Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 057

Hungry Saint

057 Merrill Ancient Labyrinth, 7th Floor  ~Jewel Girl – Diamond~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Really, You won’t do it? Really?”
“Of course”
“Abigail-san, apologize properly”
“Eh? Ah … I’m sorry …”

Abigail bows to the jewel girl — stone golem made from jewels who stay away from her because she was completely scared by Abigail.
Abigail even took off a hat with a large brim that was equipped with magic tools, sat upright, and apologized.
Emilia also nodded while sitting next to her for some reason.

“I wonder… Abigail-san is also reflecting on it, so can you forgive her this time…?”
“Yeah… if she apologizes like that, it’s okay.”
“Thank you, Jewel-chan!”
“Jewel, chan?”

The jewel girl bends her neck.

“Well, I don’t know your name.”
“There is no name. I am stone golem.”
“Stone golem…”
“Why does Emilia also say that?”
“Huh! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
“…You are the chosen ones”
“Hmm, that’s all from a while ago.”

Although she spoke, the words of the jewel girl were sloppy and her eyes were vaguely out of focus.
Diamond hair, sapphire eyes, colorful jewels shining on the limbs.
Emilia stared at it … and shouted, “That’s right!”

“Hey, can I give a name to Jewel-chan?”
“Wow, don’t worry. Golem. Emilia has given me a name. My name is John!”
“John… you are the glorious fenrir, aren’t you…?”
“Indeed, one of our pillars of phantom beast that protects the world tree, Fenrir, and John.”
“… John”

John sticks his nose to a little girl while lying down.
The jewel girl stretched out to John’s forefoot and muttered, “Mofumofu …”.

“Can I give you a name?”
“… Well,if you said so.”

Yes! Emilia said.

“Well, then …”

Emilia stares at her glittering hair.

“Abigail-san, this child’s hair… it’s very beautiful, but what kind of stone is it?”
“Hmm? From visual identification, it’s not a crystal… it’s a diamond, it’s the finest gem.”
“Diamond! Then I decided. Your name is Diamond.”
“Just like that!?”
“Because it’s so beautiful! Nice to meet you, Dia-chan. I’m Emilia. This is Abigail-san, this is John!”
“… Diamond”

The jewel girl Diamond muttered, “Diamond, my name is diamond.”
“Thank you, the chosen ones. I am a stone golem Diamond, will be your guide.”
“What !? The intelligence improved …!?”
“It’s not, but thanks to you seeing Diamond as a companion rather than an enemy and giving it a name, a “bond” was formed between Diamond and Emilia.”
“Now, let’s go. You are chosen ones. Let’s go to the innermost part of this labyrinth.”

Diamond reaches out.
Wait, Abigail interrupts it.

“At the back of the labyrinth, this is still the 7th layer? Skip the 8th and 9th layers…”
“From there, you can’t go to the deepest part.”
“… What?”
“That’s why we go to the deepest part from this 7th layer.”
“What the hell is that !?”
“You who carried Fenrir, the guardian of the world tree, did not greedily touch the jewels here. You did not harm Diamond… well, they were barely touched. On the contrary. You gave me the name “Diamond” with friendship. Diamond decides that you deserve to go to the deepest part of this labyrinth. ”
“…. What if you were robbing the jewels here or attacking you …?”
“… This labyrinth will have peeled it’s fangs to you.”

Abigail holds her head in the words of Diamond.

“Emilia helped me …”

Abigail takes Emilia’s hand.

“Diamond, please guide me to the innermost part of this Merrill  the ancient labyrinth “dungeon””

Diamond nodded with Kokun.

Hungry Saint

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