Yuri Empire – 065

Yuri Empire

065 Revisiting the Holy Land of Nimun (Back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/67/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“— Yuri sister!”

When she arrived at the palace in the center of the city of Farrata, the holy city. A girl who admits the appearance of a lily rushes happily while waving her hand. Of course, Yuri immediately knew who it was just by her voice.

“You look fine, Estoa”

“Yes, my sister. Estoa is fine!”

In response to Yuri’s words, Estoa laughs cheerfully. It is worth coming all the way to the Holy Land just to see that smile.

“Maybe you’ve been waiting for me?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting to show you around the palace.”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. If I knew that Estoa was waiting, I would have come earlier …”

“I haven’t waited so much, so it’s okay at all!”

With that said, Estoa smiles with a carefree smile. If Yuri was late, it would have made her wait in front of the palace. It seems better to be able to get in touch with Estoa more closely.

“Estoa, lend me your hand”

“Yes, my sister”

Like sometime, Yuri takes the left hand of Estoa. She was happy that there was still a ring on that ring finger. However, the <heat / cold resistance> ring that Yuri fits in is a pinky ring for the little finger, so unfortunately it is not a matching ring.

Yuri takes out one simple leather bracelet from <Inventory> and fits it on Estor’s left arm. Because it is a type that can be adjusted in size, it will not get in the way even if you wear it on a regular basis.

“Sister, this is …?”

“It’s like a magical tool called a “telepathic bracelet”. If you wear this bracelet and store a small amount of magical power, the registered partner — this bracelet case is “I”. You’ll be able to talk with your heart anytime, no matter how far away you are. ”

“Wow … it’s a great bracelet, isn’t it?”

“I’ll be a little away, so give it a try. — [ Short transition (Aros Pinay)]”

Using the most elementary transfer magic, Yuri moves to a position 16 meters away from Estoa. If it was this far away, it would be difficult to establish a conversation with a normal voice volume.

“… I tried through magical power, but is this all right?”

“Yes, it’s okay. I can hear you properly. ”

“Wow, you can really talk with just the voice of your heart. That’s surprising”

Conversation with the voice of the heart — In other words, in the case of “telepathy”, the volume does not decrease with distance. No matter how far away they were, they should always be able to hear each other’s voices clearly.

Yuri uses the magic of [Short Transfer] again and returns to the previous position. Yuri suddenly moved to the front of her eyes (warp), and the expression of Estoa, who was surprised at her eyes, was also very cute.

“I’ll give that bracelet to Estoa. You can put magical power in the bracelet whenever you want to talk to me, whether you have something to do or nothing to do.”

“Is it okay to have it…? Besides, my sister will be busy normally, so talking too much may be annoying …”

“No elder sister will be annoyed by her little sister, right?”

“… Thank you, Yuri sister”

Estoa gently strokes the bracelet fitted on her left hand. If Yuri can see her happy expression, Yuri is likely to give her a gift.

“Estoa. I wonder if it’s time to take me to the Pope.”

“Ah, yes. That’s right. I’ll show you, sister.”

Yuri set foot in the stone palace while being led by Estoa. The palace of the holy city of Farrata is made of heavy stones, so almost the entire area is composed of only the first floor. The size of the building itself is considerable. Although she had already come once, it seems quite possible that she would get lost without the guidance of Estoa.

Every time she met against people dressed like officials in the corridor inside the palace, the other party bowed deeply, so Yuri responded by giving a small bow. It was a little strange that everyone she met knew about Yuri, even though she wasn’t in her own country.

The destination where she was guided by walking about Farrata’s palace for about 5 minutes was the same room as the last time, which seems to be a “guest room”. When Estoa knocked on the door twice, a voice saying “come in” was returned from inside.

“Good morning, Yuri-sama. It’s been a long time.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time. — It’s still very similar.”

Look at Pope Altorius, who stood up from the sofa and welcomed Yuri. Involuntarily nostalgic, Yuri’s cheeks loosen a little.

“It’s a story that I’m similar to Mr. Arita.”

“Yes, I’m sorry. You would only be in trouble if you said this.”

“Don’t worry. The world is so big that it may happen.”

Pope Altorius smiled gently, saying so. Yuri thinks that he is still a gentle person. It’s probably the second time she met him in person, but Yuri is already gaining absolute trust in his personality.

“This time, you will send us to the Principality with transfer magic …. I’m very sorry for the trouble of Yuri-sama.”

