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Yuri Empire

12 After meeting

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“Then that’s all the agenda to discuss at this meeting. Thank you everyone.”

After discussing some agenda items from that point on, Yuri said so and decided to close the meeting. Because the city was conquered without any preparation period, they know that various problems are piled up. Even so, there is a limit to how many things can be solved at once, so in the end, there is no choice but to do the most important ones and the ones that seem easy to handle one by one.

“That, my sister”


There was a voice hung on Yuri who was stretching her whole body after the meeting.

She can imagine who was talking to her when she was called “sister”, so she looked back on that intention. Not only Parfait, the captain of “Himeyuri (Patia)”, but all 12 people who participated in the conference stood there.

“…? What happened?”

Looking at the situation of the lineup, Yuri involuntarily made her eyes flutter. If there was something they wanted to say, it would have been nice to say it during the meeting.

“Well, that. It’s about the other day’s “reward”…”

“Ah, I see”

After hearing Parfe’s words, Yuri finally became enthusiastic. Certainly, it is not the content that makes it the “agenda” of the meeting.

“Have you decided what you want?”

At the time of the invasion of Nildea a week ago, Yuri promised, “If you can control it within 30 minutes, I will give you something to reward later.” And everyone drastically shortened the conditions and easily conquered the city in just “5 minutes”.

Of course, promises are promises, so Yuri must give everyone a “reward”. Therefore, everyone in the “Yuri Empire” was given homework to decide “what they wanted” through discussions.

“That — Is it really okay for us to decide the content of the reward?”

“Yes. If I can, I would like to give you what you are most pleased with.”

After telling Parfe with a smile, Yuri continued her words.

“Of course, there is a restriction that it can be fulfilled by me. Please do not prepare anything that is not so easy to prepare or that is expensive such that the finances of the “Yuri Empire” will collapse.”

“Well, that’s natural. There’s nothing expensive to hope for.”

“I’m sorry. I intended to have some money, but I hate it and that money doesn’t work in this world.”

Yuri has a money called “Gita” that is distributed in the in-game world of “Atros Online” as much as “30 Peta”, that is, about “30 quadrillionn Gita”.

You can roughly guess from the digits, but this is a tremendous amount. However, she didn’t save it because she wanted to save it separately, but she just sold unnecessary items from gacha to other players for many years through the market. However, that money will not be useful in this world. Gita coins are set as “magic coins” in the game and cannot be reprocessed.

For example, 1 Gita coin is a “silver coin” and 100 Gita coin is a “gold coin”, but it is impossible to crush it and change it into silver or gold bullion. If that was possible, it would have been possible to obtain a large amount of money that would be accepted in this world by selling off the precious metal bullion.

“Sister. We definitely have something to receive from your sister.”

“Of course, anything I can give.”

“We definitely want to receive special affection from your sister.”

“…Affection …?”


For a moment, Yuri didn’t understand the meaning of the word. After waiting for about 5 seconds, the word “love” finally came to my mind.

“I wonder if that means I didn’t have enough love for you.”

“No, no! That’s definitely not the case!”

Parfe argues loudly against Yuri’s words that she utters unconsciously. It was unusual for Parfe, who usually maintains a lady-like attitude, to hit Yuri with words in a strong tone.

“Princess. We all intend to understand exactly how the princess is deeply loving us.”

While saying so, Hera shows the ring attached to the ring finger of the left hand. The pure white brilliant ring worn by everyone in the “Yuri Empire” was also a proof of the love that Yuri had accumulated over the long 20 years.

“I’ve already collaborated with everyone in the Yuri Empire. Apparently, we came to this “different world” and it seems that something has changed. ”

“What is that ‘something’…?”

“It’s a little difficult to explain in words…. While we were in the previous world, we feel that there was a kind of constraint on the thoughts and actions of all of us.
For example, we have received countless kisses from the princess. It was only once a day, but we all lived every day, looking forward to the moment when the princess gave us a kiss.”

In response to Hera’s words, Parfe, Primula, Sakura, Meteora, and all the captains of the “Yuri Empire” who were here nodded many times.

“However — that’s why we still have some doubts.
Why were we satisfied with the once-a-day kiss and didn’t want the princess to have a “second kiss”? Why didn’t we think that we would get a kiss from the princess’s side and didn’t suggest that we “give back the kiss to the princess”? Why didn’t we have to limit our expression of affection to kiss and not ask for another act such as “hug”?
We were sure If we wanted it from our side, the princess would have responded……」

“……that is”

Because that was the game system —. Involuntarily, such a word stuck at Yuri’s throat.

In “Atros Online”, only married partners can kiss once a day. You can only kiss once a day, and if you try to kiss a second time, you will see a window that says “Warning: Harassment”. Also, even a married partner is only allowed to touch the hands and shoulders. If you touch anything else, you’ll immediately see a window that says “Warning: Harassment.” Therefore, hugs were systematically prohibited.

“It’s like an invisible sword that warned us when we were in the previous world. It feels like it’s gone after the transition to another world.”

Hotaru says so in the usual slightly extended tone. On the other hand, only that voice sounded a little more happy than usual.

“We think it’s a good idea, so I’d like to get some help from Master.”


“Should I say “night activity” clearly?”

Maybe it’s embarrassing to say that fireflies say it while pouring vermilion on her cheeks? Of course, Yuri is not a child so much that the meaning of the word cannot be understood.

“… Seriously?”

“Of course, there is no doubt it’s the consensus of all “Yuri Empire” except Yuri-sama.”

“Is that so.”

“Oh, of course, if you’re inconvenienced, we don’t forcibly hope for a reward …”

“Ah — wait! It’s not a nuisance at all! I absolutely do not hate it.”

Yuri strongly denies the words that Sera leaked with anxiety. That’s right. At least Yuri doesn’t think it’s annoying or disgusting at all, but rather,

“That… Thank you. I’m very happy with Everyone’s feelings.”

Yuri couldn’t be more happy that everyone she loved from the bottom of her heart wanted a deeper connection with herself. Or rather, from the perspective of Yuri, who is a lesbian, it seems a little scary to be too welcome.

“But please adjust. If I am surrounded by 359 people, my body can’t handle it either.”

“We have already agreed on that, and we have decided to use a fortune-telling system.”

“That’s right…”

Yuri smiled bitterly when she learned of the fact that the order system had been decided in advance. Hera has just said “everyone agrees”. Maybe that “everyone” doesn’t include Yuri, who is the number one in the party.

Yuri Empire

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