Yuri Empire – 011

Yuri Empire

11 The Lord’s House Meeting (after)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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“Thank you, Virelai”

“I’m honored.”

Yuri thanked “Nadeshiko” for giving hot tea to the meeting place, and Deputy Director Virelai bowed down and responded. She thought it would be unavoidable for the discussion to take a long time, so Yuri asked Virelai in advance to brew a hot drink one hour before the meeting. She’s glad that Virelai also took care of her, and that she added baked sweets beside the tea. she had a lot of thoughts during the meeting, so she just wanted a sweetness that would refresh her mind.

“Next agenda, is it okay for me?”

“sure. Go ahead”

“Thank you, princess”

When Yuri gave permission, Hera, the captain of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, stood up on the spot and began to express her opinion after giving a light bow .

“As we all know, we killed about 1600 civilians during the recent invasion of Nildea, of which 1400 were civilian employees and the remaining 200 are sweepers — a so-called “adventurer”-like person. “

When she was told again, Yuri thought that she had killed quite a lot of people. There was no one who she directly killed, but it was none other than Yuri who ordered them to kill. It can be said that it is the party who carried out the murder of virtually all 1,600 people.

(―――― I don’t feel anything)

Despite being involved in the mass murder, Yuri’s inner heart is calm like a calm. It felt that she was reminded again that this was to have a “villainous” mind.

“Since they drew a bow toward Yuri-sama, the return is quite natural. I don’t think about the killing itself . The problem is that almost all of the 1600 people who died are men, and 1100 of them were married. ”

“In other words, they left families.”

“Princess is right. Of the 1,100 widows, about 900 do not have regular jobs, that is, those who lived on the income of their husbands. Among them, around 400 households already have one or more children, and about 150 households supporting grandfathers and grandmothers were included.”

“The possibility of poverty because they don’t have income?”


Normally, soldiers who died in the war would receive a tribute, but in this case, because the “Yuri Empire” occupied it easily, there should be no compensation for that kind of thing. Well, just because they’re a widow doesn’t mean that you can’t work. However, for households that have dependents, it will be necessary for the politicians to help.

“Even if we give money, that won’t solve the problem …”

The Yuri Empire who occupied Nildea obtained a considerable amount of goods that were stored in the basement when they occupied the lord’s building. Therefore, it is not difficult to give money to people who are in trouble in their daily lives. However, it can only save a temporary situation.

“Then, let’s create employment opportunities anyway.”

“Actually, that’s exactly what I want to suggest. Why don’t we run a dozen restaurants on our side and hire applicants there for a slightly higher salary than the market price?”


The woman who did not have a regular job is likely to have been a full-time housewife, so it is highly possible that they will be able to cook to some extent. In that sense, it’s certainly not bad.

“If we add more than 10 restaurants to a city of this size, it’s probably oversupplied.”

Nobody knows how many people in this world usually eat out, but the number should be about the same. If the restaurants currently in the city meet demand, adding more stores will definitely oversupply.

When Yuri asked about it, Hera responded by nodding a little.

“By the way, princess, let’s change the story a little. What kind of impression did the princess have when ate the “demon meat” in this world?”

“Yeah? The story really changed… I wonder if the monster’s meat was the one I had at dinner that day when I regained consciousness?”


“Hmm … I wonder if it tasted like the usual “beef”. I thought it was normally delicious.”

She remembered that the dinner that day was a steak made from monster meat called “Axhorn”. Honestly, Yuri was a little reluctant to hear that it was “monster meat”. When I bite into the meat, it tasted surprisingly not much different from ordinary beef steak.

“That’s right. I remember having the impression that it was just like a princess and that it was “normally delicious”. Honestly, when I heard that it was monster meat, I imagined that more muscular meat would come out.”

“Oh, that’s true if you ask me …”

Edible and livestock meat and wild monster meat. If you compare the two, the latter is likely to taste overwhelmingly. At least if referring only to the memory of the meat she ate the other day, it seems that there was almost no difference in taste between the two. Axhorn is a monster that is often seen around here, so it is very easy to hunt and get meat. It’s easy to procure and that taste isn’t bad.

“By the way, Princess. In this world, “monster meat” is a word that refers to a little high-class food.”

“…? It seems easy to get it, why?”

“For us, it is a small fish that can be hunted in 2 seconds, but for people in this world, it is not uncommon for people in this world to have difficulty hunting even with Axhorn, and it is not uncommon for monsters to die. It’s difficult in itself, and it seems that the reason why meat is prized is that it doesn’t last long ”

In response to Hera’s words, Yuri was convinced.

In the game of “Atros Online”, whenever you defeat a monster, a “corpse” remains, and you can use the skill “dismantling” to obtain the material for that monster.

  • —- +

<Dismantling> — General skills

Obtain materials that can be recovered from the corpse of the demon over 5 seconds. The dismantled corpse disappears, and the monster repops somewhere in the same area.

  • —- +

<Dismantling> is a general skill, so it is a skill that any player, NPC, or any character in the game has acquired.

Therefore, the children of the “Yuri Empire”, including Yuri herself, do not have any trouble dismantling the monsters. Using the skill, material from the corpse of the monster can be collected in one shot, so the skin and meat together, including the desired part can be obtained.

But — the people who live in this world are probably not.