“I don’t care, it’s not a big deal for me. Rather, you can ask me when you want to go somewhere far away.”

“… Are you sure?”

“If it sounds like I didn’t say that, you should clean your ears.”

Yuri answered so and smiled. Pope Altorius also smiled with a slightly embarrassed smile so that he could be caught.

Looking around the room, there are four paladins this time, in addition to the two maids wearing the white costumes that she saw the last time she came. In addition, luggage of a certain size was prepared under their feet. Apparently, the travel preparations on the other side have already been completed. Well, even though it’s a trip, it’s a day trip because it goes back and forth with transfer magic.

“It looks like you’re ready. Can I send you to the Principality?”

“I’m sorry. It’s a good opportunity, so I’d like to talk to Yuri-sama.”

“Hmm …? If you can prepare tea, I’ll be happy to ask you.”

“Thank you, let’s get ready soon.”

As soon as Yuri sat on the sofa, two maids in white costumes prepared tea. Unlike the last time, this time the hot tea was served. If the heat of the desert is prevented by the [temperature control barrier], hot tea will be preferred in this country as well.

“Oh, I didn’t notice it last time, but I wonder if this tea is a tea leaf that I always drink with Lydina. I think it has the same scent.”

“Is that so? In the Holy Kingdom, the most picked tea leaves are dedicated to the main god, so maybe they are using it.”

Because she always has tea with Lydina in the garden of “Sacred Area” where the fresh green is dazzling and full of nature. She was wondering if those tea leaves were also harvested in the “Kami area”.  If it is a special product of the Holy Land of Nimun, she would be happy. It may seem difficult to bring back the “sacred area” items, but it is easy to import tea leaves from allies.

“So what is consultation?”

“As I said before, in the Holy Land of Nimun — especially in cities in the desert, the threat of monsters in the shape of “vultures” flying in the sky cannot be suppressed, and deaths rarely occur, but people are often injured ”

“I see. Do you want cities other than Farrata to have a [boundary barrier] to prevent the invasion of monsters?”

“Yes. I would be very grateful if I could ask. Of course, we will prepare the price.”

“Oh, is that okay? Maybe I’ll sprinkle a lot of money?”

“If you can buy the safety of the people, you shouldn’t put a thread on it. ”

As a matter of course, Pope Altorius says so. The attitude of giving first priority to the people is very favorable as a politician because of the same attitude.

“Then, in return for the development and maintenance of the barrier, let’s have this tea leaf “dedicated” to me on a regular basis.”

“… Is that enough?”

“Oh, can I request more? Then, I wonder if I should have the right to deliver my “broadcast” to the people living in the cities and villages that have barriers. Instead, I will use the [boundary barrier] together with a [temperature control barrier] to stabilize the temperature. ”

“That’s something I wouldn’t hope for …”

“Then it’s decided. It may be difficult right away, but I’ll prepare it later this month.”

“Summer moon” was over at the stage of yesterday, and the current calendar is “Autumn moon 1st”. For the time being, in a month, Yuri will be able to direct her familiars to create “transfer points” in each city and village in the Holy Land of Nimun, and transfer the children of “Red Plum” to develop a barrier.

If she delivers the “broadcast” to the cities and villages that have a barrier, some of the viewers may believe in yuri. If Yuri earns “faith”, it will be in the interest of Lydina. If even a little gratitude can be returned to Lydina, who has great gratitude, it is also desirable for Yuri herself.

“If that’s all there is to it, let’s move to the Principality. Is Pope Altorius doing something over there?”

In the first place, if Yuri was alone, she would only accept the invitation of the “night party”, so it was good to visit the Principality even at night. However, Yuri is still picking up at Nimun Holy Land before noon. Pope Altorius has something to do before the evening party, so she wants to pick him up early, because Lydina asked me to do so.

“Yes. I would like to visit the cathedral of the Principality and consult with the high priest of the other party. By the way, the story changes, but does Yuri still have the very “contemptuous letter” that was previously received from the messenger of the Principality? ”

“………? Yes, I carry it with me. If you want to read it, I’ll put it out?”

“No, I’m not going to do it now, but can I read it later?”

“It doesn’t matter at all…”

If you want to read it, you should read it now.

Wondering so, Yuri unconsciously tilted her head. Pope Altorius’s thoughts and feelings could not be understood by Yuri.

―――― Of course, forYuri at this point.

She couldn’t imagine that the fact that the Pope had confirmed the fact that she had the letter had a big meaning.

Yuri Empire

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