Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 042

Hungry Saint

042 Calm Daily Life -Stamina Soup for Repelling Colds-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Are you okay, John?”
“Um … I was sneezing for some reason.”
“Ah, is someone rumored about John? I heard that sneezing occurs when the rumor is spoken… hachii!”
“Emilia, too. Hmm… maybe you have a cold. It’s said that catching summer colds is something or the other.”
“Oh, Abigail-san, you said something awful right now!”
“Haha, it’s because of my mind.”
“Don’t stroke my head~ you’re only one year older than me~!”

Someday I’ll grow taller and get a cool style. So Emilia decided.

“But if you really have a cold, it’s bad. Even in the summer, the mornings and evenings in the forest get cold.”
“Well, it’s still a bit cold.”

The sun was setting.

“I’ll make a special soup, so let’s go to bed early today.”
“A special soup!”
“Ah. There are plenty of onions and garlic… you can expect it.”
“Wow! But does it take time to stew?”
“It’s okay, I can do it right away.”

Abigail started slicing the onion she took out of the basket.
And some eggs from the refrigerator that was just developed thanks to John.

“Sliced onions are boiled in water, seasoned with the simple seasoning I developed, chicken broth cubes, and then the cracked eggs are added …”
“Wow, the eggs are fluffy! It looks delicious …”
“Grate garlic and ginger here and add a lot of it!”
“Oh, a lot…!”
“A lot!”
“It’s really a lot!?”
“If only a small amount, the medicinal effect will be halfway.”
“Eh, medicinal effect?”
“Okay, once it’s boiled, sprinkle in the starch powder dissolved in water to thicken it. then adjust the taste with salt and pepper, etc ….”
“Foo …”
“The warm stamina soup to prevent catching colds is complete.”

A soup with beautiful golden eggs. The scent of garlic ginger stimulates your appetite.

“Let’s eat!”
“Um, I’ll eat too!”
“Be careful because it’s hot”
“It’s hot!!!”
“… John, that’s why I said …”
“I’m sorry… dogs but have cat’s tongues …”

When sip it, the taste of ginger, garlic and chicken stock will spread throughout the mouth. Fluffy egg texture, gentle taste. The sweetness of the onion is so gentle.

Something noticeable when continuing to eat it. This soup is thick, so it won’t cool down. It’s hot even if it doesn’t have a magic circle for heat preservation.

“Hafu, hafu… I’m sweating somehow.”
“Ah, that’s the medicinal effect. Ginger has a warming effect on the body, and garlic has a nourishing and tonic effect. All the ingredients are easy to digest, so drink this soup and go to bed while it’s warm. If you have a cold, you can get rid of it immediately.”
“Oh ~!”
“Hmm, the wisdom of the Son of Man.”
“Good magic research starts from a good life …”

Abigail winks properly.

Emilia notices it. Shemay have been busy with the work she took from the guild and didn’t have a good rest. With Emilia, she has a reputation for being able to easily complete quests of any difficulty and is supporting various parties. Well, even though she’s busy, she’s feeling better than when she was in the monastery because she has a good meal and sleep.

“Thank you, Mr. Abigail”

“… Well, what do you mean? I have to keep my valuable research subjects healthy, until she can stand alone.”

She went to bed early on that day.

John also seemed to be completely familiar with the large kennel they had built in the yard.
――Tomorrow, they are going to sell the “refrigerator” to a certain place.

Hungry Saint

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