In order to get the monster’s skin, to actually peel the rawhide with a knife is needed, and to get meat, “disassemble” the monster is also needed. Of course, if you want good quality meat, you will have to properly perform treatments such as blood removal. Considering the effort and effort, it was no wonder that monster meat became a “luxury food”.

“Princess. Actually, we have a large amount of materials for Axhorn and Urigo in our “Yuri Empire” stockpile.”

“Partita, is that so?”

In response to Hera’s words, Yuri asks Partita, the captain of the “Nadeshiko” sitting next to her. This is because “Nashiko” manages all the property and stockpiles owned by “Yuri Empire”.

“Yes, it’s a fact, master. The material of Axhorn alone is about 8000.”

“Why so much …?”

“That, shortly after I came to this world … Everyone did their best to reduce the consumption of the food stockpiled in the “Yuri Empire” at least during the five days when the master was asleep. we hunted too much. ”

“To be honest, it’s a little hard to imagine the amount of 8000 bodies. I wonder how many kilograms of meat alone is?”

“The dismantling was mainly done by “Nadeshiko”, but in that case, it seems that about 120 to 140 kilograms of meat can be obtained from one Axhorn.”

Nadeshiko is in charge of dismantling because they have a skill called <maid dismantling technique> in the <God Warrior (Tetra)> occupation (class). This is a completely superior skill of <Dismantling>, and you can dismantle the monster in an instant without the work time of <Dismantling>, which normally takes 5 seconds, and you can get more material from the monster than you normally do with <Dismantling>. Can be done.


Since it is 130 kilograms x 8000 bodies, even a simple calculation means that more than 1000 tons of meat is held in the guild stockpile. It is obvious that it is no longer the amount that can be consumed in the “Yuri Empire” alone.

“In other words, we are going to develop a meat restaurant that sells monster meat.”

“You’re right, princess. I don’t feel really good storing all the meat we gathered in “Nadeshiko” for too long , but it’s also painful to discard the ingredients.”

“Well, you have to take good care of your food. If the sale is “a store where you can eat monster meat cheaply”, you can avoid an oversupply in anticipation of increased demand, which is good. I think it’s a plan. What do you think of Meteora? ”

Yuri tells that and talks to Meteora, the captain of “Kikyou”.

Whether building a restaurant from scratch or remodeling an existing building into a restaurant, she would rely on Kikyo, which specializes in architecture. If possible, she’d like them  to concentrate on the construction work of the new town, but this time this should be done even if the construction of the city is delayed a little.

“Well, I don’t think it will take much time to set up a store. If we have a day, we will …”

“Ah, no. Yuri-sama, Meteora. In this case, I think it can be done without the help of “Kikyo”.”

“Without the help of Kikyo? Do you mean to rely on a local (Nildea) carpenter?”

“Instead, we could use the guild property ‘Food Street Stall Kit’?”

“…Oh.Yeah, there was such an item.”

The “food street stall stall kit” mentioned by Hera is an item that allows you to make a “food stall” appear on the spot by using it as its name suggests.

You can select from the candidates what kind of products the stall handles when using the item, and a stall with related equipment will appear. For example, if you select “Stalls that can mix chemicals”, stalls equipped with “dispensing equipment” will appear, and if you select “Stalls that can repair weapons and armor”, stalls equipped with “simple furnaces” will appear. And so on.

Of course, there is also a “food stall that serves food” among the options, and if you select it, a food stall with “two simple stoves and a water supply” will appear.

“I see. It’s an interesting idea to have a restaurant at a food stall.”

Certainly, in this case, there is no need to get the help of “Kikyou”.


“… I wonder if there are any customers who use food stalls in such a stinky city?”

Yes, Yuri could understand the feeling that Cassia of “Kuroyuri (Nostia)” was wondering.

“I think it’s okay. It’s certainly an intolerable environment for us, but the stench is unexpectedly familiar for the people living in the city of Nildea. They don’t care so much. ”

“It’s a very strong story …”

“Well, I think it’s okay if the citizens don’t care. The “food street stall kit” is stored in large numbers, so it’s okay for the hired people to handle it roughly.”

“Food street stall kit” is a frequent item as a lost prize for gacha. Therefore, Yuri, who has spared no effort to invest in gacha in order to enhance the equipment of everyone in the “Yuri Empire”, naturally possesses a large amount of this item. As long as it is not destroyed, it is not an item that will decrease even if it is used, so it is too correct to describe the stockpile status as “dead store”. If it can be used, it would be nice for Yuri to use it.

“I will give you full permission, so please bring as many “food street stall kits” as you need. You can move the stalls later, so I think it’s very good to carry them when a new city is completed.”

“Beef can be cooked in a variety of ways, so it seems that various food stalls can be opened.”

“Oh, that’s nice, Hotaru. It might be a good idea to promise that you’ll provide as many ingredients as you want, and then ask the hired people to serve their favorite dishes, which will give each stall its own personality. I’m sure there will be more. ”

If there are many types of food stalls, it may be interesting to collect them in several places in the city to create a “food stall street”. Surely it will become popular.

How to say it— The reason why you feel the special charm of eating at “stalls” is that there is something like your instinct as a human being. It seemed to Yuri that people in different worlds should feel the same way.

Yuri Empire

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