog” to make an arrangement for those brothers. It is very unfortunate to be hungry. The family can live happily and eat delicious food to fill their stomachs… that is the world that Abigail dreamed of.

“Well, was that so …”
“That’s why I couldn’t leave you alone. Emilia.”

Abigail laughs cheerfully.

“So, what … you were weird from the beginning, and I’m not surprised who Emilia was anymore. Emilia is Emilia.”
“Oh, Abigail-san!”

Involuntarily, Emilia hugs Abigail. It felt like her chest was full of warm soup. I want to be with Abigail-san all the time — Emilia decided in her heart again.

If she does so, Emilia feels that her dream of “becoming a fine saint who helps people all over the world” will come true.

“―― …… Oh”
“What’s wrong, Abigail-san?”
“On the pedestal. Look.”
“The roots of the tree are unraveling !?”

On a stone pedestal. The roots of the trees that were entwined in layers were unraveled as if they were protecting the refreshing green light. A beautifully shining item appeared in the center.

“This is… Mace, isn’t it?”
“That’s right … this is beautiful.”

A mace studded with beautifully shining jewels. It can be seen just by seeing that it is a very high quality item that is incomparable to the one for beginners rented out in the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Wow. Beautiful”

Emilia unintentionally reaches out. It was light as if it had wings.

“Wow !?”

The feet suddenly wobbled. Emilia and Abigail hug each other involuntarily.


They completely forgot. They were using John as a springboard.

“Wow, I’m sorry. John!”
“I was surprised……”

John, who was sleeping soundly, got up and Emilia and others descended from his backs. Then. John — No, one of the holy beasts that protects the world tree, Ice wolf Fenrir lay down in front of them.

“–Did you wake up, my Queen?”
“Eh, John?”

When she was surprised, a small footstep came closer.

“Oh, after all. This day has finally arrived.”
“Diamond-chan !? It’s getting really big !?”

Looking back to the source of voice, a jewel girl — the stone golem that guarded this Merrill ancient labyrinth stood. Thanks to the body made of colorful jewels, Emilia soon realized she was Diamond. Diamond, who looked like a girl younger than Emilia before, had grown considerably taller. By the way, it became a nice body with feminine unevenness.

“Gu, Gunuu … Growth period …!”

When Emilia, who longed for a cool style, was disappointed, Diamond also knelt next to John and hung her head on Emilia.

“I’ve been waiting for you all the time. All the ancient labyrinths around the world were made for you. Emilia-sama.”

Emilia and Abigail looked at each other in the words of Diamond.

Hungry Saint

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