Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 017

Hungry Saint

017 Bazaar – Crispy, Juicy, Delicious Sausage Baguette

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“It’s bazaar—!!!”

“Emilia… noisy…”

“Hmm, I’m sorry … The bazaar in Merrill is so famous that I was excited!”

“Emilia, the excitement is easy to understand”

“It smells really good… I’m hungry ….

Gukyururu. A sad sound echoes.

A gorgeous, lively and fun open-air street! Emilia stopped her eyes on the food that every passersby had.

“Oh, what is that!”

“It’s a sausage baguette. It’s a specialty of Merrill.”

“Hoo. Sausage … baguette …!”

Emilia makes her eyes shine.

“… What is that?”

“Don’t be sad … it’s so-called side dish bread … okay. Seeing is believing. Let’s actually eat it.”

“Wow, Abigail-san! My heart is still not ready…!”

“Preparing your heart? Isn’t that an exaggeration?. You see, there is it. There is a store I know.”


“TO celebrate your guild registration, eat whatever you like as much as you like!”

In a tremendous crowd, Abigail pulled Emilia’s hand and proceeded through the street stalls.

They arrived at a sausage baguette specialty store. It doesn’t seem to be very busy, but Abigail said, “This is the best store, it’s delicious.”  A large thick iron plate is placed in front of the tent.

There are two iron plates. On one side, a fluffy and crispy roasted baguette for one person is lined up, and it is browned.

Jiwajiwa …… crackling …….

The sound of baking bread and the sound of popping firewood in a kamado.

The wonderful scent of sausage drifted, and Emilia’s belly groaned with a sad sound.

“Oh … it looks delicious!”

The other iron plate was covered with a large hemispherical lid and a small grandmother is sitting in front of the iron plate.


“I’ll ask for two sausage baguettes that look as good as possible.”

“Oh, all-purpose witch. Is your daughter a disciple?”

“It’s ridiculous to be a disciple! It’s my important partner. It’s one in 10000000000000000000 people!”

“Huh! ?? Well, that’s it. Anyway, I’m indebted to Abigail-sama … I have to serve the miss…. Yes, here please. Your sausage baguette.”

“Wow …!”

A white sausage with plenty of herbs sandwiched by crispy baked baguette.

The hot sausage baguettes are wrapped in paper for easy holding.

“Come on, eat”

“Well, can I eat it as it is !?”

“Ah, the fun of the bazaar is eating and walking.!”

“That’s right…!”

She took a bit……. And heaven has spread in her tongue!

A baguette is a bread with a crispy texture on the surface and a fluffy, elastic texture inside. When enjoying it’s crispy texture and the taste of wheat spread in the nostrils — and then it comes, the white sausage.

Compared to crunchy bread, it is very easy to chew. After the crispy texture, the aroma of herbs merges with the flavor of baguette. And the more you chew, the more juicy, delish~ the juice overflows!

“This is this…!?”

“Um, it’s always delicious to eat. The sausage baguettes at this store are.”

“Oh, it’s delicious!”

Emilia releases a happy aura.

The sausage baguette that you can eat while standing while bathing in the atmosphere of the city is the best!

It ’s delicious, the sausage baguette is very delicious!

Hungry Saint

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