Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 037

Hungry Saint

037 Ice Wolf Fenrir, The Name is John

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

A four-pillar fantasy beast that serves the world tree.

Flame dragon Smaug.
Thunder tiger Yupiteru.
Seabird Siren.
And the ice wolf Fenrir.

It is the strongest phantom beast that slides the power to roar in the world. Its existence is spoken of by religions around the world. It is said that a long time ago, when the world tree was sealed at the end of the world, it disappeared together and fell asleep quietly.

“Really… Is it really the ice wolf Fenrir… ⁉︎”
“That’s right. Fenrir that was awakened by noble magic. My name is John.”
“Wow… John is talking… And Fenrir is the strongest phantom beast in Tenka religion…!”
“Do the children of man call us that way?”
“Oh, the great Fenrir, can you tell us the secret of your awakening!”

The beautiful beast Fenrir answers the words of Abigail who knelt down.

“No, My name is John”

“We are terribly sorry.”

“And stop that new way of speaking”

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry …”

“I also want you to stroke my head.

“Wow, I understand, John.”

Yoshi yoshi, yoshoi yoshi. Abigail strokes John’s head. John swung the tail with a dog gesture that didn’t look like a giant.

“I’m happy. So what … why did I wake up?”
“Oh, the revival of the phantom beast Fenrir is a phenomenon that researchers cannot overlook!”
“Hmm … I can’t help but be guided by pure magical power. The magical power emitted by that girl seems to be close to the [spirit king] who lived in the world tree …”
“Emilia’s magical power …!”

Hmm, Abigail thinks.

(After all, Emilia’s magical power is not “normal” … the amount that can be accumulated in the body too… If she eat and sleep, it will increase infinitely and can be easily shared with others …)

“I woke up from a long sleep there, but my magical power was completely exhausted. Sekaiju must not emit the same mana as before.”
“Hmm … maybe the world tree depletion hypothesis is true …?”
“Anyway, I was wandering around this forest as an old dog with almost no intelligence or magical power. I was drawn to pure magical power, but with miss’ “Blessing (mofumofu)” I was able to return to my appearance. I definitely want to serve as my covenant.”
“What! Can you sign a contract with Fenrir !?”
“Well, that’s amazing !?”

Emilia and Abigail look at each other.

“I want to serve …”
“… But?”
“…. Instead, I would like to ask for one as a proof of the pact. What is your name?”
“Is it me? Abigail”
“Are you there?”
“I’m Emilia! I’m from the Serenade Women’s Order, ‘Saint Apprentice’!”
“Abigail is Emilia … I have a request again.”
“What is it John? If a Fenrir asks me, I’ll do my best!”
“Yes! If you have any problems, I will help you, John!”

Silver coat that shines in the sunlight.
A high standing figure.
Ice wolf Fenrir slowly opened his mouth.

“…this land.”
“This Land?”
“…I want to eat delicious vegetables of this land!”
“Hahhhh !?”
“Abigail, Emilia. Let me eat the vegetables you are growing!”

The strongest phantom beast says.

For the Fenrir who still have not  returned to his original shape, the vegetables that had grown in the field looked very good and delicious … It seems that he was running around the field every day.

“Well, leave it to me! Abigail-san is really good at cooking!”
“Ooh. because ‘good magic research starts from a good life!'”
“Oh …!”

Fenrir groaned cutely that didn’t look good on his body, and shook the fluffy tail.

Hungry Saint

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